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First of all HCNY everyone! hope you get lotsa angpows!

and secondly..this tag by choyaaa

1. Does it matter to you if your boyfriend or girlfriend smokes?

2.How about drinking?
nope...cus if i do ill be a hypocrite LOL

3. Do you liked someone you can’t have?
dam rite (******* ****) !!

4. If someone liked you right now,would you want them to tell you?
Wait a minute, but everyone tells me that everyday...

5. Whats your favourite sport?
Defense of the ancient...yes its a sport....

6.Its saturday night,you’re homealone..what do you do?
Playing some maybe

7. Do you like roller coasters?
You mean the chips? Hell yeah

8. When’s the perfect time to have a bf/gf?
When stone cold say so. When you feel gatai i guess...

9. If you could date any celebrity,who would it be?
******* ****!!!

10. What are you doing this weekend?
Collecting more angpows. Spend time with F&F and get ready to go back to UshitM

11. Whats is your favourite restaurant?
Spice garden...mmm...yum

12. Have you ever hugged someone?

13. Ever kissed someone you weren’t attracted to?
on the ass? yup...

14. Do you like anyone right now?

15.What is the first thing you notice about the opposite sex?
(.)(.) ....those are supposed to be eyes

16. Which do you prefer,beach or mountains?

17. What kind of phone do you have?
Nokia errr 6300

18. Computer or laptop?

19. Jeans or sweats?

20. Which year has been the best so far?
2007 i guess..haha good ol times...

21.How old are you gonna be on your next birthday?
error!! error!!!!

22.What should you be doing right now?
Studyin =(.

23.What is your favourite tv show?
The Simpsons!

24. What’s been your last purchase?
roller coster chips...rm2.00

25. Are you attracted to girls/boys that smoke?
Are you asking the same question?

26. Have you ever fallen on your butt in front of a crowd of people?
Does 5-10 ppl consider to be a crowd?

27. What do you do when you’re at home?
eating , sleeping, sporting...yes im a sportsmen =D

28. What is your favourite subject?

29. What’s the best things happened on you?
There are lots of them...cant point out which is the best

30.I tag :
Noooone...ima good boy

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