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Singing Sunday # ??

Yeah yeah I know its been some time since the OST of TNocST changed. But it changes today, ok? Lol.

I've heard this song a couple of times but only manage to get the title today. Its a gr8 song in my opinion. Hear her out guys :-

"Teardrops On My Guitar"

Drew looks at me, I fake a smile so he won't see
That I want and I'm needing everything that we should be
I'll bet she's beautiful, that girl he talks about
And she's got everything that I have to live without

Drew talks to me, I laugh cause it's so damn funny
That I can't even see anyone when he's with me
He says he's so in love, he's finally got it right,
I wonder if he knows he's all I think about at night


He's the reason for the teardrops on my guitar
The only thing that keeps me wishing on a wishing star
He's the song in the car I keep singing, don't know why I do

Drew walks by me, can he tell that I can't breathe?
And there he goes, so perfectly,
The kind of flawless I wish I could be
She'd better hold him tight, give him all her love
Look in those beautiful eyes and know she's lucky cause

[Repeat Chorus]

So I drive home alone, as I turn out the light
I'll put his picture down and maybe
Get some sleep tonight

He's the reason for the teardrops on my guitar
The only one who's got enough of me to break my heart
He's the song in the car I keep singing, don't know why I do
He's the time taken up, but there's never enough
And he's all that I need to fall into..

Drew looks at me, I fake a smile so he won't see.

(ps : highlighted lyrics are the part I love the most!)

My 20th Birthday Bash Along With Sean's 11th

WARNING : this post is UBER long and it's alright if you don't read it. Its sort of like a diary post.. :D

My 20th Birthday

I think that MOST of you guys know that I turn older on every 15th of April and guess what, 15th of April has just gone by! I can picture Narinder saying this by now "Ha-Ha..lame one Ryan....". BUT my 20th birthday was anything but lame thanks to Shing. This is because, for Shing my birthday had unofficially begun few months before 15th April(Yes she is the ahead of time type) and so she had planned a train of suprises for me. Yay :)

14th of April 2008, Shing had begun to act a little 'strange' by nightfall. Every alternative sentence would end with "Go put the glue tag in the key box!". Just to tell you guys, my keybox is located on the ground floor and the glue tag is those thingy's where teachers use to stick posters up the board/wall. But as you know, Noc is a little stubborn and left the gluetag by my wallet up in my room instead. I thought she was just reminding me(many times) and didn't knew she had a plan. Oh yeah, Shing also kept asking me to have a go at my new book even though it was already 3am. Strange huh? Stay tuned to find out why.

I was woken up by my ever annoying house phone. It rang a full 30 seconds the first time but I tried to ignore it. It stopped ringing but before I know it the next 30 seconds came. *Kring kring*. I was pretty furious cus I dislike being woke up before my "wake up" time. It was 9.50 then. DEFINITELY NOT MY WAKE UP TIME! I gave up and reached for the phone, with my eyes shut. "HELLO!" I voiced out loud, trying to show that I'm angered. The person on the other line didn't say a word but just hung up. WTF!? u woke me up and u got nothing to say!? But my anger all melted on my bed sheets as I slowly opened my eyes and saw a "Happy Birthday" message nicely placed on my wall and right by me was a little box. Almost instantly I knew it was Shing.

the wordings on the wall

Then I proceed to opening the little box by my side. I smilled ear to ear as I lift up the cover. A watch. I've always wanted a cool watch(Most of mine were lost) and my wish was granted on this day. There was a letter just beside the Happy Birthday wordings which I opened soon after. It contained two movie tickets, couple seats and a little letter that wrote "Would you like to go for a movie with me? Voice out your answer loudly while searching for me!!" Hah! This suprised hit me pretty hard - A watch, trip to a movie, and the suprise itself! So without holding back I shouted my loudest YES!

Cool watch + Cool hand = VERY COOL!!

