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Busy Bee, Busy ME (complete)

Ahh its been a while since ive came online(yesterday actually). Been kinda busy these few days, just came back from KL like 4 days ago and did lotsa things after that. Those things include :
- A uber mini but cool bbq party with shing ;)
- Enquire about gym programs
- Work for mum
- More work for mum

So sorry lah if I cant update that often. But I will try~!
Here is a short SUMMARY of what Shing and I went through during KL :-

First day
( 16/12/07 )
FARK is the word I chose to start of this paragraph. Know why? WE MISSED THE BUS! We reached the bus station at 5.25 but the bus left at 5.10 maleh dam wasted. Actually there is 2 person to blame for this incident. 1) The idiotic, mofo , cock eye guy selling the tickets (aeroline) and 2) myself. I remembered VIVIDLY that cock-eye guy telling me, "eh ah ba don't be late ar, the bus arrives at 5.30"and repeated it a few times after that. So I trusted my guts and him and inserted 5.30 in my long term memory and kept that ticket. Manatau its 5.00p.m *$&^!! Was it my fault for not checking? Or his for giving out wrong info? You be the judge...but don't make the wrong decision tho!! *cracks knuckles*

After we knew that we missed the bus, myself and shing practically got stunned. We just stood in silence in front of the ticket stand after we were told the horrible news. I was so down I was unable to think. Those mother ahem tickets costs roughly around 160 bucks thats alot of money if you ask me. But bro acted much differently. He instantly carried his bag to another counter (konsortium) and bought the tickets for a 6.30 bus. If he wasn't there, I probably would just stand there for another few more minutes and just cancel the whole shit or come back another day to buy new tickets. Man after seeing how my brother react, I felt like I was a kid and Ive a long way to go before being matured.

The bus took about 4 hours to reach even with traffic jams on the high way thanx to the sempoi "highlighting" driver. He does about 60 HPH. HPH stands for Highlight(s) per hour. Heck thats about 1 highlight every minute and thus reaching KL was pretty fast. We arrived KL at 11.30p.m, took a cab to bro's place and he dropped shing and I to her aunt's house in Damansara. We took a bath and got some shut-eye.

Day 2
( 17/12/07 )
Ahh quite a relaxing day for us as we woke up at 10 or so. SYOK ah! We waited for shing's aunt to come home after her dialysis. At around 11 she came back and brought us out for breakfast. We went to a small coffee shop where everyone speak cantonese EXCEPT an Indonesian maid ANDDDDDD me :( well from here i learned how to order "leng teh" (leng tea in english) in cantonese. AHEM AHEM "pei ngo leong cha chi au". w00t.

After breakfast we headed to National Science Centre where bad maintenance is more obvious than a MOLE on "SOMEONES" face. Lol. I'm sure choya knows who he is. We managed to kill 3 hours on that place despite the turn down and we left at around 4pm. Aunt needed to get home to watch over her maid, so on the way back she dropped us at The Curve. Shing and I watched "enchanted" in Cathay Cineplex and here are the results :- A 7/10 for the show and a 8/10 for the cinema! Cathay Cineplex in KL is 10times better than the one in prangin mall, dig that.

Dinner was another Wow for us. Shing's aunt brought us to Marche (mar-shey) which stands for market in french if im not mistaken. The food there were d-e-l-i-cious! Its sorta like a buffet dinner but you pay by the number of orders you make and not a fixed price. Yeah its somesort like Food Loft. Dinner for 3 costed around 90 though~

We headed back home after dinner. We made a conclusion that the first day was really relaxing for us, aunt here , aunt there, COOL! But we were sure the next day would be much different though and guess what we were right.....stay tune for day 3!

Day 3
cuckoo-koo-koo my alarm rang, it was 8.50 in the morning. Both of us had only 6 hours of sleep but nothing can be done, we needed aunt's transport to the nearest LRT station to get where we wanna go....KL TOWER...WAHHh...puiks. So we quickly hurried in getting ourselves ready cus we didn't want anyone to wait for us. We were so quick that we got ready by 9.30! Oklah not so quick after all huh~ We then went downstairs to have breakfast and watched some CSI Miami.
We were so indulged with the show that we did not notice the time...well at least I was.

