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Some Good Good Times

Ahem, tis post shud be up a few days ago but due to the..err recent economic downterm its a little late. Yes blame it all on the economics. Anyways tis post is dedicated to myself, as a memory and as well to those who've shared it with me w00t. Honestly, I cant remember all the details, so if i miss out any outings, do tell me.

Well I came back from "hell" at the end of April and the day after that was pure paradise(exaggarated). I could still remember it was a thursday where shing and I went to queensbay to get the dress she liked. After that, some other mini outings followed then it was bbq steamboat for our boss, Jason. What I remember clearest was the way apek makes tea (since its 'help urself to the tea leaves' thing, you can imagine how much tea leaves apek put into the pot) and him taking revenge on me for calling him GILF. What did he do u say? Well tad GILF-er DELIBERATELY poured hot+concentrated tea on my hand and he continued doing so for another 5 seconds even after hearing my "woi lema lu cho hami".

Then it was the arrival of the 2 noobs from Sabah. As a welcoming event, we went to err pulau tikus loklok for some supper along wif choya and jhoya. Shared some noob stories there and I also saw Edwin Mok Yhi Ping drinking the FREE soya bean and tjc_23 shifting his loklok sticks to sum other ppl's place. (As proof, he sat at the loklok stall for an hour+ and only payed 60cents. who else can do tad har!?)

About a week or 2 later, we did a hotel stay at Gurney Hotel for a dam good deal. Took hella lots of photos and some vids. And Kw, my humble horse, we pooned zx+hkit like vegetables didnt we? WEAKLINGS! Back to the story, I can recall we went shopping for undies(swimwear) and met tad You-Must-Book-Me-3-Months-Ahead guy in gurney. Sincerely from the bottom of our hearts, my friends and I asked that mofo to come overnite with us. Guess what he told us? Yes! It was "AIYA You-Must-Book-Me-3-Months-Ahead ma!"

Dinner was whr we talk shitz like we alwis do, and we uncovered how Wing Liong brushed his teeth when there's no water :D. yum.slurrrp. Also tis nite outing was sorta like a farewell for mr. shaun loh. rite? LOL. OOh not missing out the event that tjc_23 spent RM12.10 for a drink at starbucks! gosh i need that video! Nite time at the hotel was great, (wrestled that noob rick ed but lost due to hock the fake refree's interuptions) till the neighbours complained about our noise. Dammit i dont get to see wingkey VS zx!

Mid May was also when I enrolled into some crappy Supa Gym with edz,kit n loon. Met the famous bobby lashley from WWE there. NO JOKE! Only he was 10 skin tones lighter when he came to penang.

After that I celebrated a special day with shing. We got lost on our "secret restaurant hunt" thingy and ended up having tgi's for dinner. Overloaded ourselves with food but overall we had a great time that night, especially when she lost a bet and had to treat me 'Sneakers' WAHAHAH...btw for those who havent tried sneakers before, GO TRY IT. Its good shit! Recommended by TNocST!

Plenty of Clan outings after that. Cant recall the details but Im god damn sure we had fun lol! Oh yeah and wing liong, if you didnt notice, during your birthday celebration the GILFER put about 3 sticks on ur place cus u were already compulsively hoarding loklok sticks. He was hoping noone saw that but Noc has sharp eyes!

Kerachut/Mbeach hike was next! ahahah thinking about it really makes me laugh. EDWINA! Lol. The first 10 minutes of the hike was crazy and whoever carried the "magic barrel" will experience fatigue 450% faster than those without. But the magic barrel was a life saver at the end of the day tho ;) The 'camp' included ayen(teh robot) and also a special guest : Mr. I-cant-go-if-you-inform-me-last-minute. For your curiousity, Mr. You-Must-Book-Me-3-Months-Ahead did not go cus my sem break was only 2 months+.

