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Bon jour, readers!!!! * standing ovation *

I’m back to post about my 21st birthday!!! * crowd screaming with vuvuzela buzzing* Unfortunately, it will be just only a post till the other sweet occasion such as RS yearly anniversary and birthdays come along
( boooooo ). I’m actually not in the mood for blogging due my preparation for the retarded exam. However, I would love to keep these sweet memoirs before I get Alzheimer which RYAN KAM is suffering right now! Look at him, TNST contains our sweet yearly birthday, anniversary and any other romantic moments but not RYAN's 22nd Birthday!!!! It’s not like I dint celebrate him, I even make it huge for him and of course he was satisfied! Sometimes I test him about it and guess what; he has forgotten what we have done on his 22nd B'day! What a waste!!! This is the consequences due to his laziness!!! Enough about him, now more about me..well well well...I'm shall start with :

9th October 2010

I woke up NINE in the MORNING I saw my bro frying the food for my party later. At that moment I felt sorry and regret talking to him with a high tone and always give him a kind of 'besyok' look towards him ALL THE TIME!!! * SLAP ME* He was a chef for about 2 hours. I went to get myself ready while he helped me to pack all my foods and beverages nicely into a bag. * SLAP ME AGAIN* It’s about 11am and Ryan ask me to meet him at VALERIE EE OPTICAL to claim my PRESENT!! :D

After I picked my favourite Anna Sui Sunglasses, we headed for lunch and home for some packing. We're suppose to check in at 2pm but then u all know laa , whose the late one? So we checked in at 3pm! On the way up to Hard Rock Hotel we stop by at WL's shop to get 2 boxes of ice from him.

A while later, ACCAs and HAHAz arrive. Upon the arrival of HAHAz i saw them bringing a mermaid cake for me and a bottle of liquor from TL, Sabah! I'm so glad and shy for receiving the gifts from them. Then, we were all busy taking group photos. My friends and I were also busy decorating the room.

In the evening, my guests changed to their swimming attire and were ready to soak in water. After I redeemed my torture from them (being drag to the pool with my casual attire and also a few scratches on my leg from the floor), I changed too.

About half an hour later, we're warned cus they do not allow so many guests from one room to swim at one time! For your info, we had 15 people in the pool!
WAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA... How can they not complain? Nevertheless, the trouble solved by me and Ryan ( wearing our sexily swimming attire and standing like a potential models) begging the higher rank management to allow us to swim in the pool. He then restricted us to just an hour in the pool! :D sastisfied!

We were split into two groups to play water netball. 15 people is alot, i can see that we've conquer half of the pool! :P anyway still delighted that we're allowed to be in the pool for 1 and half hours.

9 of us here including the camera man another 6 went to BABY POOL


After that one hour, the Indian boss asked us to leave. Some of them went to clean themselves and some of ACCAs went to the beach for a game of Frisbee. Later on we went back the room to have the cold fried snacks! :( I actually brought an oven. But we didn’t use it cus we were afraid that the smoke detector could go off (alarming the whole hotel!). That would be a ‘nice’ scene if it does and there will be plenty of negotiations and I would have to change my bday theme to masquerade for my 21st BASH!!! How nice? Maybe we should’ve risk it? Since we didn’t, I went back with 3 big packets of sausages and partied with my family!

I was the last one who got to bathe and I’ve had no time to plastic myself for my bday dinner! Seriously FML!!! As everyone was ready (not me) and the time is already 7.30pm, we headed to Pinang Bar@ Rasa Sayang. The Pinang Bar is located nearby the beach. Each of us had ala carte while enjoying the breeze. The girls are vain as usual, and we took plenty of pics near the beach, the toilet and the dining table and again to the beach. The guys were like business men chatting among themselves at the dining area.

chicken snitzel

fish and chips

After each of us had our meal, its singing and cake cutting session for me! Yay!! Im really happy and shy at that moment as I’m the spot light of the night! I’m actually not very used to such situations. Me being the lucky birthday girl, had been provided 2 chocolate cakes. 1 chocolate moist from the mermaid cake by HAHAz and the other is chocolate brownies by Rasa Sayang! Imma chocolat-y girl! I'm really fortunate to be blasted with my favourite flavoured chocolate cake melting in my mouth and in my heart! hehehe....

After we'd had our dinner and dessert, the girls went to the beach to chat and rest and, what’s more, VAIN again! *chik chak chik chak*

with gfs and bfs!

Next, we went back to Hard Rock Hotel to chill. We den decided to play some games. From jengga to charade den to 007 BANG! The game 007 BANG is actually really AWESOME!! Those who lose have to be forfeited! You may check out some of my videos on Facebook. Truly damn hilarious! All those being forfeited were the highlights of the night! Some of my friends who were unable to join for sleepover left during the game.

