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Of Old Men And Slides

Ahh just last nite I went out with my pals to Green Lane McD. No special agenda, just a meeting up to talk some shitz with friends. There were 9 of us, and one of us was about to be a movie star but he just didnt know.....YET. Oh yeah, his first appearence was in this post HERE.

We were supposed to meet at 10.30, and the hell did noc reach at 10.30. The only people in sight were bakcheem,cs(early man) and shing wif cl. The rest were plain slow mofos'....tad includes errrrrrr..........EZZY.

When all 8 of us were there(1 havent arrive), we decided to get soem food, our orderers crazily ordered 6 LARGE mc shaker fries + 2 small ones along wif 3 large coke. The fries poured out was pretty much fatter than zx. Good news, with the help of bakcheem we finished the shaker fries and bad news, apek transformed into a huan-chu due to eating too much fries.

We talked lotsa crap about our uni, our friends, how stupid can someone be to BAN practising a healthy exercise and lots more. Then there were 9 of us with the arrival of kit but cs went home soon after. Kit being told, brought a pack of cards for us to play with. We played soem noob games which involves refilling drinks and throwing away rubbish one by one. Oh yeah we also tried something which only thin people(zx and seng) can do which is stacking up cards into a pyramid.

Then came the fun part =)

When we were about to go back, we decided to play "SIT TEH SLIDEZ". It was a simple game of big-small and betting how many times should one sit the slide. There were 8 of us, 2 passed but the other 6(including Teh Star) agreed the loser should go about the slide in public for 6 times!

I got a measely 7 while the loser got a 5!!

Every1 laughed the shit out of themselves when we found out whos teh loser. The people around also watched with awe. HOHOHO! APEK O APEK! :)

Firstly he steadily marched up to the playground clearly ignoring the "For 12 and below only" but suddenly his dingdongs kecut cus he saw another crowd of youths at a corner just beside the playground. He grabbed a chair n hug it tighter than mariah carey's fav jeans. He came up with nonsensical excuses such as:

1. OI LATE d, 2 clock d lets go back!

2. Eh people studying here la mai cho luan ppl la.(dont disturb those who are studying la)

3. Last time u all do ...... to me d now u wan me 2 do this!? NO!!! (dam i forgot the ... liao)

But we being smart, we came up with brilliant replies/threats which got him straight on the right spots. Here they are :

1. OI BO HOOT AR LU? (what!? you dont have ding-dongs?)

2. OK la discount for u 5 rounds only. (we know that one of apek's fav word is DISCOUNT)

3. U dont go, we dont game wif u (with serious face)

4. Bakcheem : You pity teik loon la, he canot on9. The only entertainment he has for tonite is watch u sit the slide nia. Cho hor ee kua la! (Do for his sake!)

Apek had no choice but to go, and once he is in the compound, everyone knows there is no turning back. 5-6 cameras started rolling, not wanting to miss this precious moment. And finally we ended up with THIS!



The video actually was taken at 3 different intervals, the whole vid wudve taken very much longer but too bad we hadn't enough space. :(

ps: ezzy,cs,hock too bad ya'll missed the live one!

Holiday Must Holiday

Hohoho since the holidays have arrive, lets not put it to waste. I was thinking of a vacation for ANYONE who is interested. Ok not anyone but MOST OF la. If you're a reader of TNocST, you are invited for sure :)

Where r? Where r? Here's a hint:-
A place where the lions have NO balls, spit water whole day and they dont bite nor roar. roar must roar.

come c me guys i dont bite

Yes, its Singapore, Bobosia's arch enemy, an enemy we despise but yet to(never will) reach its level. Hmm, I know its a little troublesome to get there but im sure it'll make the stay more worthwhile, rite? I havent got all the details yet, I wrote this just to ajak 'kakis' to go. So if you're interested even just a little, leave a comment. We'll use our pujuk-ing skills on you.

//it'll be somewhere around dec, would be great if we can celeb christmas there(optional)
//the trip there would be by bus unless you've deep pockets =D
//the places we might end up would be
-Jurong bird park
-East Coast Beach
-Singapore park
-Raffles City
-Botanical/Zoological gardens+Night safari
-Sculpture Square

I dont know where is this place(below) but I'm sure it's a happy place.......

come see us too, we dont bite either!! :)

Feel free to leave any comment/suggestions/problems in the comment section. thanks.

these further notes are for reference only:-

Singapore is well known for its beautiful parks and open spaces. For a free and lazy outing, wander around one of the many areas of natural or cultivated beauty. The Botanical Gardens, Zoological Garden and Jurong Bird Park are all well worth a trip. The Zoological Garden claims to be a model of the "open zoo concept", whereby the animals are kept in landscaped and spacious enclosures separated from visitors by moats.

One of the things that most stands out about Singapore is that it is fabulous city for shopping. Head for one of the many malls around Centrepoint for a fairly Western experience, or have a nose into the more specialist centres, such as Funan, the mall dedicated to Information Technology and if you are looking for new trainers, a decent iPod or some trinkets for the folks back home, Raffles City is bound to have it.

Sculpture Square is the city's first contemporary art space, showcasing 3-dimensional art practices and productions by artists from Singapore and Southeast Asia since it was opened in 1999. Located in a former Methodist church on Middle Road in the city's Waterloo arts district, this is an excellent way to get a feeling for art in Singapore today and in the future. As well as two galleries and a library, there are outdoor exhibition spaces and a restaurant.

