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9th JULY 2009

In the morning,we touched down on London Heathrow Airport. Then we took underground to get to the hotel.We took a 15mins walk with our lugguages to reach UMI hotel.Unfortunately we were too early cus we could only check in during the afternoon.The hotel provided us a luggage room to place our backpacks.After that we went to scout for our brunch.We went to an empty mall which is something like our bukit jambul but 10x better in condition.We walked around and then we decided to have taiwan cuisine which is called cha cha moon i guess.Coincidently,the waitress tht served us is from Kuala Lumpur.So she recommended the dish which could suit our M'sian taste!Next we went to Marks n Spencer to grab some cheap breakfast for tommorow n tommorow n tommorow.Then we headed back to the hotel to check in.
in cha cha moon

Then we were told tht we will be checked in at another apartment which is located 15mins drive away n we were provided free taxi ride.Then we checked in that apartment.The apartment has 2 bed rooms 1 kitchen n 2 toilets.Well quite a good condition tho minus the dust.After a 30mins rest we planned to visit madame tussaud wax museum.We took abt 25mins walk to reach thr.Cousin is great,she planned well n booked the ticket in advance so we were like VIPs without having to queue.NGEK NGEK NGEK.The museum is divided into many different categories eg; celebrities,cartoons,GHOST HOUSE(swt),politicians and genius.

reached madame tussaud

oh yeah
justin timberlake
so tall!!!


ngek ngek ngek
so what?

met barrack obama!

charlie chaplin!

ghost house!!!!!!!!

After the museum we headed to chinatown to have dinner.We took abt 40mins walk to reach.We had Peking duck rice!We ate hastily as cous have already bought the ticket for Grease Theatre Show at 7pm.Luckily we could make it on time!The show was awesome!I love it!There were good n pretty actors!The show finished abt 9.30pm.When i came out from the theatre i was shocked with the weather.It is so bright it was like our 7pm only n it was cold like hell even during summer!Then we walked back to our apartment to have a good night.

trishaw in london

pondok telipon

not as good as penang's!!!

the KOAYs

some fountain

the street

the theatre


the grease show

way back to home~


GOOD MORNING~!!!We woke up, got ready n had sandwiches n cereal tht we bought yesterday.Without wasting time we took another 15mins walk to underground station and took the train to Tower Bridge Area.

We den decided to visit the Historic Royal Palace. Its a very very big castle.Inside there were the london guards, well dressed and was telling the history of this old building.Also they had a FAT CROW CAGE.I guess the crows in the past were super fat n big!'torng u can die'After the visit to the castle we had lunch at a place called WAGAMAMA.It provides Fusion cuisine. Unfortunately their original taste is not thr,all we can taste is ajinomoto n maggie mee's perencah.LOL..anyways it still tastes nice.Later we travelled to Tower bridge n walked around. Next, we went to London bridge.It is actually quite a long distance.At tht time we were enjoying our walks with cool n sunny weather.

some park bside the castle


yummy ice cream!!

ice cream van

the castle

lanciao building



no money to eat
pls donate!

story telling

tower bridge

spot the difference!

london bridge

We also travelled to Covent Garden.There's plenty of entertainment on the streets such as magic show,lame show n wasting time show.A moment later we went to meet Shannon's cousin + gf,Simon n Stephy.Then we headed to a pub for some drinks n chat.After tht we went to have a walk n later had our dinner at FIRE n STONE Rstaurant.Our pizza(quite a large portion) come along with wine.It was a very good promotion.After dinner we went to oxford street to witness nice lightings n decorations on the streets n buildings.Tho the night seem to be young but the avtual time is getting late n so we decided to have some rest.

street show

pizza stove

street show 1

street show 2

pub in the evening

silver man

gold man

cous n i

jack sparrow

11th JUNE 2009

MORNING again!We woke up n repeated the same thing as yesterday bt then tis time we took underground to St.James Park.It is a big park where ppl picnic n u'll c a few of big statues ard on top of the buildings there.Then we headed to see BIG Ben n d Parliament House.Well nth much abt it just there were alot of tourists around snapping pic.Anyway its a must have as part of ur itineary.We also went to London Eye Area where theres a big ferris wheel.

big ben

Next we viewed Buckingham Palace.It was summer so theres something called Changing of Guards Ceremony.The parade did not last long.Then we walked around n we met some cute little tiny squirrel.I fed them chocolate chips instead of walnuts!hahahha..but then the pigeon will scare the squirrel away from the food...damn...There was an old man bringing a packet of walnut for them.They're so lovely till can climb on the old man's lap.I noticed once they got their food they wont eat it, they went and kept it on a tree.

changing of guard ceremony

london eye


In the afternoon we planned to visit Benjamin Franklin Museum.Unfortunately we were told tht the tour will start at 3pm.So we went for our lunch at a western cafe.Well,the Benjamin Franklin Museum is not an ordinary museum tht we see.The museum is like a small house.Inside theres a lady who dress like queen with her over-PONG dress play the role of the character n narratated as she took us from 1 room to another.Overall i feel its quite boring.LOL..but something special.

After that we walked to Harrods at Knightbridge Area.Harrods is a place with shopping malls selling branded things.Fortunately when we we were thr,summer sale was on!COOL GREAT EXCELLENT BRAVO!!!Everything is so cheap for them but not us~!zzzzz...when u convert u start to heartache d!LOL..but when i went to the perfume stall i was shocked with the price(which is quite cheap).of course i wouldnt let go of this chance!muahahaha..

Later on we went to meet shannon's cousin,Marcus at a pub.Came along with my aunty who stays in London.Later we decided to have our dinner at the steak rib house.Then back to the apartment n rest early for tomorrow~!!!!

aunt from london,me n cous

aunt from london,cous,shannon,marcus,uncle,aunty,me

going home

12 July 2009

Morning again~Today will be our last day in London n tomorrow will be heading to Cornwall,Newquay.Since we'll be going by train, we decided to change our acomodation.We stayed at Travelodge Inn which is located near the train station so we wont be late for the train on the next morning.After we got ourselves ready we took our luggages and travelled via subway to London Marylbone Station.We have to wait for hours in the train.Actually we planned to have breakfast in Chinatown with my aunty but due to some problems, we couldnt check.Also there was no luggage room for us.Aunty came n find us and we had our breakfast at some western cafe.We decided to sit outside to have our brunch and enjoy the sunny n windy weather.


After our brunch, we took train to Bicester Village.It took abt 2 hours to reach.The place is in d outskirts but DONT YOU LOOK DOWN ON THIS VILLAGE!!The village is a place whr even more BRANDED things are SOLD!!!!
DAMnnnnn....SHING,COUZ n AUNTIESS must have reached their heaven placee...LOL...but no we just did some 'window shopping' thts all~*eyes rolling to the side*LOL..BELIEVE IT OR NOT??When the clock struck 6pm, its time for us to go home cus it was time for the shops to close.We had to take the taxi bus back to the train station but there were so manyy many manyy ppl lining up so the 6 wonderers decided to walk back to the train station which took us abt 45mins to reach~!!!HOLIAO LEHHHHhhh...den again 2hours train back to London.As soon as we arrive, we went to have our dinner at Chinese Restaurant.Chinese food there cant compare with ours super original yummy n juicy-licious!Later we headed back to the inn n got ready for tomorrow's journey!

bicester village

woah!!!!reached heavennnnnnn!!!

walking back to train station

reached train station

overall ill rate london 6.5/10

Stay tuned~! coming up next will be Cornwall,Newquay!

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