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20th bithday!

8th oct 2009

I planned to go down kl on Thursday evening to have a celebration with RYAN. I headed to d bus station after my boring audit class at 4pm. Aeroline bus is my choice,i would say its a lousy bus or cus im unlucky! Because i tried to pay on9 for the ticket but it didnt go thru.So i asked my lovely Diana to help me buy the ticket since she stays near d bus station. Thanks again,Diana! It was kinda last minute, i got the last seat and that resulted in a very shaky journey.My food kept dancing around the table n drink keep spilling out..i also suffered from a major headache!zzzzzz...Damnnn...Luckily it just took 4 hours to reach.I can say tht this bus is efficent but no quality compare to plusliner or NICE. When i arrived, my aunt fetched me at one utama.Oh and Thanks Darren for guiding!The whole night till the next day evening i stayed at home with aunty.

9th OCT 2009

About 7pm,RYAN called to say tht he's reaching IKANO.So,aunty n me went to fetch him and and after tad we had dinner.Later,we went home n got ready. We then watched School Of Rock.After the movie we planned whr to go for the nex day and we went to bed.

10th OCT 2009

I woke up at 8.30am to get myself ready.RYAN woke up at 9.30am.After we got ourselves ready,we followed aunt out at about 10something.We asked aunt to drop us at the nearest LRT station n she dropped us at Taman Bahagia Station.We then took a LRT to KL Sentral.We were hunting for wht to eat.We walked to the nearest mall called Sooka Central.The mall is quite empty but we ended up having Subway in KL SENTRAL.

Next we went to the information centre to enquire on how 2 get 2 Lake Garden.The girl told us it just took abt 15 mins walk to reach by following the sign.Let me ask u a question,do you think we can trust M'sia's notice board??hahahahaha...

keep walking

whoo is ma day!!

We walked under the hot sunny sun till we reach an exibition place which has air cond in it. We went in just for the cool air~

in singapore

Without wasting time we continued our journey to Lake Garden and like expected, it is no whr to be found. We enquired many more ppl and we even took a wrong route.After 20 more minutes of walking, we stumbled upon TAMAN RUSA DAN KANCIL!!!

have to use jejantas


way to taman rusa~

at last

Its like a small forest,the kancil is caged up but not the deer.The deer is cute,RYAN bought a packet of bangkali roti to feed them.They're so lovely but not the male ones! I hate the male ones they're so Greedy I was trying to feed the female,the male suddenly came and used his antellers to poke the female n snatch my roti! I saw the female got injured..i was so sad.I told RYAN to avoid feeding the female when the male are around and also not to feed the male! RYAN sed i am prejudice and was angry towards male animal and tht will lead to animal cruelty. =_=

The funny part is when there were 2 male deers standing in front of RYAN and RYAN was having a piece and wanted to feed them. Both of them wanted to get the bread. But whenever one of them tries to reach out for it, another deer would try to interupt. They will lock their horns for a while den either one would try to reach for the bread again. This process repeated several times till one of them mengalah lol. There is a tap for us to wash our hands.When we wash we realize tht the deer was very thirsty and came towards d tap. They grouped around and waited for the water to stream downwards to their den. Many came to quench their thirst. We left the tap on so that they can drink, but just imagine if we did not do that, they would not have any food to eat or water to drink! Pity!

kiss my ass

stupid male

RYAN the savior!


spot the bird!

We kept walking up n down the sloping route till we found a dirty lake whr we sat and 'enjoyed' the hot wind and the greenish view ard us!What can u expect in M'sia?LOL...However its not tht bad,i thought positively,it is quite a soothing and calming environment with RYAN beside me.Its an okay place to visit with the 40% fresh air there.

We walked to grab a drink n somewhr nearby we met a group of geese and RYAN chased them till they jump into the river!!!Then we kept walking till we saw 2 horses playing a fool~One is biting a piece of paper and the other one chewing its own string!




ugly duckling~~

A while later we saw a mini public train which is so hard to be found!We hopped on and the train brought us to the exit.We took taxi back to KL SENTRAL.From there we took LRT to KLCC.RYAN was craving for roti boy so we got one and we headed to the park and chilled.That day is environmental frenly day cus we kept going to green green places!We also watched ppl break dancing there.

RYAN had a blister due to too much walking.*laughing loudly @ him* usually Im d one who always gets it. According to him my lousy but pretty shoes causes that. but this time my pretty shoes didnt harm me even after so much walk!

