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1st pedicure in action!

Pedicure is loves!I always tell myself to save money to go for pedicure unfortunately I failed all the times.Today I treated to go for a relaxing pedicure at the very last minutes!Im so extremely happy about it! :>!!!!!

When i 1st reach i was asked to choose my favourite nail colour.I choosen RED!Then i was leaded to a room n asked to soak my feet into a mini basin.

while soaking the lady is filing the other of my feet.
I was directed to soak it again.
After tht she shapes my nails and remove those dirt!

*the boss and others*

she then scrape out my dead skin

scrub it like i din wash my feet for million yrs!

brush brush brush!!!

next she paint my toe nails in red!

also draw a few design on it!

and its done!!!

hulalala!!!LOVE IT!!
n i'm having smooth baby skin on my feet!!!

i told u it was a last minutes plan,i couldnt afford to see my lovely toe nails get sabotage so i decided to wear it like tht all the way home!!! :p

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