I searched high and low, nook and cranny but Shing was not to be found. Alas, soon I found out the storeroom door was lock from the inside. Hmm who else could it be? Shing emerged from there after hearing me shouting "yes" for like 54 times or so. She gave me a hug and a birthday kiss as well :> Shing later explained why did she ask me to put the glue tag on the key box cus she needed it for the 'happy birthday' lettering. The reason she asked me to read my book even though it was 3am is so that I would be 'sleep-ier' and wouldn't wake up so easily when she secretly entered my room. lol!

us with 'the wordings on the wall'

Before I went to get myself ready for the otuing, Shing asked if I wanted a suprise and of course I replied with a yes. Who doesn't really want a suprise huh? Only someone with heart attack would not appreciate any "suprise" coming to him/her ;p

Shing and I

After my bath I went downstairs to check on Shing. While descending the stairs I smelt something burning. Must be a burnt dish I thought to myself, but it wasn't! There she was standing beside a platter of nicely arranged fruits with warm white and dark chocolate by the sides, heated by mini candles. A FONDUE, YUM! Of all the food she can prepare, I never thought she would set me up with a fondue =) Almost instantly the fondue reminded me of a question. Shing asked me this about a month ago, "Ryan, do you prefer dark chocolate or white chocolate?". My answer was "I prefer dark chocolates if it contains nuts and plain is good for white chocolate." To compensate, she brought grinded nuts to go along with the melted chocolate. The fruit platter had fruits like pear,banana,jackfruit,grapes and strawberries WOO!! She oso brought some marshmellows along. Imagine this, marshmellows with hot chocolate dipped in crunchy nuts entering your mouth. AAAhh makes me wana re-live the moment. Love you shing!

there you are- my second suprise!

can you feel the yummy-ness?

me feasting on the fondue at different angles..Interesting

We left the house shortly after indulging on the fondue. I left some of the fondue in the fridge for sean to have a taste, cus I'm not the only birthday boy today! ;) I took shing to somewhere I wanted to take her for quite some time already - CHICKY PUB! Lol. The place is pretty ok and the price is PRETTY high as well but lucky for us there is the lunch combo thingy. As the name suggests, they major in the chicken field but their rice pasta is pretty delicious too. During the lunch, Shing mysteriously visited the bathroom with a Im-hiding-something-from-you-face. Makes me wonder, hmmm...

Better than KCF!

We had some time left after lunch so we took PCD 3120 for a wash. After that it was movie time.w00t! We watched Nim's Island. It was just an okay show for me. The plot was predictable and the special effects in the movie was nothing interesting compared to LOTR or even the recent Spiderwick Chronicles. Overall it deserves a 6/10. But still it was much much MUCH MUCH better than that kungfu junk... i mean dunk.

car. soap. bristles. me. shing

It was around 5.40 when the movie ended. I suggested that we head home and get ourselves ready cus dinner starts at 7.00. Shing on the other hand suggested that we played a game! It was called brochure-hunting. We gave ourselves 20 mins to hunt as many brochures as possible. Shing got the east zone and I got the west. We are not to pass over our designated zones. It was a peculiar game but whats more peculiar was how did shing even think of this? But since I never heard nor played this game before, I agreed and hastily ran down the escalators.

"Hunt! Hunt! Hunt!" thats all I got in my mind, I got off the 3rd floor and went into the Sony outlet. I pretended to ask for the price of the latest mp4 while my hands work their way off with the brochures they have there. Next I headed to MPH, and I managed to get a few. Ogawa was next, there was a slight challenge though - no customers, plenty of workers. Those workers were just chit-chatting but they sort of like 'strategically' stood right beside their brochures. I went inside and gave a smile, took a few and walked out just like that. LOl it was pretty embarassing though. Other stops I went were toysRus, a beauty shop and some foot massage parlour.

Time is ticking away and Ive got hold on 20 or so brochures. 2 minutes left and Ive decided to stop. My mind was thinking "No way shing can win me cus I ROCK!". We met up at the 6th floor once again. Shing showed me the amount of brochures she had in her hands. ZZZ close to 40!! Then she calmly explained, I went to 3 stops only. Popular,Comp Shop and INFORMATION COUNTER. After she told me that, I told myself , " kaugiak leh! but nevermind la I still rock." Muahaha. (note to self : never take the west zone for any brochure hunting activities!)

the amount of brochures we collected!

Shing then insisted that she'll be the one driving back to my place. I just nodded. Upon reaching my house, she asked me if I wanted to go to the loo. I said no, why do you ask? She didn't bother answering but came up with "faster go in get ready don't have to wait for me". It was awkward but I complied.

