click before you proceed.


WHAT TIME IS IT? ITS SUMMER TIME...da da da da da....woohoo yeahhh~

PUIKS! Amateurs. There is no time to play now people, lets get serious and lets not watch High School Musical anymore since the lead actress was found *ahem* nude * ahem* and its pretty offensive.....for the kids, not for me though. MUAHAHAHahahahahaha!

Ok lets start over. WHAT TIME IS IT? Its time to VOTE VOTE VOTE! Now is the only chance for you guys(those eligible to vote) to overturn the "Reign of the Bobos".Lets not be hasty now, why would any sane person want to over rule those Bobos? Right? WRONG!! I've been fking tired seeing how those Bobos rule the country. Here are some shits, TRUE shits to support my plea:-

1. Money is everything to a bobo. For example "OH SHIT I DROVE PASSED A RED LIGHT. WHAT AM I TO DO? PHEW, LUCKILY IVE THIS HANDY GOOD OL' RM50 NOTE IN MY WALLET. NOW IM SAVED FROM PAYING A RM300 SUMMON. HEHE." Despite wearing the "anti-graft" badge, these bobos cannot stand the temptation of benjamins.

2. "If you guys vote for us and we happen to win, we will lower the crime rates by X% in Z years time. This is my promise, OUR promise," says a typical BN bobo. Heck why after election? Why not 3 years ago? Today I can find missing kids/robbery/murder just like I can find a bobo in a haystack. DAM RIGHT ITS EASY!

3. Ah Chong (note why I put Ah Chong and not the typical Ali or Ahmad cus they don't apply to what Im about to write) has just got his STPM results. Wow, great! 3 As 1 B. Can Ah Chong get into the local university? IF HE IS LUCKY! Ive seen cases of straight A students failing to get into the local varsity but the good news, they got in after pleading through the newspaper. Bobos fear riots.

4. Mat rempits can be found anywhere from relau to batu feringghi roaming the streets and causing trouble. Why in the Malaysia aren't they stopped by the police??? Police = bobo .Rempit = bobo. SYMBIOSIS, no action taken.

5. Bobos are like chickens. Nope Im not saying they taste good, somehow there is a similarity.

I can write this shit all day but then its pretty useless. So to those who can vote, do something about it please. Oh yeah here are a couple of quotes I've heard of.They are from the opposition party, obviously :

i. Undi dacing(chin in hokkien) dapat cacing.
ii. Petrol naik, Toll naik, Barang naik, Gaji TAK naik.


i. Keep Reinventing! (WTF? From a pre-historic BN bobo, "Thomas, its good that you have invented a light bulb. Now will you keep reinventing that thing?")

Ive also the perfect reason for why BN has been winning all these while. People are afraid of change. Malaysian people especially. Most of them have this mindset "Hey I'm okay with this government ruling. Lets not change a thing". What about the opposition? Why not we give them a chance and see what can they offer? If there is competition between the ruling party and the opposition party, the only party that will benifit is US. They will be offering better promises to woo the people and at the end of the day, we shall enjoy the bounty. That is how election should be in my opinion - healthy competition. But then, there are too many people with old traditional mind set(mostly bobos).

Just today at my mums shop, a fellow DAP candidate dropped by and shook everyones hand. He was a good-looking chap(according to my mums workers). Name? Koay Teng Hai if Im not mistaken. He even has his own blog! Imagine that, TECHNOLOGY the CYBER WORLD. Bobos on the other hand have congkak and sumpits. Oh ya here is his site

Ahh however much I say, I still have a hunch that BN will win. Why? Cus prime minister is supporting it, they have deep pockets and they have BOBOS as their secret weapons. So tough luck but I shall side Rockets no matter what. Look below and thou shall know what I mean!

the decision is up to YOU!

So as a conclusion, practice your rights to vote when you can. Don't vote for the UN-ATTRACTIVE party :)

ps:i asked my grandpa which party does he side, he just said "I wana go to the moon." Clever grandpa

3 Tag



-Ah kam




-Fetch shing home

-Saved someones life




-No menstruation


-Kong Teng

-Lamb Chop

-Ah ma's "chai boi soup"


-Ah ma





-More money

-Most money


-Fiddling with the comp






-New Zealand




-Penang Times serious


-Marcos pizza

-McD this included?




-DOTAing(yes its a type of sport)


-Sky juice

-Ice blended mocha

-Pat poh gu leng peng seng chio


-DKNY delicious

-SVEN yardly

-Ryan, the original flavour



-Baby blue



-My sabah holidays~!