SUDDENLY, we heard footsteps down the stairs. Dup dup, dup dup, bup bap bup bap....It was..IT WAS...pei shing's auntie...woohoo? We thought it was time to go but then....she was still in her jammies~ we waited another half and hour(11.15) and off we go to Kelana Jaya LRT station =)

We boarded the LRT and stopped at a station which is about 25 mins walk away from KL tower. We sat bus number 11~ which took exactly 25mins to reach there. There was a cab which fetches you to the foot of the tower and great news for apek, ITS FREE!! At the counter, the price for sight see-ing was written down as RM20, but we got it for RM10, know why? Malaysian ma~ sighs our cun3 is such a countrisists. Oh yeah before I went up, I declared my pocket knife to the custom. She passed me a card and asked me to claim the knife from her later. Ma ok lo....

The lift took about 50 secs to hike up 300metres(which is where the sight-seeing takes place). The view wasn't too bad, we took some pictures and viewed the whole city. Genting Highlands is visible too~ Oh btw the high powered binoculars were also free of charge, hooray for apek. We teleported back to the ground floor and had some lunch. The KL tower restaurant named baara(sucky name) practically have no customers at all. We both were the only customer in that cafe!

At the end of the trip, I can conclude that KL tower sucked cus
1-stole my knife(actually I forgot to claim)
2-...almost the same as number one
3- the custom lady took my knife

Shing an I then took a mind-boggling 30 mins walk to Petaling Street(similar to batu feringghi quality) cus we werem't too sure of the way, heheh. Lucky for shing, I am a professional navigator~ We bought a pair of pants and a present for shing's mum. At around 7, Bro came to meet up with us and we had some steaming hot curry sotong and fish. Tell u what, the food is so spicy that it gets into your brain. NO KIDDING MAN!

We went home after dinner,dead tired but managed to packed our swimming kit, count our remaining money and called it a day~ day 4 is coming right up...

DAY 4 !

oh yeah before i start on day 4, I left out something on day 3. After the spicy dinner, my bro, shing and I went to the EYE ON MALAYSIA. Basically its a giant ferris wheel wh
ich costs 30 bux to get on to it. The view was pretty alright and the feeling was a little scary. So to those who are "gayat", in other words afraid of height, save your 30bux and have a smoothie on the ground instead.

us at the eye on malaysia

Alright then, day 4 was STRATEGICALLY allocated for a full day at Sunway Lagoon. We woke up at like 8.30 in the morning, yes i know its dam early but we planned 2 wake up at 7.30 a.m haha! We got ourself ready in a hurry and rushed out the house with a giant apple from shing's aunt. Apparently its a fuji apple or something related to it, man its dam huge i tell u. Pretty roundish too! For an exact comparison, It'll be like 1 apple : 15 man balls. AND YEAH IT IS THAT BIG!

We we're real lucky as the bus fetched us after our 10minute wait. We then snoozed our way to Sunway Pyramid. Before entering the mall, we recognize the shop beside the entrance so we wouldn't get lost on our way back...HAAGEN DAZS!

Oh and getting to sunway lagoon itself was a huge trouble for us! We asked quite a number of people for information.

1. An aunty who sits INSIDE the mall at 9.30 in the morning( the mall is still closed. and she point us at the WRONG direction!)
2. A janitor at the mall.
3. A bell boy.
4. Bell boy's manager.
5. Another bell boy from a different hotel.
6. An unknown lady.
7. A jockey.

And finally we reached our playground... YAY ^v^ (gay)..BUT IT HAS NOT OPENED YET..dammit!

We waited and waited till it was and went right through the guards. We spent the whole day at sunway lagoon and we found out that the place is a real money sucker. Even the locker sucks up ur money. Pfft. Oh btw Sunway lagoon isn't as fun as they say it is. It is quite a poortly maintained area with defects everywhere. Typical Malaysians i guess and the rides and all aren't too exciting either but sure there were a few exceptions. All in all, out of a 10 ill rate sunway lagoon a 4.

