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So Much Fun Together With My Beloved!

My 'Fun Time' started right after 9th Dec 2010, 6.15pm! Hooorrayyy!
I've just finished my last paper!

I drove myself to Ryan's house, we watched glee and then dinner @ bongs place and den supper @ mini indian stall for some curry chicken + banggali bread.

On the 10th, i meet sm @ 1st avenue for sushi king. In the evening Hahaz and I went for 7aste and some kind of bar @ UPR. Later on we had sup kambing @ sup Hameed.

On the 11th, i've forgotten where i've been but somehow i'm not @ home!

On the 12th-18th, Ryan and I entered shit hole(KL) for his project in UPM.

I spent a day with Ryan to help him out with his experiment which include grabbing plenty of water bottles.

I also spent a day @ Sunway Pyramid with Kit and his cousins for ice skating! ahemmm.
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The rest of the day, i lazed around @ my aunt's luxurious house.I really cooled myself off at her house esp after suffering from my exam stress, the long bus ride to KL, KL's traffic, KL's rainy weather and etc.

Everyday when i wake up, u'll find me sitting at her comfy couch watching tv with a laptop beside me. When Ryan is free to visit me, u'll find us @ my aunt's mini theatre room.

On the 19th, Ryan and I went to chill @ coffee bean. My dad cooked mee udang for dinner and Ryan headed to his aunt's house for some mini party. So,this is the day where we got home early.

On the 20th and 21st, I forgotten what we have done, but then I believe that we're not staying at home for goodness sake. I can only remember that, either of the day, we went to pay Ryan's grandma a visit. At night, we met hahaz @ station 1 and mcd for crapping session.

On the 22nd, its WEDNESDAY which is shopping day for me. So i hung out with my mum and night i went to ranj's 21st bday party.

On the 23nd-28th,we headed to SINGAPORE. It was my 1st time there and I love it!
Day 1
Day 2
Day 3
Day 4
Day 5

On the 29th,we went for Omak's delight. Click for Pictures
Later on, off to Queensbay to redeem my necklace. At night, Harvest Inn for sm's bday, Bystroe & Marina Bay for cards game.

On the 30th, we detoured Penang as we had a tourist who came from BM.
We started from water sports centre for Kayak --> nasi melayu --> straits quay --> fruit ice --> home to clean up --> pasar malam --> pan mee @ Lai2 for dinner --> Hard Rock Hotel --> sunset bistro

On the 31st, it is last day of 2010, Ryan and I went off to Gurney to redeem some vouchers which expired on the day itself. Voucher ends on 31st, 31st only wanna redeem!U see la this RYAN KAM,officially granted WORLD GUINNESS RECORD for being the SLOWEST,LAZIEST MAN in the WORLD.Oh yah not to forget, always being a late comer as well..My GOSH, theres no other cure for him. Somebody please give him a trophy for that!

We had dinner with hahaz @ xuan xin steamboat. About 11.40pm, we headed to Straits Quay for fireworks. There was a slight jam which is tolerable however theres no parking for us! I thought we couldnt catch the fireworks but somehow we did the illegal way : double park ftw! LOLz. We rushed towards the stage, we were cramped like sardines, then we went upstairs and i heard them counting 10,9,8,7....( we're still heading towards the balcony) Right after they counted ONE, we reached and were able to catch the fireworks on time! It was awesome! I might say it was the longest + extraordinary designs display I've seen!

We then chilled for a while and about 2.30am Ryan and I headed to Voodoo to meet the rest who failed to catch the fireworks.Next we went for sup kambing again and we got home around 4.30-5am!
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On the 1st of 2011, we woke up about 2-3pm and we had chicken rice for lunch, back home for some rest and waited for dinner @ Permai Homestyle Food. Later on, we went to coffee island for some crapping session. I got home about 2am again!

On the 2nd of 2011, I sent Ryan to bus station! T_T bye LOVE!

Thats all folks! It was such a fun but tiring 3 quarter month. All of the above shall not be forgotten and thats what TNST is for!!

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