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Aww,this sem is coming to an end,
Tomorrow is our last class d ,
So hardly for me to meet those beh phai seh ~* sad*
cause why?? DISTED fault~!!!! and we're moving to different college so hope to see yall agen~
Tho we still have a few revision class to attend but sorry la i wont be talking lame points to yall,i'll be the most quiet girl ever and pay attention of wht ah sir is teaching~!!!LOL~ *trust me*

jaya,the 2nd one from the left
one of my buddy in CAT
been together for 2 sems and now she is in kl
why kl~??KAY ELLE uerkk~!!!

buddies from CAT sem

beh phai seh

cut hc's babarian hair for blocking!


~~keep in touch weii~~

we just love being cramped


Every sem friends come and go,
Every sem also have new friend found,
Left only 2 of my friends stay and together we move on through all the years, <3

there they are
foong n chui leng

my 19th EVE!!!

FRIDAY, 10th october 2008

Today,i attended for a class at 8.30am.I wasnt paying attention on wht the sir was teaching coz he goes too fast and its kinda complicated and difficult for me to understand that chapter.So,this lead us to carry out mulut murai session for 2 hours!!
We omong kosong abt money,movies,outing,redbox,complaining wanna pang sai and discussing abt how to bully hooi chin's friend for being so quiet as she was planning to go out with him later~!!LOL!!!

The class ended at 10.40am although it was suppose to be 10.30am~!!!!well,nvm so i packed my stuff and got ready to meet my mum for breakfast while waiting for those slowpokeee or should i call dem hardworking??hehehe... so,i sat down and waited till foong foong went to place her bag at another class for the next lesson, hooi chin and lean pula went to toilet.

and the LAME part began,
(turn to left side)
shing : come let us go 1st?

shumin: ive to wait for hooi chin and lean

(turn to right side)
shing : come we go 1st

chui leng: wait a while le,dunno foong wanna go watch movie not~(pretend to call foong)

shing: har??so yall decided to join hooi chin for movies???why din tell earlier so last minute one!!shumin you going?thought u say dowan yesterday~?

shumin:yah i wan d,i told chui leng dis morning, let us go walk walk around le~

shing: this morning??i din hear tht also.

shumin: Before you came la!!

shing: oh ok,i tink i should call my mum told her tht im not joining her for breakfast.So what movie are we going to watch?AHAHAHA,i just dunno how tht guy gonna be when he sees us so damn noisy!!!we can bully him~!!

shumin + chui leng : nono,call later lets wait for hooi chin and ask her what is the time for the show.

(hooi chin + lean come back)
shing:hooi chin we are joining you for movies!!!what time the show start?

hooichin:oh yal joining?hmmm okok~im not sure,we go thr only decide~!

shing: okle,haiyo y so last min??hmph,i dont care shumin,later i sit ur car go,my fuel is touching E already and i have to go town after tht~!

shumin:LOL,geli lo you! i dunno my car can muat yall not~??

shing:why not??5 ppl nia okey~!!!Lean,you're going rite??

Lean nodded her head.

chuileng: summore foong leh~??

shing:she can go meh~?she wanna skip class ar??

shumin:aiya i dowan go dleee~!!

shing:what dowannn~???whyyyy????comee laaa!!!

shumin:so lil ppl only,foong cant go i dowan to go d~

shing:whr got so lil ppl???5 ppl going ok~??how many you want?

shumin:the more the merrier~!!!


(foong came in to our class)
shing:hey,foong foong!!!do you wanna skip class to join us for moviee???

foong nodded her head.

(turn to shumin)
shing:nah seeeeeeee~!!!go go go!!!

At the same time,they brought up the cake and sang birthday song for me~!!! omg,the conversation above is just so LAME ,im so stupiddd!!!lol! This shumin and chuileng so bertungkus lumus to start the LAME conversation with me~hahahah Even foong foong the very very innocent girl~!!! haiya,let me heng fan for a moment coz we manage an outing.Anyways im touched for wht you guys have done for me~!


my birthday cake from my beh pai seh FRIENDS~!


nah actress + me
top(left to right) :lean,foong
bottom(left to right) :chuileng,me,hooi chin,shumin
anyone interested for their signature let me know ok


any lame act to recommend them?

my braided hair

I was so eager to braid my hair after ive decided to spend my raya holidays in phuket.
I braided it one day before returning to PENANG and tht bee hive costed me 600baht.zzZZzZZzzz.
Ive tried asking around for the price and it turned out to be much more expensive than 600! It could even cost up til 1000 baht or 500baht for only a half headed braid!!
I thought the range of the braided price were around 500baht and below so i guess the 1st stall would be the cheapest of all.But its still tht expensive.
Part of me said go go go braid it~!!the other part of me aiya dont need le save my money better.
In the end i choose to BRAID!!!lol~
It took about an hour to finish~!!!goshh~pity mr.ryan kam for waiting for me.*thnx*
when i finish braiding my hair, i realised tht all the other shops were already closed~ =.=
kinda paiseh for letting ppl to sau kung late~!!
Then,we headed to fetch the rest and went back to the hotel.

The next day,when we were queue-ing for boarding plane.
There was an ah mo kau lady standing in front us with her hair braided too.
She had a conversation with ryan's mum and she sed tht she braided her hair at patong beach for only 400 baht!!!

well,anyways we did not have enough time to get there!!!

yes!!!ready to braid!!

choosing the colour of the beads

they say it could last for a month and i just couldnt stand the itchyness and my baby hair keep standing up so my mum helped me to wash and apply moouse and gel on it.
*the 2nd day of my braided hair condition*
-thrs total of 45plaits over-

* the 3rd day of my braided hair condition*
evrything has a limit
my stupid baby hair keep poking me and that lead me to tie it up like a bee hive

I wonder how those african ppl could stand braiding their hair since after a few days the baby hair would just come out and will make it look very messy!!!
Maybe they dont cut their hair layer-ed and they apply oil!!!~

On the 4th day im in a dilemma whether to untie my hair or not~
Tie or untie also makes me feel upset.
If i remain tied itll look messy,if i untie my 600baht will be gone!!!!
Conclusion, i untied them!!
Yet theres another problem, its not easy to untie it!!!
It took abt 40mins to get it done and made me lose tonnes of hair!!!!
well,i dont really mind since i have stupid thick hair and its a good thing for me!!! :)


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