The city is also well known for its huge variety of temples of different denominations. Standing on the original site of Singapore's first Chinese temple, the Thian Hock Keng Temple ? or Temple of Heavenly Happiness ? is a good place to start. You cannot possibly visit them all, but even popping to a few of these very spiritual buildings will give you a sense of the richness and diversity of religion in Singapore and what a colourful and important part it plays in life here.


NocRocks is back yo! Ahh i bid goodbye to my "beloved" uni yday and it sure was a great thing to do. Now im back home without the loud music, lousy food, blardy hot sun, the language, the shuttlecocks and the everything. Almost felt like it was my birthday! =D But then one obstacle that really hinders me is, I DONT HAVE MY PEX3134 anymore =( to those who don't know, my mum sold off my car right after I entered Uni cus she said i'll not be using it anymore. *butiwannauseitnow!* Amazingly that 7.5 yr old car was sold for 10k. I regularly see 2nd hand kancils selling out at 6-8k but pex3134 was different. Why ar? Why ar? Why pex3134 so much more expensive? Well, its cus I DROVE it before!

Actually I was supposed to write this post quite some time ago but the fked up service provider in my U blocked my visits to 90% of the websites available in the www. And most of the time, blogspot was in the 90%. So here it is, better late than never rite? ;)

Recently...actually not too recent oso, on oct 11 I celebrated not 1 but 2 birthdays, one is for shing's 19th bday! w00h00! and the other? well ill tell you later...

10th oct 2008
-shing reminded ryan to be early and arrive at her house by 11clock.

11th oct 2008
-ryan was arriving at her house(10.45a.m.) and asked if she was ready. She replied 30%!
So i thought she just started and it'll just be a while before she'll be ready.

11.45am - nope not yet

12.45pm - nahh

1.45pm - kwaaark

2.15pm - andddd she is ready!

Firstly we went for lunch, it was just a simple lunch of chicken rice near her place. It sure was a good start considering that I did not have any breakfast that morning. Then we took some pics in her car:


the infamous fish post. the hell do i look ugly lol.

after that we sang the song "if you're happy and you know it..." haha. I gave her her present after a few rounds of it. It was a beige in colour polo wallet. Thought of buying her that ever since she started complaining about her lousy wallet lol. I hope she likes it!

Next we went to gurney(it has been 3months since I step foot on gurney) and wow I got a shock with the progress of the new block. Maybe the "prophecy" of gettin it done by christmas might come true after all.

We went to the cinemas and watched Disaster Movie. Something similar to scary movie and all the other parodies. Well the movie was literally a disaster but fortunately alvin and the chipmunks(slightly mutated and with rabies) saved it. It was filled with lame jokes and a bad storyline but then we still manage to get some laughs from it:)

After the movie, shing's shoe problem strikes! I think the pics 'self-explainatory'

*now thats how u peel a plaster*

*and thats how you paste it on your ankle*

Hmm. Maybe she's hinting me to get her a shoe as well....dont you think so?
We had a small walk around gurney and then we headed to New World Park for it's happy feet fish spa.

wah nice lo who bought it wan?

showing off her present

magazine cover boy.

Hohoho it was a real experience in the fish spa. Since it was our first, we did not know what to expect from it. It was Rm 24 for two (birthday boys and girls get to feed the fish for free!) for half an hour. We were asked to wash our feet first before dipping into the 'Spa pool'. If this were'nt the first step, im sure most of the fishes would have their belly overturned d. lol.

There were 2 ponds. One, big fishies and two, small fishies. We started with the small ones. To my suprise it sure was uber ticklish! LOL didn't thought it could be so gai. I really laughed the crap out of myself. It was like many fingers tickling at the bottom of your feet. Then it was shing's turn. With her phobia of fishes, it was a tricky start. The way I see it, she wasn't really enjoying the 'spa treatment' lol. It was more like a test of endurance haha.

me at the fish spa

shing at the fish spa.
*kameh gia photo!*

After a while we switched to the big fishies. It wasnt as ticklish but more of a small pinch on your feet. The largest fish I saw in that pond was about the size of my hand! Wonder how they can get a meal from dead skin.

30mins passed very quickly and it was time to go. Before we left, we got a RM5 voucher as a gift. I thought of bringing my grandma there.

wiping my spa-ed feet

our clue for Amazing Race.serious.

There was an Indian cultural show in New World Park at that time. It was for charity(i guess) so we exchanged a RM10 voucher and bought some traditional indian food. We had puri, authentic apong, papadam and some junk food. Shing and I spent some time there watching fashion show and some indian music band playing. Oh yeah, I met an indian girl and I reckon she's from BOL but kinda forgotten her name..dam paiseh!

Night came real soon. We went back my place for a bit and then headed for dinner. Ingolf's German Restaurant was our choice for the day. Although there was a new restaurant(opened by ang moh) next door, we chose Ingolf cus we didn't feel too rich at that time. We ordered a homemade pie and some salad with smoked salmon and bacon. Both of them were delicious!

cover boy II.

the bday girl :)

Aww it was gettin late and we opted for some dessert before going back home. Although it wasn't the 31st of the month, we went to baskin robins for ice-cream. And that was how our night ended. Happy Birthday dear, hope you enjoyed yourself =)

the effect of economy crisis

Oh yeah the 2nd person who celebrated his/her birthday isssssssss......................the ever cool TNocST!!! ROARR!! On behalf of TNocST, I would like to thank all the readers for their support for this whole one year. Terima Kasih, Thank You, Xie Xie ni men.(a famous line from some politician) But noc prefers to say......KWAAARRKK! bye.

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