About 3am, some of my friends and I slept while some of them watched a movie on the laptop.

10th October 2010

We woke up, lazed around and started packing our bag. For breakfast, we headed to wl's shop for half boiled eggs and toasted bread!

After breakfast, all of them went back whereas Ryan and I went back to Hard Rock! Both of us eventually enjoyed the comfortable bed and I suddenly thought of my presents. So I went to have a look. It really made my day by receiving my favourite presents from ACCAs! Later on, Ryan fell asleep while I went for a swim. When it’s about time to leave, I cleaned myself up and got ready to check out. :(

i love it!

Thanks! muax!

We got home and had our lunch and took a nap. In the evening I’ve to drop Ryan at the bus station. :(

11th October 2010

Now it’s the real day that marks my 21st! damn... so olddd!!! T_T

I started my day by skipping 8.30am class, P4, enjoying my beautiful sleep until 10am! 2 hours of extra sleep for the birthday girl!! :D I went for the 11am class, P6. I met SM and she gave me a sweet birthday card. After class, she agrees to lunch with me at Mc Donalds! I tried the newly spicy black pepper chicken Mc deluxe! Honestly, it’s superb, delicious and filling! Then I accompanied her to the car park and I planned to chill at coffee bean with my net book! :)

Before I reached coffee bean, I received a call from her that her car ran out of fuel and was stuck in the middle of the road. So I went to accompany her and walk around gurney while waiting for her dad. A while later, her mighty dad arrive and save the day! We said good bye and I went to coffee bean to indulge in my favourite hazelnut latte with my net book. I love the atmosphere there with my cup of coffee, chatting with my buddies, browsing and receiving nonstop birthday messages from my friends! It would be perfect if Ryan could be around! I wanted to try out the cake in coffee bean but was too full. As about 5pm, I was afraid of traffic jam back home so I left. I'm still full but since it’s my birthday how can I not get a cake for myself?? I went to secret recipe to pick a slice of hazelnut cake and headed home with it.

My family celebrated with me during dinner at lil cottage. We ordered the dinner set. Btw I was still full from the superb spicy black pepper chicken Mc deluxe. So that’s the end of the day and I’m still waiting my platinum jewellery from my mum! wahahahahaha!!!

Lastly, I would like to thank a billion to Ryan, his friends and my buddies for making my party a success! Such great memories that will never be forgotten!!! <3<3<3

miluzzz horror

I was offered a job from an event co. as a promoter for KFC. I invited Ryan and Kit along to participate. We just had to handle a simple job - asking people to play and distribute free gifts to them.

Few weeks before the work started, the event co. sent plenty of goods to my house. There were about 7 cartons of gifts to be distributed. It gave me a shock and also caused trouble as it took up a chunk of my living room space!

Few days before our work started, we had a small meeting about our job. We planned and discussed about our duty and the location of the work place. We are informed that we will be working in 4 different outlets in 2 days. On the 1st day, the two were AUTOCITY and KFC PETRONAS,Bandar Sunway.

As you know, all 3 of us are originally from the pearl of the orient (island), we were unsure about the route to our destination but this lil weeny matter wouldn't be any trouble to the THREE POWER PUFFS! (We actually used google earth... :) I took the effort to find the way and even drafted it out.

We planned to meet at my place around 8am to get ready on our face painting and also to transfer our goods to the car. Journey was suppose to start at 9.30am (job starts at 11am).We would need to set up the banner and arrange the demo prizes hence the early leaving time.

Unfortunately, our MR.RYAN LATE never failed to show up late. After his arrival, we started to transfer the goods into the car but they were unable to load it all. Kit's car has plenty of hereditary materials inclusive of medicinal pills, creams, cardboard boxes, water hoses, etc etc. In order to overcome that, we decided to move some of them out. This took us about half and hour.

transfering the prizes to kit's car

me rdy for work

ryan rdy for work

here we go

"BFF" LOLZ!!!!


After that, we headed to mainland. We met a bit of traffic jam but thats alright. After going across the penang bridge, we saw 2 signs : straight to KULIM,ALOR STAR and BUTTERWORTH OR keep right to KUALA LUMPUR/IPOH. According to Google earth, we were suppose to go straight and make some weird Uturn den we'll reach AUTOCITY but I was worried tht we might end up going to KL so i yelled and ask them ARE YAL SURE?

