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15th JULY 2009

Morning,we had exactly same breakfast as yesterday provided by the hotel.After tht we moved to Newquay train station and took the journey to Bath.It took another 5 hours to reach.Once we reached Bath we travelled to check in the house hotel.It is hosted by an indian family.The room we got consists of 3 beds.I love design of the room.So lovely n cozy and also quite western feel.The bed sheet in flowery pattern.I slept below the slanting roof.The toilet quite nice also.We rested a while before heading on with our plan.

check out the name of the budget hotel

place whr i slept

flower outside the hotel

We decided to visit Roman Bath n the receptionist told us we could reach in 15mins time unfortunately it took us abt 30mins as we were lost and half way our journey evryone is starving and decided to have our lunch+ dinner nearby.We ended up in an Indian Restaurant.They served us nice dishes n the spices warmed me up - Thts a good thing since Bath is quite cold.Then we enquired the waiter abt the route to Roman Bath.It took us abt another 15mins to reach.Around the Roman Bath area is like mini Europeon country just tht it is cooler.Nice view n so refreshing.Finally we reached Roman Bath n got ourselves the ticket to enter the museum.

Later after finishing d tour ard the musuem we den walk home.Actually the journey from the house hotel to Roman Bath area is very slanting almoz like walking down hill.So quite ok lor but when we walked home damn OMG...its like climbing up d hill at youth park till level 5!!!We also needa pass a cemmetary place,hmm kinda scary esp when the night is getting dark.We also passed by some mini markets. We went to get some drinks n junks.Couz always recommend me nice biscuit tht m'sia doesnt provide such as mcvities and cadbury biscuits.They have lotsa flavours and the biscuit coated with CHOCOLATE!! UBER DELICIOUS.Thts always my snack/breakfast!hahahaha...After 100steps we reached home and had a good night!

on our way to Roman Bath
view aside

mini european

indian restaurant

indian soup

aunty uncle going down the hill to Roman Bath

The Roman Bath

we're super tired!

16th JULY 2009

MOrning~We got ourselves ready and went to the Roman Bath Town area.We den had our breakfast at H&M cafe.Again we had sausages,ham,scramble eggs,redbeans n buns.

H&M is actually quite a big outlet.It sells very cheap clothing starting at 1pound.The quality is still good and hw can i let go of this chance?hehehe...i got it after my breakfast den we went n walked around.While heading home, we had to climb up the hill again.We got our things packed n headed to a train station tht travels to Newcastle!We bought sandwiches/hotdogs for our lunch during the train ride.It took about 6 hours to reach.Fuh....

I would rate newquay and bath at 7/10 n 5/10.

Coming up next...NEWCASTLE!!! stay tune! =)

Prom Night 2009

Disted's Prom Night was held on 12th Sept 2009 .It was actually d 1st time I attended a prom.This time I insisted to go due to F-R-I-E-N-D-S. This sem is a very sad n lonely sem to me compared to last sem.Last sem our class is so happening and warm evryone is so cheerful it made me feel like going to class all the time without wanting to skip it! But this sem, one class consists of 8 students another class of mine consists of FOUR students only, so meriah yahh...i think disted wanna chap lap d! Evrytime my breaktime i eat alone,walk alone to lab and evrything alone no more H-A-H-A-H-A-H-A along the way we were heading to as we always do.This year we decided to have a gathering at the prom but most of us couldnt make it.

Anyway Prom is such a killer to my pocket.It burned a big big big hole!! Well girls are always girls.Everything from head to toes need money! I went to curl my hair,bought fake lashes(having a hard time choosing it and end up it came out not so nice),a pair of earrings,a pair of heels,trim my eyebrow and the ticket.Tho it doesnt seem tht i spent alot but it costed me a BOMB!! I also went for make up.

Actually quite embarassing to say that after being a girl for 20yrs, this is my 1st time doing all these kind of things!!!LOL...So u might b wondering tht peishing has been a tomboy for the past 20yrs?Nowadays most girls start to powder themselves at an early 13 but me at the end of 20!Im so 'in' TREND!!! ahemmm...
I really dislike to apply any cream or lotion on my body parts except my hair~I dunno whether izzit the product i use or issit js my mentality.I feel unclean n uncomfortable to apply those.I always get complains from the facial girl tht my face is too dry n my skin tonne is uneven.Well mayb u can describe it with one word called LAZY!!! One thing tht i'll never get lazy is to spend hours on my hair~!!ngek ngek ngek~

I've been excited for weeks b4 the prom night.On tht day i started to get ready at 11am.I washed n blew my hair nicely n went to saloon at 3.30pm to curl my hair.Then i went to meet shu min n myreen for make up.Quite nice having both of them making fun among each other.My 1st time to have a professional make up from Myreen!She's really good in doing this.Her 'kachang' as in her equipment gave me a shock.She has plenty of colour for evry different types of make up stuff.I truly admire and appreciate her skills.


