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Hello everybody!
Its that time again where we usher a brand new year with our very own New Year's Party. Don't matter how you do it, just have fun! And remember, logging into UCplay on New Year's ain't considered party-ing and definitely it ain't cool. And NO I'm not sayin' it cus I can't UC here, I'm sayin it cus noc iz c00lZORS! =D

Also on behalf of TNocST, I would like to wish everyone a Belated Merry Christmas (Noc iz still accepting gifts) and a Pleasent New Year~!

Lastly, if any of you would like to share your New Year Resolutions you're most welcome. Just drop by a comment. The rest of us(including me) would judge if its
in becoming a reality or not.

For example if Teiko would happen to say this:-
"I would be nicer to the woman staying at home....."
He would most probably receive a LLTMT from most of us. But who knows, it cud be possible rite, TL? ;)

Oh yeah and for mine, the first one would be :
1)Never bathe in a hotel/apt full of friends!!!!

ps:any scandals/nonsense you heard abt me ain't true!

sweetest moments

26th DECEMBER 2008 is the sweetest night ever.How i wish there is a turn-back-time-machine to slowdown those moments and keep repeating them multiple times!!muahahahaha.. im always afraid that i'll suffered from Alzheimer and this day is just too sweet for me to forget. So im gonna jot in down to make sure that no matter what happened these moments will forever be sealed in my heart~!

The story has to begin on 25th DECEMBER 2008 in the evening when He invited me to his mum's friend's christmas party at Blue Reef. After we had our dinner there,we had a few cups of black label and chivas. The lousy him got tipsy easily and so we headed home. Later on he told me that he felt like floating and dizzy and his face and body become red like chilli! With that condition how can i ask him to fetch me home~?? If he would i also wouldnt let him drive back himself after he dropped me. So i advised him to take a rest. As the clock striked 1am his condition is getting better than just now so he went to brush his teeth and wash his face so that he could escape incase there was a bobo BLOCK. Then when we were ready to get into the car,we couldnt find his mum's car keys cus she have kept it in her handbag and she was asleep and kelisa was not home yet. The last solution that im afraid to try is to call back home and tell my mum about this incident and i told her to sleep 1st and not to worry about me and i'll get back home as soon as Ryan has a car.

mum: u want me to come fetch u now??
me : erm its okay la so late already u sleep 1st la i'll come back asap!!
mum:we're still awake u want we come now!
me :(feels so bad as my hs is quite far from his and tomorrow they have to go to work)
erm nvm la,no need to come la so late already!
mum:So what time will u be home??
me :errr...about 3-4am lo or if i oversleep then tomorrow morning immediately come home
mum:hmm oka la no need me to fetch u har???
me :Dont need.okay and bye~!

look at how red his face was!!

Then,I told him that hmm lets wait for the car.Actually i feel so uneasy as i know my mum is worrying about me n i feel so bad, moreover she seems like she doesnt agree with me stayin over his house. After a few minutes later i received a call from my mum. I expect she will say "aiya i come fetch u now la" but I was wrong. She told me that "dont need to come back d la,3-4am drive up and down so geli dangerous nia u stay there and TAKE CARE of urself okay???"whooOO00oOooooo~!!!!!she approved and so my sweetest moments begins!!!

Ahem i hung up the phone i told him about the good news which were save petrol,save energy and spend more time with me~!!!!!hip hippp hoollaaaehhhhhh~!!!!At the MIDDLE OF THE NIGHT we were playing sean's keyboard piano!!!hahahhaa...both of us were trying to get the right tune of the songs~!! Basically we practiced 'old mcdonalds','twinkle twinkle','im a little tea pot','yankee doodle' and more more moreeeee..then i decided to go have a ride in the MIDDLE OF THE NIGHT. We both rode bicycles around his house. To me it was kinda cooling and scary because some parts of the roads are kinda dark so i hesitate to ride to that road but to him its PEACEFUL!!!zzzZZzZZzzz..Next we headed home and he decided to cook a packet of maggie mee in the MIDDLE OF THE NIGHT and watch a christmas movie in Hallmark channel.The movie ended about 4.45am then we headed to his room to surf the net till about 5.20am and we had a pillow talk together and fell asleep till the next morning~!!!ermm...actually its darn EARLY IN THE MORNING!


dazzling us =)

Another Healthy Day With Him Before He Goes Back to Jail!

