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20th JULY 2009

Its our last day to be in Newcastle! We're taking cruise to AMSTERDAM!!!!

We woke up early in the morning,had our breakfast and we took cab to the International Port.We got ourselves checked-in to the cruise called KING of SCANDAVINIA.Before we headed to our room i was approached by a clown doing some magic show~After playing some lame knot with him den we went to our room~3 of us were in 1 room,so we make fun of each other and also excited about the room.The room consist of 1 double decker bed, 1 single bed,1 make up table n also a toilet for you~

the clown trying to fool me ard~zzzz

the bed

After tht we met up wif aunty n uncle n we went to feel the breeze of the ocean~outside, the environment was so cool and windy the sun was oso very glaring!Few minutes later the ship started to depart.It took a day to reach Amsterdam.We then left aunty+uncle dating outside listening to a band singing.Three of us went inside to scout ard the ship and visited the duty free shop!

When its about lunch time,we went to the restaurant to have our buffet which was already provided.There were many varieties of the food.Mostly western style.After my lunch i guess my seasick pill took effect or i ate too full!I felt so sleepy at tht time.We headed to d room and had a snooze.We planned to wake in the evening to check out the sunset and also the theatre in the cruise.Unfortunately the 3 pigs failed to getup.We could only check out the mid process of the sunset.

buff begins!


Later on we went to scout the cruise and went to a pub which had magic show on at tht time.Beside the pub,there also clubbing area.We just watched the magic show n enjoyed our drinks.Next we went to feel the breeze again!The sky turned dark and it was only 5 of suar pa m'sian walkin ard outside the cruise for the freezing windy atmosphere.We took a number of pics and shivering all the way.The time flew so fast and its already 12somthing!We then headed back to our room to have a rest!I promised myself and put much determination to wake at 4am to check out the sunrise!!!

drinks we ordered
forgotten wht the 1st n last ones called i know the 2nd ones is something like choc wid some liquor the 3rd ones is strawberry juice n the 4th is beer cap newcastle!

strong wind!

I woke at 4something to 5am! -_____- I woke the 2 pigs beside me!They failed to wake so i went alone.Again i missed out!When i went out is the mid process of sunrise agen!!!At tht time,the environment was ultimately cold.I went to the room the get another layer for myself.Not much ppl wanted to check out the sunrise,theres only 1 ang mo aunty n uncle + me feeling the breeze!Before i got myself frozen,i decided to go back room 2 continue my sweet dreams!
too late for sunrise d!!!

When it was about 12somthing we reached AMSTERDAM.We gt ready for check out and headed to our next stop which was the hostel called DURTY NELLYS Inn.We took a cab from the Port to the town area.The scenery is so beautiful and they have plenty of windmill around the outskirt area.When we reached town,we have trouble to check out the inn as the cab din drop us directly at the inn due to some road construction.

Amsterdam is actually quite a cute town.Their main road is like our small lorong!So being m;sian and not used to it,we keep walking along the mid road which is known as main road and get honked by cars there!ooopppsss~while trying to find out our inn,we walked passed a street with lotsa shoplots.I got shocked by a big fat black mama when she 'open' her curtain and doing her seducing action behind the glass door!

whr the fat mama will be!!!!

looks how mini izzit!!!

Not long after tht we found the inn!The Inn consisted of 3 double deckers bed and a toilet.We rested a while and den we headed for lunch.After lunch we visited the Heineken Factory!The factory is great.It shows us about the process of making and also theres a photo n video shoot session tht u can email back to ur family+ friends on the spot~Next we headed to the motion master room!Inside they treated u as the heineken beer,they explained the process of making and demostrate it on you.Example when they wanna cook the beer,they make the environment bcome very hot~ Lastly,we were entitled to try out 3 glasses of heineken beer.
the infamous crepes!

mah sandwiches!


gouda cheese!

the ingredients!

heineken hot hunks!

this is FUN

our drinks!


he's teaching me how to drink BEER~

phew~at last

whrs the wheel??

only cyclist can cross

We went to red light district!!Theres many shoplots of "professional prostitute "doing some seductive action and sexy dance bhind the glass door.They were actually waiting for ppl to state a price for the night activities to begin!There are many types of prostitute,from very pretty to very ugly(could be a guy) and from very sexy hot to layers of pig oil or spare tyre wearing sexily to almost wearing NOTHING!!!The whole street is full of sex shop and tiger show moreover sex museum!Along the street u can also smell drugs which smelled like BODY ODOUR!!!damn geli...

spot the pro!!

When the night is getting late,we headed home to have some sleep and prepare for the next journey which will be going to PARIS!

sudoku addict!

sudoku addict 2

Overall,Amsterdam is one of my fav place.Its legal to take drugs and have XXX scene along the street!It is to be known as town of no worries and play all the time!!A best place for you to destress!!Sexy girls along the street and hot guys provoking them!!!AHAHAHHA...

Newscastle:5.5/10 Amsterdam: 8.5/10

*stay tune as PARIS will be coming up next*

sorry,im just too lazy to arrange the photo d~

the mini road


this is not lane but ROAD

so called flat/apartment!

video video

this taken at heineken factory!!

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