After we have done making up, both of us travelled to gurney hotel.We actually arrived quite late.Overall the prom night was okay except for the food.The food doesnt taste good n it is very limited.Even the vegetarian dish is better than the normal ones.Abt 11pm wen the prom almost ended den we decided to go off to coffee island.Nobody wants to drive thr so we car pool-ed yiwei's nissan cefiro.Inside consisted of 9 ppl!!!yeng anot??There were only 7 of us who went to coffee island.We just chat n played poker n uno cards thr.

inside the lift

i thought tht im tall in heels but actually im short

love them

my good listener

After a while we decided to walk back to gurney hotel to get our car.Its such a bad decision!My leg almost broke i couldnt walk far with my new heels,it hurt my legs so much and at last we reached.Before that we met a kuai lan van, shinning laser light at us.Most of my friend werent scared at 1st till i said 'shit la later they come down n grab us in the van then take us go sell how?' everyone was stuck n shumin,chui leng n i holding each other hand n run( like duck due to our high heels ) towards the hotel n tadaaaaa WE"RE SAFE!!!
Such a memorable night for me.I love u guys! Tho dam ACCA mite try to separate us, but IT will never succeed!!!


13th JULY 2009

MORNING...we're still in London.After we got everything ready, we moved our stuff to the Marylbone Train Station n waited for our 9am train.In between each of us went to get a few pieces of bread for our brunch.The journey took abt 5.5 hours to reach.

We reached Newquay in the afternoon den we went to search for our hotel which is called Trevone.It looks like an inn to me with many rooms n few levels.Quite a nice place to stay n it has the smallest toilet tht i've ever seen!At there i dun bath tht often...hahahaha...cos certain time only the shower heater is on.So..IM STILL CLEAN AFTER ALL~!!!

treveone hotel

view from our room

flower outside the hotel

After we rest a while we took abt 15mins walk to the town.Along the town they sell alot of water polo tools such as bikinis,surf boards,slippers...something like batu feringhi le but with shops in it.We also went to the information centre to enquire the famous places to go.In newquay they're famous with a type of food called cornish pastries,something like our karipap just tht its much bigger n there're many types of filling such as chicken,lamb or beef and of course no curry on it as u know THEY cant take spicy food!!!ngekk~We walked to a place whr thrs a nice view of the beach.It was so windy there.We made fun of each other laughing out loud n enjoying ourselves with the beautiful scenery n nice weather.Later, we had Thai food for dinner.YUMMYYY...Next we headed back home to have early rest for tomorrow.

town area

cornish patries

im eating..yummehh

the beach

dinner at lotus thai

mini town


Wakey wakeyyyy....the hotel provided breakfast for us.They had prepare many types of cereal,yoghurt,sausage,baked beans n scramble eggs,toast bread n coffee or tea.

biscuits oat


So,today we decided to visit apple cider farm.We tasted many types of different cider.My favourite choice is STRAWBERRY cider.slurrpppp...We were guided by a hot hunk. He took us to the factory,explaining abt the process n the musuem.These activities were all indoors.There was also outdoor where the hot hunk drove us with his mini train to the apple farm.We saw the hill,fields and many types of plants.Its just so refreshing.

apple cider farm

the factory


hot hunks driving

the cider farm

After a few hours the taxi man recommended us to a restaurant which located somewhr near the hill side.We had our lunch there.Everyone had a great meal except me.I went to order ANTI-PASTA.LOL...I insist tht they will serve me pasta but not till u see the picture!!!!!

their soup of the day is always tomato soup!

fishcakecrabmeat linguine


anti pasta!
1st time in my entire life im so healthy!!!

outside the restaurant

Then we went to have a walk at the hillside.It was the most fabulous place ever for me!The sky is awesome.Evrywhr around u is so greenish n in front of ur view the big big big marvelous ocean.The wind is so strong till u cud almost fly away.I shivered all the way.

spot us

the ocean


super camera man

video video

We spent abt 1hour there then we took taxi back to hotel to get some rest.The 3 supers which is me,cous + shannon did not want to rest n decided to have a swim at the beach.Unfortunately it rained so we waited till the rain stopped.We took abt 40mins to walk to the beach.On our way it rained again n we decided to hide ourselves in a shop.The rain was playing a fool wif us, keep rain n stop rain n stop.Ish..till we met the waitress tht serve us in the hotel.She's from Poland.We chatted with her till the rain stopped den we headed to the beach.We acted like we're the most bravos malaysian.When we reached the beach we ran toward the water and HOLY FUCKKKKKKKKKkkkk.....IT IS AS COLD AS ICE!!!! I couldnt even stand the coldness for 10mins!!hahahaa...but at tht time theres still ppl surfing...After lazying ard we went back to call our parents n aunty for dinner.On the way back,I saw a group of ppl take a banner inviting evryone to a FOAM PARTY!!LOL...should have attend the party since i've tonnes of clothes to wash.

rich man's mansion


at the beach with jacket on


some kind of lala stick on the rock
i couldnt stand it,make me feel like plucking all off!!!!


We wanted to have Cheap fish & chips but it was sold out. So we decided to go to another place to have our dinner.The funny part of western country is that the waiter will come to get order for ur drinks 1st den theyll go and prepare it.After serving you ur drinks n u have a few sip they only come take order for ur main dish.Damn waste of time.Super hungry d somemore damn slow motion!

Later on,we walked back to our hotel.Luck wasnt with us,the rain suddenly pour on us n the wind is so strong.At that time evryone is cold to death.Our umbrella kept turning up side down. we shivered till we reach our hotel.At tht time,it made me feel tht malaysia is so nice.I prefer hot rather than cold!!hahahaa..

Night time we packed our things for tomorrow as we'll be heading to BATH.
So stay tune!!!!

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