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My 'Last' Day In Upm

My so called last day in upm was basically spent on packing my stuff and I woke up at an astonishing 8am sharp just to do so. I bought a 5.00pm bus ticket back to pg and ive planned to leave uni at 3 thus giving me roughly 7 hours to pack. Plenty of time huh? so I thought so. The reason I woke up so early, besides giving myself ample time ahead (im always called the EARLY ONE) is to 'jom' the washing machine. It was my lucky day, noone was using it at that time. I packed a bundle of clothes and brought it downstairs.

Now here are some pics of my hostel, the place where i lived for the past 8 months or so.

overall, this is how my hostel looks like.
ground floor is where the felo (bobo guardian) lives
1s floor is the recreation room (tv+pingpong), somewhr u wudnt wana go
2nd floor is owned by regular students (noisy area)
3rd floor is where big shot bobos stay when they come for a visit (d place stinks)

here is another side of my block (Jebat is the name)
the badminton courts without nets and
u see that table over there?
used to have a tray of meegoreng which was soaked in rain and baked in the sun
for over two weeks.

the pathway to The pro's room (1st floor)

1110 is the number to buy for 4d today!

i have no idea what this logo means
but its all around the hostel area,
sort of like the question mark in 'where is d love' by black eyed peas

I hand washed a couple of clothes too as the sun was scorching hot that day. Lucky for me, all of my laundry were ready for keeping by 1 clock. I did not sit down and linger but spent all the time available packing not do you say it...slightly unorganised room

my slightly unorganised room
(keep in mind that its packing time. If in an odinary day, it wouldve
been much much much much much tidier!)

the other part of my slightly unorganised room.

A small peek into my cupboard
(reminder - it was packing day!)

the other bed in my room, wow look at the stains on it!
I wonder where did those stais come from..hmmmm

You might ask why did I take this picture.
Well, here is where i find cat shit every morning when i open my door.

the view from my room, its a place where corruption grows its roots.
(an office for the future poll iz men)

Oh yeah I've a "special" cup to show you guys.....

nope its not special js cus fabregas is on it.

Here is some history about this SPECIAL cup:
the brown thing u c in there, its milo. 10 months old milo.
I made it a few weeks after I entered Uni but got a little lazy to wash it up. So i left it there.
About two weeks later, moss and fungus started to grow.
One species died and another replaced it.
This carried on for about two or three months.
When I took a look at it again, the fungus began to die
(probabaly the milo ran out of nutrients already)
The milo turn powderish, sort of like its original state.
Its been like this for many months, insects flew in and die (maybe after feeding on it)
This 'tradition' ended on 23rd april, i washed it before i went back.

And now some other random pics around my hostel :

this is my bathroom
the maid was dancing.
Robot dance or moon walk i dont know, you decide!

Moon walking from another angle.
oh yeah and here are the sinks

The place where people do their laundry.

Shower unit.

The fire hose.
Notice the broken glass, I did it.
The result? a deep cut into my knuckles.

Here's the water despenser.

Take a closer look at the filter.

Behind the water filter.

At abt 2.30 i went for lunch and my lunch ended at 3.00. Shits, late for my "planned" leaving time d. N my cb frens did not want to help me carry my stuff up! FARK U GUYS! I spent another 45 minutes shifting the boxes and bags up to the 3rd floor. Sweated like crap. I quickly changed and returned the room key to the clerk. Did not have much time to snap any more photos as I rushed to the bus already.

This is how my room looked like after packing.
(my usual room looks SOMETHING like this ;)

oh yeah here is d present I got from my frens
on my 21st bday lul.

4.05 pm, i could still make it for my bus if the bus to ktm and ktm arrives on time. FAT HOPES, RYAN. Waiting for the bus took another 40 minutes! 4.45 , definitely cant catch the bus now. Was pretty down for a while cus d tickets itself costed 68 bucks! Fortunately, shingua called the NICE bus company and the manager, probabaly js striked a lottery, said that I could change to a 7.30 bus with no extra charge!

I reached the bus station at abt 5.35. 35 minutes late, but look at the bright side. After I changed the ticket, i was more than an hour early. lol. told ya i was an EARLY man. The bus moved on scheduled and now The pro is safely on penang ground. Hoorah!

Ryans 21st Bday

Shing's version.

