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Puasa, Puasa, Puasi

Kwaaarrk, IM BACK! Im guessing you guys must've missed me alot esp that noob hock. Ain't that rite, nub? Hoh, and as promised to TL(man who eats weight gain), here is the puasa("shift clothes in hokkien") post.

Well this month as we ALL know is the month where most bobos "shift clothes". Its not a problem for me if their shifting clothes cus after all, I DGTF about them. But then we cannot avoid the fact that bobos are the king of annoyance. They have made my life puasi(half dead in hokkien).

What r? what r? what did they do? First things first. If you havent notice:

1) They pray the shit out of themselves during this clothes-shifting month.
The amount of prayers doubled along with the volume of that stupid onion building. From the previous 5 prayers a day, now they do 8-9!! Its so freaking stressful when u hear them chant those stupid words over and over again well ever since nubi was born in mekah. Do the math, that farker was born in....errr....uhmm...lets just say year 1400. That will make 608 x 365 = 9999999999999 days of REPEATING the same words at the same time. DMBFARKS. Please la, the one who you're praying to must also be annoyed by now. Give Him a break la. You see the Christians and Catholics (usually) go to church on Sundays only. Their god has 6 days of rest after that. Bobos on the other hand, haihs... -fill in the blanks-. Oh yeah to those in uni, do your female bobos wear like ghost to the onion building? Usually around 7pm or so. Wear the short table cloth already dam ugly d, when wana go pray even worse they wear a white curtain around their head down to their feet. "NOOO MY EYES, THEY HURTTT!!"

(ps: if you forgot, DGTF stands for Don't Give Two Farks. Now keep that in mind...also no offence intended to Christians and Catholics, the same doesnt apply to bobos)

what are you looking at? Im just a bobo girl going for some onions


"We should understand that they are "shifting their clothes", and that might cause them to get tiresome." a smart-alec bobo supporter once told me that. And my reply to him was, "BUT THAT DOESNT MEAN THEY DONT HAVE TO WORK AT ALL, RIGHT?" You see bobos beside having an award for annoyance has another award for taking advantage, like how they take advantage of their "RIGHTFUL" rights over us, non-bobos. They would fully utilize the word "letih" whenever thay can. They use it more intensely than a guy with 1 underwear required to last for 1 week.

Situation 1 :- The lecturer comes in and find the closest seat available and lands his/her butt right away. "Letih. Saya letih-la, tak boleh ajar hari ni."(while fanning himself/herself with his/her hand).

Situation 2
:- A bobo was instructed to carry some shits from the office. "Panggil orang lain yang tidak "shift clothes" la, saya tak boleh buat, saya letih."

Situation 3 :- "Noc pinjam salin, saya letih."

Do you know clothes shifting is also called, AL-Nubarak?

Stupid methods
Therefore to adapt to the letih-ness, they have came up with a couple of "brilliant" ways to save energy.In the hostel, they would act like howler-monkeys. Well it makes sense if you wana conserve your energy. Instead of calling Firnazrizulkanianali they just go "HOOOO! HOOOO!" And they will get the respond. Cool huh? Another one is of course the excessive use of "SAYA LETIH".


Well, I also learn about their culture, forcefully, and thats what number 4 and 5 is all about.

During clothes shifting month, they would have to wake up at about 4 in the morning to have their uber-early breakfast before they puasa(shift clothes) for the day. And thats where the PROBLEM sets in. I consider myself lucky not to have any bobos as my roomate, infact ive no roomate at all but I dont think the same applies to teiko. LOL. Back to the topic, yea, they would have to wake up early in the morning. Bobos being bobos just cant shut their trap. They wake up at 4 and make a hell-a-lot of noise, yelling and screaming "SA-WHORE! NASI SA-WHORE!". To those who might not know, sa-whore is the period where they can eat before shifting their clothes, its about 4-5.30a.m. Practically, they will wake everyone up in the block. Then at 5.50 the cibai chanting comes. imagine you're me, you have to sleep like, 12-4, 4.30-5.50, 6.15-8 and 8 is when my class starts. YAY! >:(


5) Restrictions

While clothes shifting, bobos are not allowed to,"Yell, curse, have sex(including BACK-DOOR), dig ears, dig nose, and eat." There might be more but those few are the ones I know and also no joke about the digging nose part. According to my friend, he says bobos cannot put anything into any hole, in any part of their body. Thats where the no eating comes from, and also the sex and the ear/nose digging part. What I would like to emphasize is the NO SEX part. 5/6 lecturers of mine are female. And you bet do they get pissed easily during class due to the lack of "Night activities". And no they are not allowed to do it even after clothes shifting time. Im pretty sure the bushes around the universiti will get some shakin' right after the month is over, IF you know what I'm sayin ;)

