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Epic experience

Hie readers,sorry to have abandon this blog for months. Anyways, I would like to quickly scribe down this experience of mine;

21st June 2010, I went outing with HAHAZ for A-Team and football match (Portugal vs. N.Korea) I had dinner with them at Sunrise. Ryan came to join us after a while. At about 8.40pm we decided to go back gurney since our movie starts at 9pm.

Ryan parked my car along gurney drive and I suggested to him to park at gurney plaza car park since its weekdays ( parking rates are cheaper). He agreed. On our way up, he was telling me about his experience of helping an old man earlier that evening and also speak sceptically "Eh, our car is running out of fuel. I hope its enuf to reach up there!" BUT SUDDENLY, my engine stalled in the middle of the winding road up to the car park! He hastily went down to try to slide down the car slowly but it was too dangerous (we were at the 3rd floor). He then asked me to take the wheel while he checks out if there were any cars coming up.

I tried for a few seconds and here comes a car and another and another! I started to panic; my car is right in the middle! Ryan, ALONE, tries to push my car aside while I control the wheel. He tried pushing the car up and down a couple of times so that I could park nicely aside. Awwwww ^_^

p.s the wheel is so fcuking hard to control without power steering! Cars behind started to honk n honk n honk! GOSH!!! After a while, one of the drivers came down to lend a hand to push the car and also help me to twist the steering. Anyways, the driver only helped 5% of it. Main point is........

I OWE IT TO SUCH A MUSCULAR MAN! He may look as thin as a pole but dun judge the book by its cover! He has STRONG ARMS/GUNS with him! I feel secure with him around. I was nervous at that time but much less. =D

the engine stalled exactly at the red spot

Then, we planned to walk down rather than walk up. Fortunately, a Hyundai Getz honked at us before we made a move. Its teik loon! We then hurriedly hopped our ass in his car. The show is going to start at any minute. Ryan and I were in dilemma; “to settle the car or the movie first?” Plenty of negative thoughts came across our minds. "Will the car get clamped?" "Will the car get any scratches?" "Will noobs bang my car?" "Did I shift the gear to P?" "Did I lock the car?"zzZzzzZzzz such irritating thoughts we had. Our final decision was to go for the movie first.

After the movie (2 hours), teik loon took us to the nearest petrol station, Caltex. We purchased fuel den we went up the winding road of gurney plaza again. On our way up there, we saw a security guard walking upwards as well. I was worried. I wondered if my car has turned to as thin as BAK KUAR ? When we reached my car, fortunately the answer is NO. The car is still BRAND NEW! Btw, thnx TL and sorry for causing you to waste another buck. Ryan and Shaun filled up the car. Oh yah, the security guard just asked us a few questions, he summore brought up a box thingy to place behind my car to acknowledge caution. phewww......

shaun n ryan, re-fueling the car

F1 pitstop crew in the making

After a try to start the engine, the car is at long last in conscious mode and off we went to quench its thirst for petrol.

walking away in coolness

mission accomplished!
(A-team song playing in the background)

LESSON OF THE DAY, when the fuel gauge is at its final slot and it has been blinking for 1 and a half day, it shows that u NEED to re-fuel! PLEASE DO NOT CHALLENGE IT!!!

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