-Seeing shing

-My salary






-Have another shit




Mr.Chow and Mr. Reub Lim

Our Valentines Day

Yeah yeah, I know I'm late but better late than never right?(I always tell my mum that) This post is about how Shing and I celebrated our Vday~ We did it on the 13th to avoid all the hussle, jam, increased price, the crowd, etc etc haha. Also this post will be more on pictures, enjoy~

We headed out pretty early...

and this was the place we were heading to...

Question : can we get there?

yala so far away wor..

plus the journey is filled with - cupcakes..

..and also dog DUNG

but somehow we made it-lah...

then we took some pics...

the coolzor t-shirts

the sweet kiss :)

and the puffer fishes

Later on we ate some....


and NO we did not eat any dung.

Next, we proceed to drawing a heart on the beach...

the masterpiece

the mastermind

the assistant...i mean the 2nd MASTERMIND ;p

la lala lala la la~

Then we took MORE pics...

don't we look good? heh

the infamous james bond scene(throwing a pair of sunglasses)
do I look more like im passing the shades to you? lol

spot the difference!!! HAHA

We went home after the beach outing for a car wash!!


great aiming by shing

Nevertheless, pex 3134 is happy about the wash

It was night time and we went out for our Valentines dinner...Candle light dinner?

Nope...char bee hoon+curry mee+tau chui? YUP!

oh and some sushi too!!

And after dinner, we picked up some....

along with a 7up..Burp!!

Well thats all folks, thanks for reading.


Finally its 12am, so happy valentines people! Do remember to wish your loved one if you wish to live another day ;p. JK! hah anyways I would like to take this opportunity to say this :-


Retard DUNK

Just today, shing and myself went for a movie and NOPE its not any ordinary movie. It was SUPPOSED to be a big hit and its no other than.......*drum rolls*.......KUNFU DUNK!!! millions of *whistles* from fans of jay chou. But that retard ain't getting no whistles from me. "LEMA U DARE TO CALL JAY CHOU RETARD AR? I ORDER SOME TAUFU FROM HIM AND DUNK UR FACE DEN U KNOW" by loyal jay chou fan. Well **** u no time!!

The stupidest movie ever made.

YES i'm pissed with that retard chou, chow, chao however you spell it he still sucks. No offense, kit. The show itself was stupidity in its TRUE form.

Lets have a short recap, the show started with a baby crying(this is where it started to annoy me). Then the baby grew up to be a retard( offense apek). Then there was this scene where the retard's sifu was performing some taichi alone with JC. The sifu voiced out these few words of wisdom, "Dear Retarded pupil of mine, I don't know why Im talking to you but most likely its because I'm a retard myself. Recently, Ive read a book for dummies and I did not understand it. BUT Ive memorised these few lines by hard so I could fool people into thinking that I'm actually skillful."

Then the sifu continued "There is this thing where you can alter the particles in space and then rebuild them to your liking, you can stop time or even reverse it". Then out of a sudden, snow flakes started to fall from the sky and SUDDENLY, the sifu was covered in ice, fell to the floor and died on the spot. wtf!?? WTFFFF??? I bet you guys don't get it....neither did I.

Throughout the movie, you will witness idiotic acts from the so called "HERO" (actually he is an hero). And here are the things he did VERY often in the movie :

1. Shout HEEE HEEE (sounds farking gay man..farking gay to the max. NO other gays are gayer than him...seriously. GAY ULTIMATIUM)

2. Claps his hand like a retard would - Looks at you, put on a stupid smile, clap lightly twice..not more than twice cus that would make you look....un-retard.

3. Try to put on a smile. FAILED BADLY!! Even a goldfish could smile better than him. Trust me on this.

4. Annoy me. This he is good at. Jay Chou practically scratches his head, shakes uncontrollably and twitches like a retarded spastic would.

5. Miscellaneous things he was good at :- shout OHHHHH....shout WOOOOO....shout AHHHH

Seriously, he is like a kid trapped in an adult body. Probably a 8 year old kid. nono a 5 year old would be more accurate. The Show sucked to the max and whats more, there was a jay chou fanatic sitting right infront of me while I was in the cinema. She was like WHEEE or YAY or HAHAHAHA or Claps(when jay chou did some of his idiotic acts). !%@##*&^!!!! Arghhh...Chill noc, a nutshell I'll rate Kungfu Dunk a 0.05/10.

Lastly a word of advice from yours truly....

and here is a line from a very famous book...
Noc 3.16 : I suffered by watching the horrendous movie so you wouldn't have to.

Lastly, here is to all the Jay Chou fans who mustve been uber pissed at me now........PEACE! :)

ps: thx shing for all d picts, they are great!!