Dinner was with Mr. Darren Kam. He took the effort to pick us up after our sunway lagoon adventure. THX! =) We went to Marco's pizza and hell was it tasty! Marcos PAWNS pizzahut+Us pizza+ dominoes. Word.

Day 5
Day 5 happened just before erm well a malay holiday(i cant recall). So Bro took a day off. He accompanied us to various places such as cool malls and tall buildings(i guess you guys know where that is). We visited The Pavilion, The Gardens, KLCC, and one of them has a toilet which costs RM5 per entry. LEMA ***** , I know. Oh and btw GSC in Pavillion costs about RM24 per ticket HELLO, who pays 24 bux for a movie? well not me of course =p

Dinner came pretty quickly after all that walking and WINDOW shopping( couldnt afford the real one). And guess what, there were as many "chickens" in KL than there is in Penang. And they were making UP in brought daylight(lights from a big hawker stall). After dinner we visted Star Hill but then all the shops were closed. We took lotsa pictures that night and went home shortly after that.

Day 6
On this day me and shing decided to use up our pizza hut vouchers. The vouchers were given after we did some survey =p. (thx pinkbag) Our first destination was Berjaya Times Square. We searched high and low for a pizza hut outlet to get our meal. We went right up to the 10th floor, down to 9,8,1,2,3,4,5,6,7 and SUDDENLY a strange phenomenon occured. While we were waiting for the lift on the 7th floor, there was a lady who approached us. NOPE she wasn't trying to sell us anything, she was just waiting for the lift just like us. So noc took a step forward and said, "Excuse me, do you know if there is any pizza hut outlet here?". The lady stared at me smiling and looking confused at the same time and said " PIZZA? WHAT PIZZA?". Den she laughed as if I pronounced pizza wrongly or said the wrong word. Noc not giving up tried again this time using his fingers to make a 'pizza' shape and pointed at his mouth while repeating the word pizza a few times. "HA? PIZZA WHAT PIZZA? HAHAH........WHAT PIZZA?" and then she continued with "HAHAHA PIZZA". Obviously shocked by the fact that some people still don't know what a pizza is, we just stood there holding our Ha-Ha's back and watched her as she went into the lift.

Finally we managed to navigate our way to the nearest pizza hut outlet which is about 1km away from BTS. Later we went back to BTS to get some clothes from Bossini, it was a M&M shirt that we wanted but unfortunately there weren't any size for me =( SO we went to The Pavillion instead. Shing bought me my Christmas present there(M&M shirt)...THx shing ;)

For dinner, we met up with Shing's aunt at The Curve. She belanja-ed us Sakae Sushi. YUm Yum. We tried to get some donuts back home too but too bad the line was so long that it'll prolly take an hour to taste those things. Therefore we went home instead~

Day 7
Day 7 was spent almost fully at the Zoo. We took plenty of photos and fed plenty of animals too! Im sure those animals would want us to go back there, especially mr camel. The Zoo was once again an eyesore for tourists. The place was filthy, the pools for otters are polluted and full of algae, the cages of animals are rusty and so much more shitty things. They too promoted the Elephant Show which in fact has been cancelled for at least 5 years!(exaggerating).

Then it came the moment of embarassment. I knew I would do something noobish that day, maybe cause I sneezed when I woke up. It was the multi talent animal show. The stupid parrot came out around the middle of the show. The trainer boasted about its ability 2 take money from your hand if you just raised it up. So they asked for volunteers. I raised my hand up and was chosen, cool cool, so far so good. I dig my pocket and could only find a RM10 note. Ala its just a demonstration, so I raised my hand and it did flew to me. The parrot then took the cash from my hand and flew back to the trainer faster than it flew to me. Then the show ended with "TERIMA KASIH UNTUK DONATION ANDA SEKALIAN" wtf, where is my MONAY!! I thought they were supposed to return our money but NOOOO, they took it instead. Dam. Whats worse is when everyone was heading for the exit, they looked at me and tell their spouse/son/daughter/pet "nah itu dia yang bagi sepuluh ringgit tu tadi, HEHE". Grrrrr.....