I'm definitely not a bobo

Well thats about all for now, I will be arriving in Penang on the 26th of Sept, so get ready you guys "WELCOME BACK, PRO" banner at the bus station k? ROAR!!

packed weekend

woooohoooo~!!!out of sudden my weekend is filled with activities.pchuen my cousin is flying to UK to further her studies next week and she planned an outing so check it out!!! Btw next week is so near,awww i'll be missing you~zzzZzzZzzzz couldnt see ya for sometimes and no more shit crap around~! T_T

FRIDAY- pchuen planned cousin outing which is strictly for cousins only and NO lauyi lau chek sekalian as she celebrated with them last week.Our 1st destination of the night was dinner at esplanade .We ordered small lala and big lala which is THEIR all time favourite i guess,a plate of char bee hoon and char noodles.At tht moment we were busy talking+ joking + eating so i bet the food will be extra delicious cause it was added with a litre of KOAY's saliver.The joking session was hilarious,we laugh with tears!!!All thnx to my KIM che for sharing~???zzZZzzZZzzz.I wouldnt wanna state it here as it was a total embarassment for me and not to forget the rest for sharing their lame + bodoh experience jokes.Next we headed to MOIS and spent a few hours thr and i reached home at 3am!

mei ling,pshing,pchuen,pkim

cousins + bfs



SATURDAY - woke at 6am as i'm going to hike up pantai kerachut which was organised by my college.I've to reach college at 7am and there will be a bus bringing us to the end of the world~As we reached we were so excited and thought its a good weather to hike.After a few minutes of briefing + distributing our lunch EARLY in the morning, we started to hike, till half way it started to rain heavily~!! As yall know shing rocks and noc sux obviously i kept hiking.For noc,definitely he'll mengada-ada wanna rest beside the pondok till the rain stop.booohooo~!!!NOOB ma!!!what to do leh~?The rain wouldnt stop and caused evrything to get wet including the extra shirt i brought and my shoes was takung-ing air and also my bag!!!~ZzZZzzzzZzZz.Im so afraid tht my keypad of my phone will go crazy agen~In the end,its safe!!!phewww~prozzor ma!!! =)

before we hike

We took abt an hour to reach,then we were given a quiz.Later on we were lead to a big pondok to place our stuff and i found out tht some of my fren's 'keng che bee hoon' become BEE HOON TH'NG~!!! LOL...luckily mine was kept by shumin which was covered by 2 plastic bags~pheww~! no swt = p

After a few minutes,we went for games.There were 4 stations~The 2 stations are rough games,as my group is all girls and we're too FEMININE and our opponent groups are mostly guys. So to be kind we pang chiu them.In the end we won back for the other 2 stations~Well,we dont really mind whether we lose or win is just for the sake of F-U-N!!!LOL.

After the games we started to pack our stuff and headed to jetty.They booked 4 boats for us,3 speed boats i guess and unfortunately i got up a laubeh boat!Tht siao boat causes me mabuk laut!!!damn it~At tht time the sea was rough and the wave is kinda strong.And it took 20mins to reach,i memang wanna mabuk till drown d~On the way we saw 3/4 dolphins~!!!Whooo~how lucky,they are cuteeee!After tht continue to mabuk agen till we reach.And waited for the bus to fetch us back to coll~

pantai kerachut




*beh pai seh*
us with kiam hu in red


us in the paria boat

on the way home

At night i were invited to pchuen's farewell agen.This time is for only frens and im the only special one.*TEEHEE*At tht time mostly evrywhr flood luckily i managed to pass without mati enjin.LOL.As i reached i play UNO cards,tv,and have some snacks~!!yummy!At about 1am i headed home safely.



SUNDAY- woke at 8.30am as im going to work as usual until 4pm.I skipped jogging wid my boss and colleague as i've to rush home to get myself ready to go for dinner at TAO which is located at autocity.Is my old cow bro's 26th birthday~!!* HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!*The tao in Autocity is soooo soooo soooooooo much better and nicer than the one in e-gate!It was my mum's choice for choosing autocity rather than the one in e-gate.Good job~!We ate alot till we were bloated like puffer fishes~@_@ Then we went to walk around Autocity and headed home.

What a tired yet so F-U-N weekend i had.And now im going to have my peaceful and wonderful sleep~Nitez peeps!

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