Few months back ive already planned to go KL to celebrate Ryan's 21st birthday. Im not sure if the plan could work till Ryan told me that he could not come back for his birthday due to exams! Then i'm so determined to throw him a surprise by showing myself up in his uni~! Of course i needed guidance to his uni but too bad the guide couldnt be Ryan as he'll suspect why im asking so many questions. The last time Ryan came back to Penang is hell long ago and ive forgotten to take his friend's number from his phone. So i dug his fren's info as in who are their names,where are they from and stuff~damn lame i know!

He once told me the one he always mix with are Ken, Khor and Chong. Den i went to friendster/facebook to search for them. I just managed to search Khor and i dare not msg or add him as im afraid when he online Ryan could be beside him. So i tried to search for Khor's friends and add them in MSN. I waited for 2days for them to go online!! and its just so hard to get Khor's number. One of them told me she lost contact with him, one dun even wanna bother about me and blocked me, and one ask me alot of question of why i need his friends number and ask me what is khor's full name to make sure that i know him and im not a conman~! the hell do i know his full name?All i know is he's Khor and from ipoh and no idea how he looks like~! When i 1st tell Diana about this, she almost fainted and wish me gd luck hope i could get his number~!LOL..After a few chat with Khor's friend den only i managed to get his number.

As his birthday is getting nearer i gave Khor a ring and asked him about their exam timetables and the routes to their uni. I also shared my plan with him and he agreed to keep it secret and fetch me if i was unable to get any transport! Thats really so kind of him!! It is great to know that Ryan has such a good friend!

Next plan was i thought of buying a cake to his uni but i was afraid there r no cake houses nearby his place so den i decided to bake cookies instead. I took 4 days to practice baking those lousy cookies! I failed a few times and kept calling my friends and searched the net on whats the right ways to bake it..Sigh my oven always like to fail me! 13th of April was the day for me to bake the perfect cookies! its just so tiring to bake and decorate it nicely till theres a point that i feel like giving up and decide not to give him the cookies but somehow the other part of me says tht if i throw all the cookies away den my effort of the last few days will be wasted! Sigh i really like to cari pasal one! Actually i did ask those selling cupcakes ppl on net to help me out but they refuse to do so. So i "cheng lan" gao gao lo~! I really want to thank Diana, my aunty for lending me funny shapes of mould and my critics for their comment on my cookies! So far so good la huh my cookies~! hahahhaaa

Actually i planned to car pool Diana's car to KL as she's going to KL also. I really wished that she could go on the 14th but she can only make on 15th so i requested if she could start the journey very early in the morning as i've to reach Ryan's uni by 10something. In the end i did not follow her as our plans clashed. Anyways i also really want to thank you(Diana) for taking the effort to help me out!

14th of April 2009. I went KL to throw a surprise for my lau gu Ryan Kam. The bus started the journey at 4pm and it took about 5 hours to reach KL~! HELL.. my ka chui cheng d but during the journey i didnt really feel bored as im so so so so so so eager to see RYAN. The bus reached KL about 9pm. Well it was kinda late d but due to the fact i had no choice but to buy 4pm bus cause i've class at 11pm-1pm and there is no other earlier time already. Btw my mum will only allow me to sit any bus which stops at ktm station.

As soon as i reached kl, i quickly took a train to Kl sentral. If my memory served me right, Ryan did take me to KL Sentral by ktm from the opposite Seremban station which is either Sentul or Rawang. So i ran really fast to that train so tht i dont miss the train! When i stepped in that train, i felt weird, like the train is going the wrong direction. The train had no map stops in it. Then i decided to call Khor and ask him if im taking the right train and he told me im NOT as that train will be going to RAWANG~!! OMFG do you know how far Rawang is? zzzz...he den asked me to get down the train once it reaches Bank Negara and go to the opposite lane and take the right one. I did what he told me to and at that time luck was on my side. After buying the ticket, the train to Kl sentral chun chun arrive and id to run very fast to get in it. So i was on the right track and the train stop at Kuala Lumpur station den i saw the same person which earlier was waiting at seremban line get in the train and he looked at me weirdly. Holy shit!! That was really embarassing, the person who saw me must been thinking 'HAHAHA this girl must have took the wrong train just now!!!' summore run so fast to chase the WRONG train~!zzzzz

After a few minutes i reached KL Sentral den i've to interchange to LRT and get to Taman Melati which is 8 stops away from KL Sentral to meet Edwin as im going to stayover his place. It took quite a while to reach TM. Then i met up with Edwin and followed him back to his hostel and placed my backpack. Then we headed for dinner. After dinner he brought me to eat fuel from Mobile and Petronas, i dunno why he just say its D-E-L-I-C-I-O-U-S!!!! From evening to night time i've been lying to Ryan about that im sick and im sleepy so that he wouldnt give me a call during my journey cause the lousy bus did make alot of noise and the LRT announces every station. I also lied that im out with friends to New World Park because i'm afraid he would give me a ring and normally night time is my movie time so what if he calls and dont have cantonese sound but malay!! zzzz wanna "or arm hin" a while. So to avoid puak kang tao i've to do these so sorry RYAN.