Chinese New Year Sequel

Holla~! First of all how was everyone's Chinese New Year?
If your answer is "Hey man, CNY rocks!" then you're either:
1. Receiving lots of angpows.
2. Someone who loves oranges
3. Received alot of money in red packets

AND IF your answer is "F**k CNY, its the worse day of my life" then there is one and only one reason for that:
YOU SOMEHOW GOT BITTEN BY THE TROUSER SNAKE.....ROAR!! (ps:this applies for GUYS only, if girls then well different story lah)

Heh, see how i freakishly read your mind? Noc = Keng

Ok story time. Just yesterday, Shingua and I gambled till 2 in the morning at her house. Noc bagged RM 4 at the end of the day. Keng man! And a few hours later (9am), Shing met up with me at my place and we drove to G-hotel. Since Shing's aunt,the one from the KL trip was staying in the hotel.

Getting entrance to the hotel and then to the pool was easier than expected. Practically there wasn't a single soul who questioned us or asked for the room number or anything alike. The only explanation? Noc must have looked hella good so much so that they stare at AWE. =)

We took a dip and at the same time some pictures too. Nah....

teh hotelz

woo leng lui~!


me caught napping

Shing reading a book


Shing caught swimming

"Where is my leng chai!??"


us 2~

In conclusion, the pool in G-hotel was alright and deserve a 7/10. But thanx to all those meh-lays there i shall rate it a 5.5/10. But whats cooler than the pool is the pool SIDE. There were huge 'beds' for you to chill under the sun and at the same time enjoying the deep blue skies(don't mind the construction site tho).

After the swim, we went up to aunty's room and took a shower. We went home shortly after that. Shing dropped me back to my place and she went home by myself. I got myself some beauty sleep(although not necessary, NOC is already all places!).

I got up at about 6.30 cus I was supposed to meet up with shing at nite for our visit to MOIS. Shing called me saying that entrance to the club will be FOC as she got some voucher from her brother. COOL! I got all ready by 8 or so and fetched shing at her house. We went to Lai-Lai for dinner. Shing ordered 1 tonne noodles whereas I ordered the wrong thing, DAM. It was the stupid 'Taiwan Cuisine' stall that I went to. The pictures were farking misleading(actually my eyes blurr but i prefer to blame the stall). The picture contains meat/eggs/vege and a choice of either rice or noodles. I knew I wanted to eat rice but then somehow the noodles in the picture looks like rice....get me? Haha So i pointed to the noodles instead of the rice and at the end, DINNER SUCKED! Almost vomitted thanx to the stupid stall and not my eyes.

The clock stroke 10 and so shing and I met up with her cousin as planned. PEX 3134 carried all four of us(2 cousins) to upper penang road. We reached there in no time and wow from what I can see, the amount of people waiting to enter the club was crazy! The price of entering the club was just as crazy too!

1 bottle of liquor - RM 280(cheapest) enables 5 person 2 get in
Few bottles of beer - RM 150 enables 2 person to get in

But lucky for us, we have the voucher hoh? BUT NOOOOO the farkers said our voucher isn't valid on that day. ZZZZ. So at the end, we had to pay RM56 per person to enter. What a turn down and what a hole in my wallet. We submitted to the outrageous price and went in nonetheless.

The environment was alright, except for the extremely heavy cigarette smell. The choice of songs there were mostly hiphop n RnB. No trance which was good haha. Shing's cousin invited about 20 people or so to the club. We ordered apple Bacardi's and the other wan was a martel? I wasnt too sure. We sipped and dance till it was around 1.30a.m.

On the side story, one of shing's cousin( a guy) got drunk after taking in too much liquor. He suddenly acted strange and these are a few of the things he did :-

1. Started to apologise to everyone he sees...MULTIPLE times
2. Saying that this was the first time he got so drunk...MULTIPLE times
3. Asked who is driving shing back...MULTIPLE times
4. Talked to strangers around us...MULTIPLE times
5. Asked me 2+2 to makesure I wasn't drunk...yeah u guessed it MULTIPLE times

Eventually he vomitted and well we didn't know the rest of the story as we went home earlier than they did.

I myself took a little too much and got slightly tipsy. Not drunk but tipsy. Hah! So Shing took over the wheel. Thanks shing! We went to relax at the beach before we headed home. Thats all Good Nite~!

Sin Chia Lai Liao~!