Ryan at 1st insisted to keep right but den he changed his mind at the very last minute due to my threat of asking him to pay all the toll fees if we ended up in KL. So,we headed straight for some time till we realized tht we've made the wrong choice! We den try to trace back the starting point and THAT WAS OUR 1st UTURN. Ryan then saw a sign going for IPOH and directed kit to follow it. At tht moment they were actually unsure tht will if it will lead us to Autocity.

the driver


Out of nowhere, at a random traffic light, I wound down the window to ask a random lorry driver for directions. He told me to turn left. At tht time we thought we'll sure be late for our work but NO we weren't! Cus just after taking the left turn, we reach AUTOCITY d! On time!! HOORRAY~~!! We then reported to the KFC manager about our purpose and then started setting up our things. Most of the time we just sat down n make jokes n whine about how bored and hungry we were. Oh yea, RYAN also adopted a child during that period of time. He played, talked and taught his child drawing too.

autocity outlet

games and prizes


his child

kah hong if im right.

he wants ryan's phone!

As the clock ticked 2pm, we were very much ready to sau kung and go for our brunch. We decided to give some donation to MANHATTAN FISH MARKET.hohoho...20% of our salary gone.

fishy mahanntanny!


Next, we planned to pay a visit to Sunway Carnival since our next KFC outlet is just near that area. This time we made a smooth journey towards the place. Thnx to kit and his cousin for leading us there. Upon arrival, we walked around and spotted a foosball table free at our disposal! We then decided to give it a try. Time flew damn fast. After few rounds, it was 4.20pm d and our work starts at 5pm. So we quickly headed to the KFC outlet.

Once out from the parking area we made a wrong turn, 2nd u-turn here we come. How can we make a wrong turn even though the KFC outlet is at plain sight? Here's why... KFC Petronas at Sunway was constructed by optical illusionists. From far it looks like its on the opposite road but as you approach it, ITS ON THE SAME SIDE AS U ARE! But the time u realize that, too late, U-turn please. Before we can stumble across a place to U-turn, we stumbled upon a toll collector. 50 cents. After doing the U turn, we had to go through the toll collector, again, another 50 cents! 1 buck for a U turn, how nice.

Fortunately, we were able to reach on time agen! Exactly at 5pm! Basically,we set up our things again and proceeded with our work. During our work ,a lady named BESSIE won the game and suddenly asked if we wanted any food. She insisted to offer us but we rejected. She then turned around and we saw her struggling with her groceries. so Ryan n i tried to lend her a hand. She was pleased and again insisted on buying us food. Since, rejecting wouldn't do the job, we asked for a small box of wedges. End up she bought us 5 pieces of chicken! DROOOLLZZZZzzzz... ULTIMATE SHOCK, she's just a random KFC customer and we are strangers to her. We wondered for quite some time on why she'd treat us like that. Well,i guess we must have reminded her of some nostalgic experience. The 3 of us also agreed that she must be filthy rich!

To top that, the manager treated us drinks as well. Cool. While me n kit did the work, ryan kopek the chicken for us! wahahahahaha! In the end, we were unable to finish it all so we doggie bag them home. Times up. 8pm! We packed and headed to KHUNTAI for dinner with hahaz.



south korea



the manager

Again, we made a few U turns and also asked around for the route to Raja Uda. We took half n hour to reach. But whats more important is, WE MADE IT!

After dinner, we went back to penang island and to station 1, Queensbay for a football match (Uruguay vs South Korea).

hahaz and me

On the next day, we started our journey a little later than the day before since our destination is a closer Sunshine Square KFC. Well,not much about the journey,just that evryone of us felt tired and sleepy. Basically we just sat and chit chat. At the Sunshine square KFC outlet,we got to know MADAM YEOH aka Wong Fei Hung since she has very short hair but with a very long braided pony tail behind and she's the manager of the outlet k, dun siao siao. Later she kungfu ur ass down to the ground. After our shift, it was lunch, she insisted to treat us. How nice of her even after us back-mouth-ing her. We each had a set of KFC set A :)



car wash before heading home

After our lunch, we headed to my house for a rest and continue our job at the FARLIM KFC outlet at 5pm. From our observation, Farlim KFC has the highest income in comparison with the other outlets. There were so many customers, we didn't have any free time for ourselves. We were busy like a bee n swt-ing like a cow. Time flew and it was 8.30pm already. We did overtime even though we weren't paid for that! T_T Again, we got treated by the manager with a KFC snack plate. Who says there's no such thing as a free lunch? Or dinner, in this case.... ;)



kit and apek


Lastly,thnx to the MILUZZ KING,KIT for the ride! I understand tht its tiring and im sure ure glad n proud tht u drove thru mainland at a 130kmj and taking us from 1 place to another! WhheeeeeEEeeeee.....

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