In the afternoon we headed to have healthy food with his ah ma and his bro!Then we went for shopping for clothes in PACIFIC KOMTAR.I love one of the shirts that he chose for me~!!Next we hiked up to the top using the the multiple stairs besides komtar and theres a lousy garden up there and we did some candid shot~!!!MUAHAHAHA....we're just way too cool!

w00h00 hair so damn yenggggg

this is called TIAO PIAK


After the crazy jumpings we decided to have a drink at botanical gardens at the infamous fruit juice stall. i ordered fruit punch and he ordered beetroot+apple+pineapple and we also shared mix fruit ice kacang and roti canai~yumm yumm..On the way home we saw a motorcyclist who didnt take his stent up so as a good samaritan Ryan wound down the window and told him about that. But unfortunately at that time luck didnt side us. My laubeh car window couldnt wind up!!!LOL..and then while we were passing thru some housing area, we were caught up with fogging!!!ZZzzZzzzZzzz * buat baik dibalas jahat *
After pressing the 'go up blardy window' button multiple times, then only it did wad it was told.

fruityy juicyy~

We reached home and rested for a while. Later, he decided to ride bicycle from his house to the beach.OHhhhhwhoOoOo0oo what a scary idea to me~!! Im not really good at cycling actually.Hmm so we headed to the nearest beach at Paradise.While i was cycling the car and motor beside me were moving so fast and that makes me nervous! hmm..if my mum know about it im sure she will cekik me! She keeps advising me not to cycle to the main road and ive to take extra care of myself to make sure nothing bad happens! Few minutes later we reached the beach and the sea is so dirty! It has been contaminated with oil and therefore the water looks black~!!!zzZzzz
us at the beach~

sunset...woops tilt ur head pls

Next we decided to play a guessing game which each of us have to draw a thing(on d sand) and guess what is the drawing about~!!!muahahahaa..lousy him dunno how to draw and guess~!!When the sky is getting darker i decided to go home and have dinner with his family. After that I helped him to pack his going back to jail bag and...THE END~!!! *great old times together* *LOVE IT LOVE IT*


Genting Highlands

Last monday, shing and I went to Genting!! WOO we drove there using shing's pcd(more than 10 yrs) proton saga. Took about 2 hours.. You must be thinking, how the hell do u get to genting in 2 hours!?

Fortunately for us, this genting is in Penang. Don't know if you guys know about it but its located sumwhr near balik pulau, overlooking the straits of malacca where the cb parameswara started spawning bobos in this land. (CURSES!! SHUDVE GET KICKED IN THE BALLZ BY THE MOUSEDEER AND TURN STERILE)

Well this trip was suppose to be some sort of suprise by shing. The main plan was :- shing fetches me from my place. She drives me to genting. But it ended up :- shing fetched me from my place, she drove, got a little lost, I drove and we reach genting. All of this is due to us havin no idea of how to get there.

The road to genting was pretty far from my place. It consisted of multiple winding roads, a couple o hills, 60 degree slopes and a very hot temperature.
We left about 3 in the evenin after havin the famous boborice near my place. Bought some titbits and started our journey. Reached sungai2 with zero problems, I even manage to get some sleep on the way.

As soon as we pass Sungai2, the problems came. Firstly the aircond gave up on us. 3pm sunlight i tink is enough to cook eggs of my own d so u can imagine havin stuck in a car w/o cooling air cond. So we wounded down the window which brings to the 2nd problem. AIR POLLUTION. Dammit.

3rd was shingua started to panic cus she wasnt too sure of the way to get there. That time, I wasnt too sure that we're going to genting hill(shing didnt tell me cus she wanted to suprise me). But this pro noc of yours has this uncanny 6th sense. He was pretty sure it was there(i learned about the place through email).

While on the way there, we were pretty desperate cus there werent any signs about genting hill/bukit genting. We even resorted to asking bangalas for the way there. Of course, they werent any help. Ironically, a bobo by the roadside claimed she knew the way there, so we followed her directions. We passed roads where traffic lights are operated by solar panels and more winding road.