It was evening and we had ran out of things to do but we wanted to watch the night safari. The show was pretty cool, especially when they revealed that they have hid the python in a dustbin. Some of the audience were very afraid(shing, were you afraid? ;p) cus they told us it might be under our seats. Lol! Anyways we took a cab home after watching the performance.

Day 8
This was the last day for us in KL. We woke up late cause the bus trip was at 4.30. I checked....MULTIPLE TIMES!! Lol. We had curry chee cheong fun for lunch and watched a movie in aunt's house. We packed everything and headed out slightly early( 3.40). I dozed off during the drive to the bus stop but was awaken by shing out of the sudden. I stared at my handphone for the time, it was already 4.20!!!! WTF WE ARE NOT GOING TO MISS THE BUS AGAIN ARE WE!??? Apparently shing's aunt sort of like forgotten the way to the bus stop. We were lost at the highways. I called bro and told him, he said we should hurry up and gave us some pointers on where the bus stop is. He cant really guide us through the phone as he had no vision.

I can tell that shing's aunt was a little panicky too. She quickly called her friend and asked for directions. 4.33 p.m we were still not at the bus station. Everyone was quiet in the car. Noone spoke as we expected the worst. Shing's aunt was still talking to her friend asking frantically for directions. THEN we magically appeared right next to the bus station, BUT THE BUS WAS NOWHERE TO BE SEEN!! Nah jk, the bus was waiting there for us, 4.38, we went up the bus and it headed right back to Penang. Goodbye KL~!! Home sweet home here we come!

pls support them~!!!

Chung Lern and Nian Ning’s families would like all families and friends of the victims, dead or alive, in the Slim River Bus Crash to come forward and join them in taking action against the bus company. Stand up to seek justice for these three innocent individuals, who were all so young and
full of life.

For now, you may contact Lee Chung Lern at
preferably on his handphone at 012-6670368

I'm sure you guys have heard abt the recent bus crash in Slim river which caused 3 deaths along with 34 serious injuries.This incident is caused by the recklessly selfish and bong bong driver who sms-ed whilst driving and also speeding while it is raining heavily~!!So ppl pls be a little more YAU YAN SENG and support the victims..



2 x 2008

Yo people, well Noc and Shing here!! Well we would like to share with all you readers our New Year Resolutions. Yeah we know that Its kinda late but then it stays for a year right? So no they are~!

  • study hard
  • pass my exams
  • work hard
  • earn more $$$
  • be extra independant
  • love HIM more
  • avoid MANCHANG-NESS!!!!!
  • spend less on foooddd~
  • MUST diet
  • be healthier


1. Get a nice body.
2. Increase on my income.
3. love HER more!
4. Pray harder for better results, Lol.
5. Spend more time with Ah ma.

last but not least,


ps~: Dear anonymous, im sorry i didn't noticed ur comment on the singing sunday post, your song will be up next week ;) mind to jot down your name?

Singing Sunday 10~

YEAH finally a singing sunday!! Ahh I just wanna share with you guys tis song by One Republic - stop and stare. I figured it was a great song to sing along too! Anyone wana hear me sing? ;p
Nah I bet none of you can afford 2 hire me for that...ANYWAYS here are the lyrics, enjoy :-


Stop & Stare

This town is colder now, I think it's sick of us
It's time to make our move, I'm shakin off the rust
I've got my heart set on anywhere but here
I'm staring down myself, counting up the years
Steady hands, just take the wheel...
And every glance is killing me
Time to make one last appeal... for the life I lead

Stop and stare
I think I'm moving but I go nowhere
Yeah I know that everyone gets scared
But I've become what I can't be, oh
Stop and stare
You start to wonder why you're 'here' not there
And you'd give anything to get what's fair
But fair ain't what you really need
Oh, can u see what I see

They're tryin to come back, all my senses push
Un-tie the weight bags, I never thought I could...
Steady feet, don't fail me now
Gonna run till you can't walk
But something pulls my focus out
And I'm standing down...

