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I bet most of the people today have heard of st.anne church before and of course most of you have been there countless time.
well,today is my 1st visit to st.anne church after 19 years living in penang
ngek ngek ngek
SAY im outdated
im from kampung
im slowpoke


BUT at least i've visited it once and i wish to visit the church again. :D

hmm,sorry peeps there are no pictures to entertain you coz it was a laz minute notice, going to st.anne church.

usually on Sundays, I wud go to work and jog with my colleaguesafter tht.
But today aunty su chen told me that they're going to st.anne and asked me if I would want to come along.
well,since ive heard of st.anne but never been there, without any hesitation i agreed.

After work,we started our journey to BM
There were 5 people going there :-ryan's mum,sean,aunty su chen and her daughter,caryn and I.

As soon as we reached tht place,we walked around and hiked up the stairs to do our prayers.

Its kinda tiring due to the rain.imagine holding an umbrella while hiking!

the thing that i liked most is filling up the holy water into the bottle.
Ryan's mum bought 3bottles,1 for sean,m
e and aunty su chen!
St.anne church can be described as austere beauty and graceful !!!
There are statues of their almighty along the streets and the
decoration inside the church is UNIQUE and ARTISTIC!

Then we headed to have our dinner at nyonya cafe which located at new world park.

nice rite the bottle?
i choose the white one and sean took the green one!

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