Gong Xi Fa Cai and Sin Nien Kuay Lerrrrr

~may all Noc Straits Times eh readers be healthy always and also free from the bites of the

Description of the trouser snake, becareful people...
be very careful. You might not know when one of this will get right behind
and BITE u. Muahahahahhahahahah..(ps:click to enlarge)

Singing Sunday #11

Welcome to Singing Sunday #11 !! *whistles* claps*
This week on Singing Sunday, we have a classic by U2. Just by looking at the comments from this song, heck I knew it must be a great song. Even Mr DK said its good. Oh and this song wasn't handpicked by me but by an anonymous reader, so here you go, buddy! ;p and to the rest of you, "Ask and ye shall receive". Enjoyy~

With Or Without You

See the stone set in your eyes
See the thorn twist in your side
I wait for you
Sleight of hand and twist of fate
On a bed of nails she makes me wait
And I wait without you

With or without you
With or without you

Through the storm we reach the shore
You give it all but I want more
And I'm waiting for you

With or without you
With or without you
I can't live
With or without you

And you give yourself away
And you give yourself away
And you give
And you give
And you give yourself away

My hands are tied
My body bruised, she's got me with
Nothing to win and
Nothing left to lose

And you give yourself away
And you give yourself away
And you give
And you give
And you give yourself away

With or without you
With or without you
I can't live
With or without you


With or without you
With or without you
I can't live
With or without you
With or without you

A ghostly experience ( hopefully NOT )

Man was it scary. Let me begin from the start, it was just an ordinary night,nothing too special about the night of 2/2/2008. So I went to bed as usual and snoozed almost right away. Suddenly i got awoken by knocking noises on my window. WTF!? Im on the 2nd floor for crying out loud and no there is no branches/trees/mad man close to my house. For the first minute I was cool, I thought well it might just be some imagination of mine or something, maybe a NEW neighbour who thinks drumming at night is cool(hopefully NOT). But nooo, the knocking kept going and going, sometimes two beats, sometimes three. *Tuk* *tuk* short pause *tuk**tuk* *tuk* short pause *tuk* *tuk*. And heck it lasted dam long.

All the while i kept my eyes closed trying to sleep by ignoring the sounds. Then again as you know, a human mind cannot be silenced that easily, heh. So I started thinking about nonsensical stuff, firstly i thought "Hey might be a bird, the one that is trying to be funny" to the "Hey must be the air cond laaa" and finally "lema pubok cb dun tell me its THOSE things(hopefully NOT)". Well i still kept my eyes shut nonetheless.

5 minutes has passed and I decided to open my eyes, phew I was looking at my cupboard. Nothing strange, just pure brown with mickey mouse handles. The noises outside carried on. I was lying on my right side (facing the cupboard) for quite some time now and it started to feel uncomfortable(I usually switch sides very often). But sheer determination and a little LITTLE bit of fear kept me on my right side. The noises continued.

Now i kept my eyes open. I was fighting with my uncomfort-ness sambil thinking of impossible things till a point where I couldn't fight anymore. So I thought to myself "Ok lets TURN to the other side and see whats happening, shall we?" Will I see something that would make me regret turning? (Hopefully NOT)

As I turned I kept my eyes shut. The noises were still there, not showing any sign of stopping anytime soon. Then the moment of truth arrived, CB I open my eyes and guess what did I see?! Well basically nothing la, just my room as usual with the wooden blinds covering my window. PHEW~ This means I have no vision of what is happening outside my window. Fine, but this didn't help one bit as the noise kept going and going *tuk* *tuk* *tuk*. Argh then as I look harder at the blinds, I saw a spot which isn't covered - there is a small gap where I can peep outside. Well somehow I could only keep focus on the gap for a very short period of time. Probably due to sleepiness and not any other feelings that start with F. Just remember that NOC is a very brave man.

Finally I had two options to choose from, just like shakespeare did. TO GO HAVE A LOOK? OR NOT TO GO HAVE A LOOK. Well, to avoid any sort of disappointment or regret any later on, I chose the latter. I endured for like an hour plus of constant knocking(the time was an estimate cus my handphone was located VERY close to the window itself. So it was too far to grab anyways. Keep in mind this has nothing to do with being a noob or whatsoever)

Things kept dashing in and out of my head, till the first few sunbeams pierced the darken sky. The noises stopped just like that and my my was I relieved!! I fell into deep slumber almost instantly and woke up at 1 o clock, just in time to get to work. Phew~ Oh and one more thing, if there are any more knocking tonight(HOPEFULLY NOT), I shall update you guys tmr. Now time for some shut eye. zzZzZzZZzzz.

A face only a mother could love..

Nope this is not an emo post or a story at any case. Its just a compilation of " TOP 5's ".
On this episode of "TOP 5's", we have the TOP 5 UGLIEST animals on earth.


Kiwi bird + Radiation = ?


An ugly looking stingray-like fish which has a human-like face in its


You wouldn't want one of this on your bed...


Who wants to play kiss the fly? RM5 up for grabs!


"pssst, i met this chick and you won't believe how ugly she was!"

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