Day time was hella cool ,literally, cus the truth is it was fookin hot in the afternoon. Geng Memancing(hock,kit,ed,shing and I) spent a crazy 5 hours (we changed fishing spots more than 3 time) and we only managed to catch a squid. I DONT CARE WHAT YOU SAY, WE GOT IT ALRIGHT! For those who dont have a clue, ignore the previous sentence. And the ultimate epic win moment was rescuing the fishing rod from the "treacherous rocks of doom" where Einstein crabs live. Oh and the other Geng just sat on the table playing sissy games.FULLSTOP.

Got shoo-ed of kerachut as we did not have any tents nor bribed the "guide" with RM150. Went to Monkey Beach and well, made a monkey out of ed and wingliong during the night! Digging siput was great, unless you were either kw/ed/hock, they're terrible siput diggers I tell you. The statistics were 15 siputs for Ryan, edwin 1, hock 1 and Kw 0.000000 now place your bets.

Toilet scene was next and it was sure as hell....BAD! Recalling the condition of the toilet gives me goose+duck+swan bumps all together. Oh yeah, there weren't any changing rooms(we unanimously ruled out the toilet as a changing room) so we changed behind a BN flag. At least there is a purpose of hanging those flags in monkey beach.

Nite life began at 7.30 where some of us cooked and some of us gathered fire wood to build a campfire like Robinson Crusoe did. But Robinson did a much better job than us i can safely say. Dinner was fantastic jus cus we were all dam hungry.

Fire ran out after burning for 30 minutes and the place got darker by the minute. Dehydration set in soon after we finished our last can of coke and that is when the "magic barrel" did its magic. To add to the complications, boon spilled teikloon's mum's curry all over wing liong with the excuse "OH SORRY WA BEH KI LU TUA HAPENG". Nice excuse romeo.

Story sharing and survivor replica came a little later and after those activities, everyone was practically worn out. Mosquitoes attacked us when we let our guards down. We fought back with these efforts:
1)ed+Wl ran around with their shirts off
2) did some 4.00am calisthenics
3)Made a story named "kisah billy wong"
4) Applied some phony monkey-balm wich did nt work too well

Time crawled like a cibai and finally we got out of the island in the mornin after Edwin showed us his COMPASSION for the BARBEQUE SAUCE. (ps:i also learn frm tis experience tad ed has bug phobia LUL! WIN.)

Next in my mind was food hunt. I clearly rmbed Apeks annoying suggestions "bo chendol mmsi food hunt liao" and "bo bakkutteh mmsi food hunt liao" they were terribly annoying indeed LOPI. But luckily he redeemed himself as he danced topless for siewlays enjoyment during redbox. Ate our hearts out that day. Oh 1 more thing that reminds me of that day was the fish head bee hoon unlce trying to take a pic with the lense focusing on his own face LOL!

Time was against us and we realised that. 2 weeks before depaturing back to our respective Uni's, we spent almost everyday going out and hanging out. We ate bakkutteh and tell stories from tv, went to emo places and saw a giant caterpillar we even met with CC Jeff Hardy(LOL. Those who went kerachut shud und).

Penang Hill came up next where we did some hard labour of cycling for those precious Pg Hill Chikin Piez. Met my first zombie over there, and it was a dog. Will Smith would strangle that dog if it was in "I Am Legend".

Last day in penang came too soon, we spent our lastfew hours with sabah noobs in sega along wif Jogger as special guest. We watched apek frown as he got his expresso, we played the Apek game (3 bucks,pretty girl and 'hand cannot open'), and also acted apek. Now that ive mentioned it, its more like an apek farewell than the sabahans farewell. Before we left, we took sum group photos (kit u owe me those photos!) and that sums it all for my sem break with my buddies!

Last Last day in pg came a day after Last day in pg and it was a short day indeed. Shing picked me up early in the morning with her brand new vios w00t. We went for some brunch and after that, she sent me off at the bus station, took suasana edaran, played mappy,balloon fight, treasure island, kungfu, mario, twinbee,streetfighters, popeye and a few more games and all i can say is i suck alot compared to my younger days *sighs*.

Reached Kl on friday and found out that Ive a luxurious condo to live in. But even the best condo could not compare to my fav. place.........Penang.

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