My mum along with sean, shing and I drove up to Rasa Sayang Resort And Spa for our Birthday dinner. We dine at the Pinang Bar where we get to witness the magnificent scenary of the setting sun and it was cool alright. Dad ordered two sets of bbq grill for us. The Grill consists of a medium sized lobster, a piece of lamb, a steak, two humoungous prawns, grilled fish and a potato wrapped in aluminium foil. The serving was so huge that a set of bbq grill is enough to feed the two of us. One may question, how can those ang-moh-kaus finish a set all by themselves? We took about an hour to stuff in all those food into our stomach. Fuuyoh dam full I tell you.

Sunset at the Pinang Bar

Dad came by frequently to our table to check on us. And just as frequently, he would pass us some more food. Milk shakes and twister fries were among the food he passed to us ;) Rasa Sayang is a great place to celebrate your birthday. This is because u'll get a complimentary cake from the resort itself! Sadly though Sean and I did not get ours cus we were too full at that moment! Even a single strawberry would cause my stomach to, literally.

Me along with mum and Sean

some pics from RSRAS

The four of us went home bloated and fully inflated. Sean, shing and myself dashed up to my room as soon as we got home. I tried to work the comp but with no avail. Recently my comp has been causing alot of problems. Grrr, the comp is sort of pretending to be a car instead of a comp. Why? When you wanna switch it on, the fans of the comp would just run a little and then it stops and switches of itself. In words it sounds like, vrrrrmmmmmmm...then silence. VRRRHhhhhmmmm then silence. It will carry on like this for hours if you have the patience but your patience would run out before the comp even gets started.

We were just sitting down till suddenly she voiced out, " can you work the comp? I wanna use the comp." That sentence was more than enough for me to try the impossible and so I did. Vrrrmmmmmm, vhrrrrmmm, vrrrraaammm I tried and tried. I turn over and shing wasn't anywhere to be seen.

I kept on trying to work the machine untill I heard Shing saying "Ryan come down." (Actually it was Ryan DON'T come down) So I went downstairs and I saw my 3rd suprise on the table. This!

A suprise in a shape of a heart!

and along such beautiful CUPCAKES!

Magnificent isn't it? The person was suppose to be me and the two dogs(Sam and Max) are my pet. The hearts, well I guess they are shing's love for me. woooo. The cupcakes were so cute that we had trouble choosing which one to eat first :\ Finally we consumed two out of the four cupcakes despite our fully filled stomach.

My family, minus my bro from KL

yeah I know I look funny

Although it isn't a cake, I made a wish as well ;)

Blowing teh candles

( poor max )

R for RYAN! Dam yeng with all the fire...

Questions such as 'when did she bring this in?' and 'where did she hid the cupcakes' came to mind. So I asked her. She told me the brochure game that she invented was actually a diversion. Instead of collecting brochures, she had went to Mannila place to collect the cup cakes. And why she volunteered to drive? She was afraid that my driving would ruin the cupcakes. Ish! Then I thought, "she went to collect the cupcakes and still she got more brochures than me? How is this possible? Maybe I don't rock as much as I thought I I doubt it though:p"

Then it was time to say good bye. Shing was staring at me then, looking for any sign of happiness in my eyes. But I knew she didn't have to, happiness was radiating through my face no matter how hard I tried to supress it. We hugged and wished each other good night. I thanked her for everything she did for me today. It was so sincere that tears were building up in my eyes. My ego took over and that meant no crying for me!

16th April 2008 begun just like any day. I was half way doing my things in mum's shop when Shing called. She told me that she already had plans to bring me somewhere for dinner yesterday(15/4/2008) but the dinner in rasa sayang basically ruined her plan. Therefore I said how bout we go there tonight? She replied with a yes and we have a date.

I turned up at her house at 9pm and we departed for the "secret place" as she calls it. She then guided me to the destination. With just a couple of wrong turns, we ended up in Jemputtree. It's a pretty cool place in my opinion. Our table was actually in a small hut situated beside a mini fountain. It had that little japanese dining environment. Everything there is pleasent to my sight EXCEPT for the workers. THEY ARE BOBOs! Grrr.