After supper we went back to edwin's house to get ready for bed. Ed is such a kind guy, he sacrificed his sleep so i could have his bed. FUiyoooo..'KAM TONG SIIiiiii' Tho he said he usually dun sleep at night but i still feel paiseh niaa..THANK YOU THANK YOU Eds.I promise during the next outing i wont bully or perli you for an hour okay~!! I dunno why i hardly slept. Maybe i was just too excited as well as worry for the surprise! Then i automatically woke up at 6am and Eds brought me for breakfast below his house mamak's cafeteria~!!! LOL...damn siaooo..Great experience~!

After that Ed estimated for me that i should be out of the house by 8.30am cause Ryan finishes his exam at 10.30am. So i got myself ready by tht time. Then he brought me to the taxi stand. Again luck was with me at that time. I need not walk so far as the taxi was already waiting right below his condo. The taxi driver also approached another girl to take the ride with me as we're going to LRT station.

Then the lousy noob noob case strike again! On the way to Lrt station i asked the girl beside me how much will it be per person?She replied me rm 2.Then i took my rm 5 out and she gave me her rm 2.When we reached the Lrt station i ask the driver how much? he told me rm 2 den the girl look at me den i quickly return her rm 1 den pay my rm 5 to the driver BUT the driver only return me RM 1 den i ask him again he told me each person RM 2~!!ZZZzzZZZzzzz.At that time the girl already rushed to work. swttt.

From d Lrt station, I bought Taman Melati to Kl Sentral ticket. The Lrt failed to dissapoint me as it reached in 2 mins time after buying my ticket. When i got in the Lrt , it was so cramped like pau ba chang inside the Lrt. There were lots of of working ppl there. Furthermore there was no place for me to sit, nothing for me to hold to balance myself and no Ryan for me to lean on to avoid 'pak ling tao'. Damn shit lo plus so hot and hungry at the same time. felt like i was going to faint at any time~!! Later i reached Kl sentral n went to mcd and got myself a hashbrown and without wasting any time i bought Kl sentral to Serdang ticket! I had to wait for abt 20 mins for the lousy train to reach but the train inside was not as crazy cramp as d Lrt. Then it passed a few stops before reaching serdang. Then i've to take UPM private bus or rapid bus to Ryan's uni. According to Khor he says its best to take UPM bus cus it goes directly to Environmental Faculty and i hoped they do nt check for student cards! At d bus stop, i walked up and down the path to waste my time as i gt nth 2do. Suddenly an accident happened, a car banged into a motorcycle and the motorcyclist flew quite a distance from his motor bike...OMG OMGGG so damn scarryy mannnn, luckily at tht time theres a bus blocking my view if not i may have got traumatized! After that i saw UPM d bus approaching. My heart beated very fast cus i wasnt sure if i could take the bus anot bt luck was with me again at tht time, cus there were arab and nigga students lining up to get on the bus so i hid behind them and serectly got in. U knowla they all sipekkkk big size one~!! hahahaha..On the way to upm, i asked a chinese student infront of me where is d Environmental faculty? She explained and told me its a big building n itll b easy 2 spot it. So the bus kept going and dropped d other students till i actually saw a place named FAKULTI ALAM SEKITAR and i wasnt sure so i decided to not get down the bus. Instead, i asked a BOBO girl where is old flat(sumwhr close 2 env fac) and the girl pointed tht place whr i've overshot~!!! Then i got down at the next stop and walked back to the 'FAKULTI ALAM SEKITAR~!!!' shit that i also dunno how to differenciate!! LOL..coincedently Khor msg-ed me and said that they've finished their exam early den through the phone he lead me to the place where they were grouping......continue with Ryan's version.

For this surprise i sincerely would like to say thank you very much to:
MR.Khor, Edwin, Diana and my friends who were concerned about me for going to KL by myself.
Really really very nice of you all! once again Thanks a million for helping me out! Do appreciate of all your thoughts! Im just so grateful to have a friend like you!