Stop and stare
I think I'm moving but I go nowhere
Yeah I know that everyone gets scared
But I've become what I can't be, oh
Stop and stare
You start to wonder why you're here not there
And you'd give anything to get what's fair
But fair ain't what you really need
Oh, you don't need

What u need, what u need...

Stop and stare
I think I'm moving but I go nowhere
Yeah I know that everyone gets scared
But I've become what I can't be
Oh, do u see what I see...

GG - Goodbye Gym!

SOBS, ahh the time has come for me to step down from my RM 30 1 month membership. Pretty sad cus I cant achieve my NEW YEARS resolution in one month time. As usual, Shing and I went to Island Plaza after working at my mums. we arrived at 6.30 or so and spent roughly 3 hours there. We used the machine as we pleased for the last time and also took some pics for memories ;)

Happy Thaipusum!!

w00t w00t, well I'm not sure if I have any Indian readers over here but if there is that tiny chance den well ur on luck, friend, i mean MACHA, cus noc is here to wish you a happy Thaipusum ;)

Just yesterday, shing and I went to the procession that took place on the whole "waterfall" road, the one close to youth park. Cars were flooding the sidelines just about everywhere, even from gurney onwards! Those devoted devotees must love their god so much to take a 3km walk to offer some milk. We on the other hand took a 1km walk to have a look at the procession, almost similar rite? 3km walk- offer milk, 1km walk - have a look.

The traffic was very bad so we had to park somewhere where I never thought exist, TAMAN AIR RAJA. Yeah, if you asked this question to yourself "where tf is that road!??" then we are on the same team.

We were literally surrounded by indian devotees as we arrived at the scene. They took numbers that easily outnumbered 10,000. I can see alot of chinese apeks taking advantage of the event to sell those junk thingys like :

1: a glowing ferris wheel which will look ugly in your house.
2: a bubble blowing gun designed to make you look like a fag while wielding it
3: a stupid fan that annoys you by the sound it makes *clak clak clak clak*

Sad, anyways we then saw a temple located at the middle of the hill. I can vaguely remember those times when omak brought me up there to offer milk when I was uber young. Shing and I walked a few flight of stairs to the temple at the top, on the way there we heard people chanting "veil, veil" while carrying milk containers on their head.

Soon we reached the top and was ordered to take off our shoes. We did as we were told cus we wouldn't want a '5000 on 1' fight would we? There were TV located at almost every angle showing the process of milk-bathing for the god. There was a bell for public use too, where ringing the bell sort of like blesses you. And for sure you get to see people over-using the bell, pfft.

After 15 mins of lining up, we descended down a different fleet of stairs. There were unpleasant sights along the way, people begging for alms. You cannot imagine the amount of people, 'taking advantage' of the situation! The whole street left and right were filled with people sitting down with plastic cups in their hands, kids lying on the floor sleeping, the use of sari to hold money, some paper saying that they are deaf n mute and so much more. It was quite an eyesore but then, not everyone are as well of as us huh? Pity.

Shing and I then walked back to our car after purchasing the orange keropok ubi(dam nice) and headed to gym there after. And that is all :)

Noc talks ;
In my opinion, being an Indian isn't really easy. Why? Here is why :-

1. At some point of your life, your mum/dad/guardian must've told you this,
"ah boy/girl you better stay close to me lor, if not nene will catch you...."


"Ha, Ha, Ha! Better be a good boy/girl and eat your vege, see the nene over there?? I saw him looking at you. He catches little children who doesn't eat their vege."

2. This, I've personally heard it a thousand times at the market place where aunties gossip "Arr, I'm sure the robber MUST be a an Indian."

3. "Aiyah, not that painful wan la...don't KELENGA-teh with me lo.."