This was our expression in jemputtree =D

Shing looked nervous as if something is bothering her. I asked her but she said it was nothing. She was pretty busy with her handphone, patrolling the hut just like a security guard and she always kept an eye on the road. Suddenly she turned around and ask me to sit in a certain position facing the wall. I hesitated and turn my head around. Guess who do I see? NOOOBS! plenty of NOOBS! Lol! Jk! And that was my fourth and final suprise.

And this was EDWINS expression in jemputtree =(

Edwin Mok Yhi Ping doing some "street magic"

One by one they came in, filling every space available in the hut. We ordered our food and drinks and chat for a couple of hours. That blardy edwin even dropped my sock in the pond. FK U ED! Fortunately my sock was clean and the fishes in the pond survived.

and this was how they fished my sock out of the pond!

Oh yeah, there was an unknown caller who called during our dinner. He told me I've won Rm 20, 000 and even knew it was my birthday! COOL! Later I found out it was actually Sir. COOLER! Whats more, we even found out the source of apeks existance! Apek was actually bought from Thailand by Mr. Khoo nooB Khai! Strange huh? You may even ask youself why in the would Mr Khoo buy that thing? His answer was, "I thought he was a cute doraemon." ZZZ now we have to suffer. Anyways the dinner ended at 12 cus shing had to attend college on the next day. I sent her home and gave all my thanks once again for doing so much for me. Mwahs!

As a conclusion, My 20th birthday was a total BLAST thanks to all of you guys! Thanks for all those who wished me, thanks for all those who didn't wish me? and thanks to those who read this post. Thank you, Tor Cheh, Siek Siek, and Arrigato once again everyone. Also here is a special Iloveyou to shing!

-the end-

ps: during the Chicky Pub, shing was actually making calls instead of going to the loo! And also she was the one who deleted Sir's no. from my handphone so I wouldn't know who called. Ish! Haha, but all your suprises worked out as planned huh?

A Trip To Thailand

Now you guys have the privilege to witness the grand opening of the blockbuster movie, A TRIP TO HATYAI! And here is a w00t for everyone - w00t!

First of all I'll like to say Hatyai is most of the time pronounced wrongly by many people. They would pronounce it as "HUP-jye" instead of "Hat-ai"....and nows you knowsss.

The main reason we went there to Hatyai is to celebrate the 'New Year' for thais'. We arrived at our destination on the 12th of April. The trip there took about 5 hours+ due to the intensive jam. I guess we were not the only Malaysians going there!

Lets start our journey with some useful information...those Thai noobs celebrate their New Year very differently compared to us. In Malaysia, we celebrate our New Year with fireworks, in Thailand they do it with water, LOTS of water. So what was VERY FIRST thing we did when we first arrive in Hatyai?? We purchased water guns, LOTS of water guns. (Actually we had lunch first..heh)

As a first-timer, I have no experience what so ever with this Songkran(this is how thai people address their New Year) thingy. But then I got my first "lesson" sooner than I expected. While walking back to our hotel after we got "bath-ed" on the streets. The people were very 'hostile' with their water guns, firing anywhere and everywhere as the wished. By ANYWHERE i meant SOME part of my body got really wrinkly. You know, where the skin gets soft and you are pretty shy to show it off to anyone..afraid that they might criticise it some way. C'mon i bet you guys have an idea of which body part I meant. Its the Fingers of course! I hope you guys were nt thinking of anything else! ;)

Back to the story, while shooting people and being shot at, we collected valuable information. Those strategies which were vital for survival were discussed over the dinner table. We(including adults over 50 yrs of age) shared our opinion about how we should act in order to 'defeat' the enemy. One of the boys came up with "I think we should get their ears, so they would flinch." And another one came up with "Get their eyes better-lah. They cant see means they cant shoot lor." The experience sharing carried on throughout dinner and you can clearly see adults acting like excited kids :P We hit the bed pretty early on the first night just to ensure we were fully 'charged' for battle for the next day.