We reached the foot of the hill and was pretty sure we're on the right track. The bobos directions were right! Amazin....or issit pure luck? Ill stick to the luck thingy tho. Next, we thread up the hill with the gassy car. Saw lotsa peacocks patrolling beside the road. Dam i never saw so many of those wild birds walking around before. Hmm lame joke : why did the peacock cross the road? Ans : TO GET A PACKET OF VIAGRA..AHHAHAhaha get it? PEA-COCK!! get it? ok nvm...

Bukit genting was not at the top but about middle of the hill. The place was sorta like a play ground with animal displays and LED spiders. There was a restaurant there too, the only restaurant in sight and it is run by thailand dudes or maybe they're just kang langs. Whats the great deal wasting half tank of petrol to get up to a thai restaurant? Well I guess it's all for the sake of the beautiful scenary.

Shing and I were the first to get up there but a crowd soon followed along and filled the restaurant. We took a couple of pics, had some thai desserts, took our titbits, more pictures and headed back home tired but happy.(famous ending line for karangan bertajuk 'BERKELAH DI TEPI PANTAI') Thats about it folks. Oh yeah I would like to thank shing for this trip and to those who were so concerned over my ahma. thanks to those who visited as well as those with intentions of visiting too. Also to god for answering my prayers. XieXie.

the view over straits of malacca

pretty nice eh?

the only place in malaysia which looks like sumwhr overseas

one more

ali baba in sunway lagoon

genting hill garden

from another angle

Shingua trapped in a wheel

those cows are real man

shingua trapped in a bulls ***

me doing fish spa

jumbo the elephant after face lift


a bad advertising model

shing and I

never knew this place existed in pg

some hut for dining

random pic

me with the hut

strange tree

stranger fruits..notice the thorns!

uber chicken

rabbits in love
main entrance to genting hill

us on a wooden swing

shing wif a helicopter

one of my rides


natural talent

natual talent 2
this is wad we call "seh lampa"
down at the garden
some dangerous bench
some dangerous bridge
sun settin 1
sun settin 2
sun sets....the end

A Sad Day

16th Dec was supposed to be an exciting day for my very close uncle and for the person i love most in the world, my grandma. Few days ago were the busiest day of their lives as they worked day and night packing things that need to be shifted. Doing sometimes up to 5 trips to and fro, getting insufficient sleep and trying to get everything done by today. But all this has taken its toll on grandma.

She's 72 this year. Quite a heavy smoker due to addiction from a young age and I guess its the sole reason that why she is weaker than the other elderly people i've seen before. Tried to ask her to stop but she says she cant. Never had any allergies, never went into a hospital before and doesnt fall sick too often. Thats my ahma.

This morning, i woke up at 7.30am even tho I slept pretty late at nite. I just wanted to help in the shifting process, I did too few days before this. Reached her place at 8.10 and she seems well. My uncle has went up to the new house to get some things sorted out. Her sister ,her sister's son and their maid were there too. The reason why we chose to shift so early is to bring the 'ang kong' (a statue resemblance of a god) to the new house.

I was given the task to pack a little more stuffs to the new house, I filled my kelisa and off I go. The maid and I unloaded the luggages in the car and into the new house. Shortly after that I went for breakfast at McD, I took my time and read the papers. A decision I truly regret right now. Later, I went back up to the new house expecting to see everyone there. But no. I asked my uncle where is grandma? Shouldnt she be coming up with her sister and her nephew? My uncle replied that the car was full and needed me to fetch her. I said okay.

I gave her a call after Ive stepped out from the house, it was the last time i heard her speak, without agony and pain in her voice. I told her im coming to pick her up. She said its okay u take your time, there is much things left to pack and im doing it right now. So I went down and drove the car to her place.

When I arrive, I saw omak and ahma in her room, she was lying down sweating from head to toe. All her clothes got wet, her face was filled with sweat. Omak was attending to her, massaging her back. I went in the room immediately and held her hand. It felt so cold. Her body temperature dropped tremendously, every part of her body was very cold even the parts which should stay warm, her forehead and neck. The thoughts of bad things and such came pouring in, I was in a stunned state. Felt tears brewing but I held back. Then I blame myself for all this. I said to myself, if I didn't go and have breakfast and straight went to her house, I could help her pack and asked her to get some rest. But whats done is done.

