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The Moments

Ahhh...its have been about a week since i've seen you,
Time passes by so slowly without you,
Its kinda hurtful when i heard tht mostly bobos in the uni,no room mate,no comps,hot,weird insects sabotage ur rooms and IM NOT BY UR SIDE! i'm sorry! : C
So not ready to let you go,really do miss those time tht we spent a week before you enter uni.

Activity one-Perhentian Island,Redang Island and Lang Tengah
-speedy boat riding is cool
-the oceans is beautiful
-star-seeing is pleasing
-the corals are awesome
-you by my side is lovely

-the chalet super sucky especially the loo and the smell of the room
-fishes are scary-they bite!

-its hot~!
-quite bored during nite time
-everything is expensive

hoorayy~!!!reached perhentian island

dare to mess with him ?


dinner time

spot the kay po ryan !

fishes are gd pets?

on the way to the room

found out it was damn lousy!!!

i rather bathe in the street


dont yal think so ?


kayak-ing is F-U-N

Following activities

- follow him to settle his cheh su uni stuff
-settle digi thingy
-bring his mum along to open a new bank account but due to his slowpoke-ness, the bank closed so we had to postponed to the next day.
-Last min shopping

Final activities
He came back to penang yesterday. However i could only see him on sat cus when he reached pg its already midnight. The next day begins with me fetching him to lunch. We planned to have japanese food so i suggested we try out TOUKI BENTO which is located somewhere around pulau tikus.Their brochure sent to my house is so damn attractive and made me eager to try it out. But when we arrive, the waitress asked us to wait for half an hour cus they were'nt prepared for the lunch set thing. Being patient, we told her that we weren't in a rush. So,ryan and I took a look at their menu to decide orders. Their menu is a kinda turn off, as it was totally diff compared to the brochure. After a few discussions with him, I quickly rushed to the waitress and told her im sorry cus SUDDENLY we're in a hurry(actually it is cus of the turn-off menu).In the end we lunched at YATAIMURA, also known as 'ciak lui miao' by mr.ryan. The food is delicious and thus we were satisfied. I was really bloated after eating so much. @_@

Next, we headed to gurney to catch a movie-HANCOCK!! I rate it A-.Its a must watch show,very nice and funny. Before the movie started i accompanied him to get MORE formal clothing for his uni.We walk for abt an hour and the result? He manage to get only ONE long sleeves top!!fussy rite this guy? yall mustve not expect tht he could be as fussy as girls right~?!LOL :X
After the movie, we went to popular as he wanted to buy some foolscap paper,a pencil box and other stationeries. Agen he is in dilemma when it comes to choosing notebook covers. He took an hour to decide which book to buy. Me on the other hand was busy comparing prices of those items.

shing says- to be a pengguna yang BIJAK, it is a must to compare prices.
ryan says- to be a mahasiswa yang intelek it is a must to choose NICE front cover to build up the whooomppp to study!

Its dinner time and we headed to INGOLF KNIPE to have our dinner.The food there is yummy-licious.Later, we went to beach and we met a friendly dog. We can see tht he's lonely. He kept coming close to us. He is really obedient too. He even played with ryan without harming his "precious"! Ryan n i went to search for some food for him. Unfortunately we failed to do so. The dog was then given food by some unknown fellas. He brought his food and dissapear. Soon after, Ryan n i decided to go home as the night is getting late.

Sunday,its time for him to go back
BOBOs world.I woke up so damn early today and headed to his hs to spend our last few hours together. The time striked 1.30pm,i drove ryan and darren(his bro) to the bus station.Their journey back to kl starts at 2.15pm and thts how our day ended . T_T
Hmm,have a safe journey and see you SOON which is on the next 60 days~!! fast?? zzZZZzzzz T_T


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