Sunday, 13th April 2008. Everyone woke up feeling pumped up and ready to kill. However there were some exceptions. Pei Shing's cousin was still snoozing LAZILY on her bed. We filled up our guns and bravely stepped out our hotel for war. A few minutes out there and we've came up with a conclusion, or rather a theory :- The Top 10 Things That Screams Out "SHOOT ME!!!"

1. You have a weird looking face.
2. You are carrying a water gun.
3. You are NOT carrying a water gun.
4. You screamed "SHOOT ME!!"
5. You are a female.
6. You are an Oversized male.
7. You just had to sit the Tut-Tut (thai taxi)
8. You are a bobo.
9. You are a bobo with a table cloth on your head.

and lastly the most important factor :

10. You don't think that Ryan Rocks!

Most people escaped my Uber Pressurised Ultimate Death Water Gun cus they kneeled before me and shouted RYAN ROCKS while pointing at me. Some we're begging for mercy, repeating RYAN ROCKS multiple times. As a kind samaritan, I spared their lives.

Time passed pretty quickly and when I looked at my watch(I don't have one, but now I do :) and its already time for bed. We rested hastily caused the trip back to Penang starts at 7.00a.m. on the following day.

The End~

(ps: Im proud of wad you did, pei shing! And also, don't miss the pics and videos of hatyai...just scroll lower ;)

Memoirs of Hatyai

us ready for WARRRR!!!

gang-banging the tut tut (thai taxi)

Sidewalk A vs Sidewalk B

Shing and I sharing grandmother stories.


Junk food from Hatyai

Shing bought this from Thailand. Lucky she didn't get an APEK(gong version)
Boon, are you jealous now? ;)

And below are some of the video clips caught on the 2nd day. Enjoy~

video video video video

credits to : shing and her mum


* RYAN *

Take 20

So let’s play 20 Questions.(tagged by poookyma)

1. What is your dream during your childhood?

When I was young, my dream was to be a pilot. To travel the world while earning big bucks. But it all fell apart after my pilot uncle passed away :\ and it fell even further apart when I got my first pair of specs!

2. Are you happy at this point in your life?

Not exactly. Too many things that I want but haven't achieve and most of them due to my laziness! Overall I'm about 20% happy.

3. Which colour you like most? Black or White?

I'll prefer white when I'm cheerful and black when I'm trying to hide myself or to look COOL...yeah...but then who says white isn't cool huh? Now I don't know what am I talking!

4. Who was your first celebrity crush?

Wait, celebrity crush implies only on women right? If it is then its Kylie Minogue. Weird? ;p

5. Where is the place you wanted to go most? Why?

The places shown in magazines or in the internet which will make you go WAH LEMAAAAaa! Why?? Doesn't WAH LEMAAAAaa answer that?

6. Which part of you that you love the most?

My name. W00t. Ryan Rocks!

7. What are you scared to lose the most?

People who are close to me.

8. If you meet someone that you love, would you confess to him/her? Or just keep secret in heart, observing by yourself?

The first one above.

9. List out 3 good points of the one who tag you.

i) Tall

ii) Sociable

iii) A pookyma..this is good, no?

10. What are the requirements that you wish for your another half?

Good at console-ing , an optimist, love me for who I am, out-going and always ready to accept the things that life offers.

11. Which type of person you hate most?

A pessimist who is also afraid of changes. ARGH!

12. What is your ambition?

A vet :)

13. What is the thing that will make you think he/she is bad.

When he/she does or say something bad behind my back.

14. If you can have 1 dream to come true, what would it be?

Finding an old lamp that contains a wish-granting blue genie.

15. What do you think is most important in your life?


16. Who’s your favorite cartoon character?

It has got to be Spongebob Squarepants..IM READY!

17. What will you do if the world ends tomorrow?

Tell everyone close to me how much they mean to me and how much I love them and also probably smack a peanut butter jelly sandwich on mr. choo's face.

18. Do you think people who wears fake eyelashes are hot?

Definitely not! Well, unless its me wearing it. w00t.

19. Do you like smelling your own fart?

Im okay with it. It's not like its dam smelly rite?

20. Would you suck someone’s finger?

Not unless if he/she would suck my.......................(lol)

Tagging goes to :
1) Apong
2) Pinkbag
3) Choya

(ps: I'm not done with the POLL!! argh..will get you guys back in the next post!)

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