Lying on the floor, she called my name and said she was in great pain. She needn't do that, I could see it in her face. She is struggling while lying down, twisting and turning, trying to releive d pain. Her breathing got heavier and her body felt even colder then. I stopped the fan, and gave her blankets. I filled a big bottle of water with warm water for her to hug and hope it would bring at least the slightest comfort to her. She sweated nonstop, omak had to wipe her face often. I called mum to tell her about this, she said bring her to a doctor and said that my dad is on the way to grandmas hse.

She can still speak but every word that comes from her mouth tells you about the pain she is going through. She asked me to get the neighbour to prepare some chinese medicine for her. I did as told. The neighbour was a great help, she massaged grandma with some white hong-iu and let her drink the medicine and also made some hot oats for grandma. She just took a few spoons of oats and said she could not eat anymore.

Omak told me she was on the way to the market and dropped by at grandmas place, grandma said she was having a headache and wanted to go for a bath. Omak then proceeded to the market. Later while coming back from the market, she said she felt an urge to visit grandma again so she did. She said she saw her lying down already, unable to move. And a few mins after that, I came.

Grandma was complaining that her back ache really badly, I massaged for her and she stood still for a while. When the pain striked again, she needed to lie down, she was hitting her head with her hands but I stopped her from doing so. She said she never felt like this before, the pain - it feels like dying.

Soon later my dad arrive, we planned to get her to a clinic in batu lanchang. Then I saw something which suprised me again. I never knew grandma cared so much of her appearance, even though she is in great pain she took a comb and combed her hair before leaving the house. She couldnt walk so we had to assist her, me on her left and the neighbour on her right. We drove to the clinic and registered her as a new patient. Clearly I told the nurse to let my grandma seek the doctor first as she is in a bad shape. She just nodded her head but didnt do as told. I was furious for a while but calmed down soon after, she was just doing her work. I sat beside grandma, trying to make her feel better by talking and massaging her back. We waited for a couple of patients and then its her turn.

The doctor did a blood pressure test and also monitored her heart beat for a while. The doctor asked if she consulted any doctor before this. She said that she went to a clinic few days ago, wednesday, and that doctor gave her pills for pain and high blood pressure. The Batu Lanchang doctor said, my grandmas heart rate is very low - only 46 beats per minute. Healthy people like you and me would have an average of 70+ at a resting state. The doctor then concluded that it could be a wrong prescription of medication from the previous doctor or it could be due to her overworking herself for the shifting process. Then he said it's best if we could bring her to a hospital. He wrote a letter and said dont delay. My dad asked if it's life threatening, he just said it could be dangerous. While waiting for my dad to fetch the car, grandma asked me why doesnt he give me any medicine to take? I said tad she needed to go to a hospital for a check up and we did not know wads wrong yet. She said no need to send me there, wait for tomorrow when Im better Ill go there. But we know she just didnt want to go to the hospital.

She is worried, I can tell. Old people never like going to the hospital. Never. 10 mins later, we reached adventist. She was in a wheel chair now, her hands clenching her stomach. The lady in the registration counter asked me if she could walk, I said she couldnt. So she asked me to head to ER. I felt like crying again while pushing her in the wheelchair. She was so fine just two days ago but now.....

The doctor attended to her and we were asked to wait outside. I sat at the waiting area, 1 whole stretch of seats but only me and my uncle were there. I could see that he is really sad too cus to him, today was supposed to be a great day, a new house, a new environment, a new life. Maybe he felt guilty of letting my grandma do so much work, I don't know. The rest, my dad, grandmas sis and her family went for lunch while both of us waited for the doctor. I had no appetite at all so I did not bother about food at all.

Nurses came out from the emergency room and said we could visit her already. We went in and I saw her lying on the bed. She had a change of clothes, a needle at back of her hand,oxygen tubes affixed to her nose but was still in pain. I asked the doctor whats wrong with her. He said, some of her veins to her heart are blocked. The amount is not yet known and she'll have to undergo angioplasty to dilate the clogged veins. He said the death rate is at 0.1% which is quite acceptable for such an operation. The doctor also mentioned about maybe grandma took the wrong medicine, especially for the high blood pressure(cus her pressure wasnt too high at that time). The doctor asked if he could find out what is the name of the medicine. I told my uncle about this and then went to see grandma. She called my name again and said she cant stand the pain. Then she said, please ask the doctor give me some medicine and send me home....please. But she and I know that its not going to happen.