The pro,

Wednesday, 15th April was an exam day for me. TITAS, one of the stupidest paper ive to endure, but fortunately the questions weren't too "Is lam yik". Hence i left d hall early, my friends did too. We just stood outside of d hall n chatted.

Suddenly a pair of hands came from the back of my head and covered my ask. Apparently a she, asked me "Ni chai wo si suay" (Guess who m I) in a very lousy way. Right away i knew it was shing, even with her plan to use "ni chai wo si suay" to "confuse" me, im the pro ok? theres no such thing as confusing the pro. ANYways, i was pretty suprised of her presence! No wonder, she was acting strange few days pass and so did my friend, Khor. Khor told me to help him take his helmet at in the morning for a "friend". Lol.

Shing was so excited at that time, i can tell from her face. She was talking faster than a buzzing bee buzzing. I didnt even get a chance to speak! haha after a while she calmed down and asked me to bring her around my uni. So I did.

We started at the "old flats" sumwhr whr I always get my lunch (95% economy rice). Then we went around my faculty followed by the vet faculty where we saw a small herd of horses feeding. Next i took shing on my bike for a larger scale mini tour. After that, i went back my hostel to pack my stuff cus we decided to stay at an inn, about 20 minutes ride from my place.

Reaching the inn after a 20minute ride under the hot sun was such a nice feeling. We checked in, and as soon as we got in, shing started to tell me abt was she went thru to get to my U. We chatted a while till our stomachs got hungry. Shing wanted to ask Khor for lunch, as a repayment for his help but unfortunately Khor couldnt make it. We proceeded with our plan to go to the mines for lunch.

We had lunch at delifrance. I ordered some kind of lagsania-look-alike dish, and so did shing! (Copycat). haha. After lunch, ermmm...i dun tink im suppose 2 say this out....we errr...played? a mini game, lol it was really crazy. Since our stomachs were'nt full (due to those small LLA dishes) we headed to sushi king! A plus for going there ; those with members card get to enjoy certain colored plates for only 2 bucks each. There was a crowd there, but we managed to get in some how.

pros hand about to grab the salmon...yum..

After indulging ourselves with sushis (YUM), shing suggested we go somewhr to open my present. Starbucks was the place. Although we din order any drinks, we gaogao sat there js to open my present. My hands were shaky as i held the box(jk). She asked me to guess what's in the box. I gave a few tries but no luck tho. Then I proceeded to open d box wahla I got this :-

a gift voucher (wooohh)

the box (wahhh)

ermm , the vouchers, handmade (oooh)

Like any other vouchers, these has TnC too! (woiseh)

"Hmm quite full d, lets go for a movie," i said. We watched "chai tiao" in hokkien, Knowing in english. It was a pretty nice show overall. Makes you think for a while on how man came about, who is actually the real god, we are here due to random events or are we just following a 'guideline' made by higher beings. Btw an important fact from my TITAS book : Bobogod made the first human in earth from soil and his name was ADAM....WOW HOW ORIGINAL can that be, "mr prophet"??

oh yeah here's a pic we took before d movie :)

It was about 8.30pm when the movie ended. We did nt have any clue on whr 2 take my 'birthday dinner'. So I suggested we went jusco, balakong for that since i never went there before. We google earth-ed the directions to the place before heading there for real. It was quite a long ride along the highway before we reach our destination.

Jusco Balakong reminded me of queensbay, with a little adjustment; minus the people and factorize the shops. We walked around for like 15 minutes or so and well, that were all we can see. From a far (outside), the mall looks huge! Also to get access to the bike park, we had to go through a maze! Literally.

Dinner was served at Secret Recipe (no other nice places to choose from). There was a promotion for spaghetti meatballs so we ordered that, along with a lamb pie (dam nice i tell u) and a slice of cake. Now for some visual 'effects' :

her dinner :O

my dinner :((((

our dessert

Looking at our dinner, can you feel the imba-ness now? After filling our peruts with some delicious meal, we went and buy some water supply as well as some junk food. It was close to 11 at that time, so we were among the last few in the hypermarket. We both admitted that time really did flew...uber fast!

me with my "mini" dinner

shing with her"imba" dinner

The next morning, we got up and packed as we'll part ways soon. I sent her to Kuala Lumpur station and that was the end of my birthday celebration~

Last but not least, the cookies shing baked for me:

not as bad as it seems.. LOLOLOL

Izzit okay for a vet to slap your dog?