4. pookyma - "BLACK ANTS"

Oh well that sums it all up then. To all indians, be strong and be brave! When you feel that a kid is watching you with big round eyes, do recall this post and lastly I would like to wish all Indians out there a very merry THAIPUSAM!! ;)

the pope n the driver

Here is a story I would like to share, well its more like a joke though haha. Lets not waste any time shall we and fix our ears, eyes in this case to teh storay....

There was once a pope who needed to travel to Swaziland, probably to preach or to do some other business but we are not interested about that. So he called up a limo as a transport to the airport. From the place he lived in, it would take approximately 45 mins to arrive at the airport. The limo company instantly sent its finest driver to the pope's mansion.

The driver soon reached his destination, stepped down from the limo and approached the door to the mansion. The door opened just as the driver was about to knock. It was the pope and along with him were five big luggages. The driver bowed before the pope to show his utmost respect. "Your holiness, shall I proceed in transferring your bags to the limo?" asked the driver. The pope nodded while walking towards the limo. The driver was busy carrying those luggages and wasn't aware that the pope was checking out the limo.

"How fast can this vehicle go?" questioned the pope. "Uhh, it can do a hundred km in 5.5 seconds, your holiness," said the driver in a slightly shocked voice. "A decent car isn't it," exclaimed the pope. "Yes it is your holiness," said the driver as he loads the last luggage into the limo. "Are you ready to depart to the airport, your holiness?" asked the driver politely. "Yes I'm ready BUT I have a request to make," replied the pope. "Absolutely anything your holiness," answered the driver. "Can you let me drive us to the airport? I would love to drive this car," questioned the pope with a smile. "Well....well...I don't think I can do that your holiness, I will lose my job if my company finds out and I'm the bread-winner of the family, I can't afford to lose my job your holiness," explained the driver. "Well if both of us don't tell, no one would know right?" said the pope. "I suppose so..." said the driver, sounding very nervous. The driver then escorted the pope to the drivers seat feeling really weird by then. The pope on the other hand was excited and was smiling away.

What happens next? Well I gotta continue with my work now..haha will try to finish it later!


So the pope adjusted the seat to his liking and started the engine. The driver on the other hand was pretty nervous sitting at the back. The pope exclaimed "here we go!!" and that caused the driver to start sweating. The pope did a 50, then an 80 followed by 120. The driver who was sweating tremendously yelled "please slow down, you're going too fast, your holiness!" The pope didn't give a shit and kept the pedal to the metal.

SUDDENLY they heard sirens from a police car. The driver was very worried at the time but they had to stop. The policeman walked up to the car and requested the driver of the car to wind down the window. The policeman said nothing and got back to his vehicle and made a call to the headquarters.

"Chief I have a problem here, I stopped a speeding car and it belonged to someone big," said the policeman. "Well all the better to get him then," said the chief officer. "No you don't understand, big as in important," said the policeman. "How important can he be? The mayor?" asked the chief. "Nope,bigger" . "The president?" . "Nope, bigger" . "A king from some other country?". "Nope,bigger" . "Who can it be then?" asked the chief who was getting frustrated. "I think the car belongs to God! He has the pope as a chauffeur!"

and here is a short one for you guys....

Why does a squirrel swim on its back?
To keep its NUTS dry!!!


Clark Hatch Hatched

*toot* Ill keep this short since im at my mums shop now...she'll -- upside down me if she sees me on the comp for too long~!

hah anyways yesterday I went to clark hatch to confirm abt the registration again. Actually I went there to enquire TWICE already and here are the results :

1st visit :
Greeted by - a young attractive *ahem* indian lady
Student price - 60 bucks
Every member you invite - cool incentive
Time? no time

2nd visit :
Greeted by - a n00b ******
Student price - 70 bucks (reason? "arr we have swimming pool" said the ******)
Every member you invite - ("What incentive? no we dont have incentive" said the same *****)
Time? 7am-5pm

WTF!? lol its a difference of sky and earth man!! What I suggest is all of us 'Potential Members' should go together and shoot till they give us what we want. Any comments?

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