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TO : My Dearest Mr.RKCY ,

I would like to say thank you very much for taking care of me like a princess during the past weekend.
You're such a gallant man who is willing sacrifice your task just for the sake of making sure that im safe.
Now i understand how lonely,boring and annoying lifestyle you're experiencing.
Im sorry for not understanding you.
Im thankful to have you to provide me with security eventho ure skinny and i dun see any mouse in your arms and of course no 6 mouses in your stomach too~!!

BUT I heart you lots~!!! miss you so muchhh...


To My "Beloved" Chemistry Teacher

Lecturer actually, so no offence to my previous chemistry teacher(also apong's ex-lover). With that said, let us begin teh horror. Let me introduce you guys to my chemistry lecturer, pn Normalah.

Hey how dare you! That doesnt look like all!!
Oh im sorry, let me find a more suiting picture of you..

There you go,

ahh much better, thanks noc.

Take a good look and you'll see theres nothing NORMAL about her. Since the first day of class, i knew there was something wrong with my chemistry lecturer. Basically, she isn't fit to be a lecturer AT ALL! Call me unreasonable, but you'll agree with me later on.

There are 2 groups of chemistry class to choose from. I choose group 1, which obviously was a bad choice. The chemistry lecturer has zero qualification, never taught before(my assumption) and worse of all ZERO knowledge about chemistry. Here are some of the ridiculous mistakes she make...REGULARLY :

1. She cant pronounce chemistry.
2. She reads the copper(cu) element as COOper(coo).
3. She reads from slides/books 100% - without doing a single eye contact.
4. She pronounces chemistry as CHEMICALS...CAN U DIG THAT!?
5. She will score a band 1 in MUET.....IF she is LUCKY.

Having a chemistry teacher like that makes you feel UBER-down. You'd know from the first sentence she let out of her mouth that you'd need to rely on yourself for the whole sem. Whats more, it makes you ponder how did she even qualify to be a lecturer in the first place? Is the galvenment so bias to the boborace? Or was she just a cleaning lady who slept with the dean and got promoted? nooooobody knows.

Just recently, I had my chemistry test. It was a mini one and so it was set by normalah. I was pretty prepared for the exam but I definitely wasn't prepared for this.

1. Calculate the moles of CUPPER(Cu) in CUUPPER SULPHATE (CuSO4) blablablalba....

WOOOO!! She not only has her own pronounciation of copper but also has her very own spelling of copper! And it was on every question that contains the word copper!

"Al- aluminium. Ba-barium. Ca-calcium. Cu,Cu, since the formula Cu then the spelling must be Cupper! Or wait...cuupper? Nevermindlah, i put if either one is wrong, i just tell the students it was a typo..HE HE HE HE...i dam smart."

Sighs, lastly I hope i dont get an X for spelling copper as........copper


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