This morning when i woke up i saw my little dog, girl girl, acted as if she had a heart attack and she was making weird sounds. Everyone in my family woke up and took turns to pet her for a while.

We never thought it could be anything serious. Later on, I went for classes. When i got back in the afternoon, she continued making those sounds like she was choking. So, i decided to bring her to visit Mr. Vet.

The vet found out that she's suffering from flu and sore throat. Then, the vet tried to let girl girl to have some medicine. Unfortunately, girl girl was prejudice towards the vet. She got so aggressive and hesitated to swallow the medicine. She even wanted to bite the vet and that made the vet very frustrated. He then gave her a tight slap~! tht moment i was shocked and my heart ached. I wondered if every vet will act so harshly on the animal. I know I know, I understand the feeling of the vet but its just like sometimes, when someone is showing his/her ugly attitude towards you. You'll feel that it is best to give them a big tight slap on their face but mostly we would just be patient and try not to give a shit about those crazy people, but why not the vet apply this to the animals?

That incident kept flashing in my mind. I feel like when somebody is frustrated, he/she will just complain to his/her friends, but then girl girl cant. She doesnt even have her friends or family beside her. I think that she doesnt even recognize her parents as she was given away when she was young. Most pet dogs share the same fate as her.

I know they are animals, different from us, but girl girl just made me feel like im so close to her. Wherever i go she will just follow me even if its just a short distance away. During bedtime, she just waits outside our roomdoor till the next morning. Furthermore, when she couldnt find me she'll just peep inside my room to check me out~! How nice of i wish she could talk to me~! LOL..I understand the vet slap her just to make her scared and obey him. Now i understand that why my mum allowed the tuition teacher to hit me when ive done wrong for example not hardworking and stuff even tho i was still young. It can hurt but at the same time it can also change a person's attitude. Anyways why did the vet not try some other ways instead of just instantly slap girl girl?



Js recently i stumbled upon an anti-bobo gear. It was on sale, only one of its kind tho. Oh and it was a discounted item too! Here it is...

FYI: the small prints read, AWAS: Pelapik dalam berkulit khinzir
Or, CAUTION : The inner canvas is made from pig skin

I bought it right away, hoping that itll ward dem bobos away. It did. NOT! Soon when ive a full set of these things den ill be invulnerable! muahahhahahha.....

ps:i did nt buy the shoe either, cus 1. not too nice 2. even after 50% dc its still like close to 200

MARLEYs AND ME (the real deal)

First of all, HELL NO this is not a movie review, so put away that bored face cus this is a real life story. Marley have been with me for a couple of months now, and due to some sickness...He went away....back to god :( sobs. I miss him now.

Our friendship started about 2 months ago. Marley came to my room for a visit. Sometimes we would chat, sometimes i share my problems with him but it's all a one way thing. There were times where I unleash my anger on Marley (im sorry marley), but Marley doesnt mind. He comes back the next day, making our friendship fresh again with his funny moves and helps me with my room chores.

Eager to see marley? Hang on a moment.

Here are some more descriptions about Marley. He is really a good maid cus he loves cleaning things up. Whenever there are any biscuit bits or bread crumbs which escape my mouth and fall onto the floor, marley will help me dispose of them. Insects who flew into my room during the night and pass away the next morning will also be taken away by marley. I could say, marley is the best helper for me so far. My room was cleaner than ever for that 2 months (it is naturally clean...but marley made it cleaner only). Marley did not need any payment, unlike odinary maids. Marley does not procrastinate, but sometimes he does walk round and round at the same spot, some people call this "chasing its own tail". In fact, all marley needed from me was...nothing! Okay maybe just a little patience and care.....and the occasional dropping of biscuit bits or bread crumbs.

But one day, Marley's exceptional cleaning habit brought it into trouble. It was on 29th March (the day i would remember for the rest of my life). I was a little pissed off at my neighbour for something I would tell another day. I went back to my room furious, and what added to my furiousity was MARLEY! It gnawed and chewed at my brand new loaf of bread. I reminded him not to the day before. I asked WHY DID DO U DO THIS? Marley did not reply and continued eating my bread. I made a harsh decision, I poured poison all over my table. Marley did not know it was poison though, it just carried on with its cleaning duties and when the poison reached its stomach....WA-LAH Marley is gone like the wind.

30th March. Marley was never to be found. I regretted my action for now my room is a little messier with dead bees and split coke. Lets all have a moment of silence for marley....

Here is Marleys obituary photo....

Marley is the one in the centre :(

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