We decided to have some snack at sushi king while waiting for Edwin to meet us for dinner.We chatted and had just a few plates but plenty cups of green tea!LOL...just being apek wannabe! =P

We went to look for a movie to watch but none was suitable for us. A while later Edwin called and told us tht reached klcc.We met in kinokuniya bookstore.We went for a book research den headed to Chilis for dinner.Its was my birthday eve n i got a seat with a nice view.The food is just okay only but the drinks entitled double thumb ups from each of us!

view at chilis




pina colada & some milkshake

RYAN n Edwin wanted to buy toiletries so we headed to Watsons.I was forced to buy one of the unnecessary toiletries ! At tht time,RYAN hurt my thumb and told Edwin a very big NONSENSE!!! Tht was my 1st present of the night!!!

Later on we decided to weigh ourselves with the weighing machine,we inserted 0.40 cents and 3 of us stood on tht weighing machine. we got just an OVERWEIGHT word without any measurements.Since It was my pre birthday, i had so much luck with me tht RYAN picked up rm35 on the floor beside the machine!WHOoooOOooo...we headed straight to Natural New Zealand for ice cream!YUmmmMyyy!!!

free notes n coins!

ice cream

All d shops were closing in 30mins time and public bus will stop their service at 11pm.So to avoid human traffic and missing d bus we decided to go home at this time(9.50pm).Its quite a long journey and we started to feel tired.We took LRT to ASIA JAYA and took rapid KL to IKANO.The night was getting late,so the bus will not stop directly at aunt's house.We had to take taxi home from IKANO.The taxi rates is such a killer!!We stopped a few taxis,bt all of them charged us rm 17 and they spoke the infamous cantonese!I just feel like strangling them! There was one chinese driver wanting to fetch us so we bargained till rm 12!Once we hop in the metre already charged us rm3 and when we reached home,the metre showed only rm 9+ bt he ended up charging us rm 13!zzZzz...

Once we got home,we get ourselves ready for bed as we're super super sticky due to the hot weather! When the clock ticked 12am,RYAN suddenly from downstairs ask me to go down to get my present!So i went down n i saw my ORANGE! He sang birthday song for me happily and i made a wish and i blew the TOOTHPICK! (no candles) He then said ' THATS ALL,HAPPY BIRTHDAY PEI SHING' with a kiss on my cheek! *^-^* I kept laughing at the orange and gave him a hug! ' U sure theres no other than this ? ' I said.He js smiled sweetly at me.I went upstairs to have a picture of my orange. ' If you want your 2nd present come down now!' He shouted.I ran like road runner down to meet him.He gave me a small box.We went up and i slowly open it.And the present came out to be an awesome diamond necklace!! GOSHHHH...thts my 1st diamond necklace from my love!! I was screaming and smiling widely at him!! He then put it around my neck and it looks good!! DOUBLE WHOO00OO000!!

front view

back view

orange n mystery gift

in red!! my fav!


double woot!!

triple woot

omg still drinking

Its my 20th Birthday,besides the happiness from RYAN.I felt tht im getting older and things have changed. In Those young days, ill receive quite a number of birthday wishes from my friend at midnight.So i complained to RYAN tht this yr i didnt get phone was silent throughout d night! My SWEET RYAN told me tht 'aiya ur friend all slept already ma thts why' LOL..He's so cutie sweet to tell me tht !!!hahahaha...anyway im not upset about my fren nt wishin me..its just tht i feel like im getting older and those "childish" things are slowly not happening to me anymore.

11th OCT 2009

The day for me to head back 2 my hometown.Awww it sucks big time when u come to know tht ud have to endure a long journey back during ur birthday!Luckily i travelled back with bro's. wud like to say thx cus he willingly waited 4 me till Sunday.He actually shouldve went home by friday.hohoho..We woke up and got ourselves ready n had breakfast.We watched a movie called THE COMEBACKS while waiting for my bro to reach my aunt's hs.Later, bro dropped RYAN to KELANA JAYA STATION.It sucks agen when it comes to know tht ur love one is leaving u on ur birthday!Then off we started our journey back to Penang.During my journey suddenly my phone is filled of Birthday wishes! friends made my day!The journey back just took 3 hours!OHHhh yeahhh BRAVO to bro and suck it up to PUBLIC TRANSPORT!!!!BOooOoooHoo0oOooo....

When i reached home,my parents bought me a cake!Not a bad birthday after all~Especially my sweet heart who took the effort to celebrate with me and cheer me up all the time! THNKS A LOT RYAN!!! I LOVE YOU BABE!

my cake!yumm~

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