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TnsT Comeback!

TnsT is going launch a few updates from the last post. Opppss..its been a year. Oh well, you guys must be thinking what are Shing and Ryan up to? Calm down calm down my readers. Sit down, relax and keep reading. Even though havent updated after a year, thanks for visiting again :). Don't forget to click the ads by the side (nuffnang) to tips us (the best part is, this tip doesnt cost you anything!). Thanks again my loves!


  • Ryan's birthday
Fortunately, April the 15th fell on a Friday this year and that equates to no uni crap for the next 2 days. I went back to my bro's place on Thursday night and left for Shing's aunt's place on the next day. It was uber hot and riding a bike on a hot weather is dam 'cutting steam'.

As soon as I reached her place, I was greeted with a smiling happy birthday :). We got ourselves ready, took some pictures and left. Destination - The Curve. We were wondering where to have lunch at first. Manhattan, nah, Ikea, no, then I remembered a recommendation by Darren to try out Tony Romas lunch set. So we did, but there was a problem. TR @ the curve does not offer any lunch menus. wtff. So we took a look at the usual menu. RM 65 for a main course alone. WTFFF. In the end we decided to try anyways, however we ordered only 1 set to be shared by both of us. We ordered beef medallions and ribs and woahh it was delicious! The medallions (more like pendants) were so juicy. The taste just explodes in your mouth!

An hour later, we caught a movie, I believe it was Rio at cineleasure. I remembered Shing was insulting the movie, saying that it wouldnt be nice, saying the colorful words spelling RIO reminded her of the colors of TV3.

hey they are actually the same!

After that, we took a walk around the curve and was attracted by the Redbox and so we went right in. Was a kind of a cheap deal but the "compulsory" snack is such a rip off (RM 9.90 for a bowl of 'MIMI' junk food). 3 hours of exhausting our voice box later, we went to IKEA to grab some Swedish Meatballs and daim's cake. mmmmmmm yummeh!

the last time I remember, they were only selling for 10 cents!

Looking at my watch, it was 8.30 pm, it was still too early to call it a night. We headed to Overtime to had a pint of Lager for myself and an Aromatic for Shing. It was kind of relaxing, sitting in front of a live band and chit chatting :). We walked around Sunway Giza afterwards and saw an interesting poster. It was saying something like this - Origami for Tsunami Victims in Japan. There were origami papers provided as well as instructions on how to fold an origami birdy. I guess it was some kind of tipsy test for those who have just visited Overtime. After 2 pints, folding origami wasn't something we'd do very well. Outcome:

This was what we were suppose to come up with

This is what we came up with.
(wait a minute, after staring at it for some time, it kinda looks like a bird....)

Went home after that embarrassing fail. I was given my present and a complimentary massage along with a birthday song. What a wonderful way to end the day =)


  • Europe trip

Yes, we went backpacking around Europe for 62 days. Unfortunately, our trip ain't that sizzling spicy mama hot as the poster above. = ( In total we have visited 21 awesome places!

Through our journey we met friends from different places.

Those were the cozy place where our friends hospitalized us.


  • Shing's birthday  (11/10/2011)
I had lunch with Ryan. ( home style dish cooked by Ryan)

Headed to Haagen Dazz for fondue with a special guest, Shu-Min.

a lil gift from her

Dinner at Spice Market, Rasa Sayang.

Ryan gave me a plant instead of a bouquet of flower. How thoughtful is that? My plant is still growing day by day. I can watch it blooming for months rather than having a nice flower which will withered in 5 days time.

He bought  my favorite dessert, Macaroons!

Just a simple celebration with great company.

On the 15th, my lovely girls had a small celebration in redbox for the October babies. Thanks again my buddies! =)

  • Ryan's graduation 
On the 16th, we went down to KL for Ryan's convocation in Upm, Serdang. He is now graduated as Bachelor Honored Degree in Environment Science.

 us in UPM, Serdang

Us in studio. 
* Lousy, my pendant is NOT properly located*

Thats all for now. Nothing much happening till end of this year. Will just hang out, doing some daily thingy and rotting in this island. Hope great opportunity will spice up our life! Stay tuned.

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