Then it was money time. The bill charged for 10 mins of the doctors time was RM900+ the procedure(angiogram) costs ard RM2500 while stents for angioplasty is about RM10000 each. Total charges would range 38k - 50k depending on how many stents my grandma needs. If I were to come from a not so well off family, things would not be so much different. I mean why does the hospital need you to pay up first even before treating the patient? Lets say if I'm a 60yr old man, diagnosed with the same disease but with not enough money. Then I'm a sure goner, no? Money is everything these days. Dont tell me money doesnt buy health, cus it does.

She was allocated in to the only telometry room available, in a private room. But she did not enjoy a single thing in it. The nurses were fkin lazy, couldnt even get a glass of warm water for her. I had to do all the things myself. Her pain comes in waves, every few minutes she will shiver in pain and open her eyes widely while twisting and turning in the bed. It hurts me so very much seeing her in this condition. I wished, I wished if I could switch bodies. I would endure the pain for her so she need not go through it. If only i could....

A nurse came in and checked her heart rate and blood pressure, her heart rate increased by a little, 49. I told my brother about this. He told me to tell her not to be afraid of the operation, and tell her positive things. Then he said wanted to talk to grandma. But grandma was being treated by a nurse and we werent allowed to be in the room.

5 minutes later, she had another change of clothes, from the previous red robe to a white one. I went up to her and said my brother wants to talk to her. She said she couldnt sit up(she was just lying down). I said its ok, ill turn on the loudspeaker and you can talk to him even while lying down. I called my brother and told him that he could talk to ahma already. She extended her arm but she couldnt even hold the phone, so I just put it right beside her. Suddenly my feelings took over me, I went to the toilet and cried. I couldnt stand it anymore. Grandma fell asleep as my brother was talking to her my mum told me(she came while I was still in the toilet). I think she blacked out for a while. Then a nurse came in with lots of round sticker thingy which they placed on her chest along with a device which sends information about grandmas heart to the counter where the nurses are.

A chinese nurse came in and asked my grandma a few questions. She asked if my grandma knows who she is. Grandma answered correctly, a nurse. Then the nurse asked if she knows wheter its morning or night. Grandma answered afternoon, which is also correct. Then she pointed to my mum and asked do u know who she is? Grandma said she is my sister. The nurse asked again, and grandma got it right the second time round. The nurse left us alone for a while. We tried to talk to her but she couldnt speak much anymore. Her pain seems to get worse by the minute. We called for the doctor but they just send a male nurse to gave grandma some pain killer(in an injection form). I cried a little more in the room. Everyone asked if I've had lunch, I just said Im fine.

Grandma almost vommited a few times but failed to do so. We asked for some food for her as she did not take anything other than the 2 spoonful of oats she had this morning. The farkin nurse just gave us a piece of bread and tea. Grandma didnt like tea and couldnt consume the bread, it was too dry and hard for her to chew and swallow. I went out to get some air and clear my mind for a bit. I felt a little better after that. While walking back to the ward, I met my mum. She was going to buy some porridge for grandma. I said okay.

In the ward, grandma looks like she is sleeping. My uncle was there too.Then my mum called and said she did nt manage to find any stall selling porridge near adventist. She asked me to go check in the cafeteria. I did but there wasnt any too. So I went up to the ward and waited. Finally mum said she got it and is on her way back to the hospital.

An indian nurse came in and told me and uncle that the doctor is ready for grandmas angiogram(to see how many veins are blocked). I told her that she hasnt eaten anything yet, and if she can give us 10 minutes to feed her. I told her the food is coming already. She is a little reluctant at first, saying that the doctors are ready and dont usually wait. I asked her please. She made a call and managed to spare 10 minutes for us. I called my mum and told her to hurry up, grandma is ready to undergo the operation already. My mum said okay and after a few minutes, she appeared by my side. Then she asked me whats wrong and I told her again. Then she said she heard the wrong thing, she heard "grandma is ready to GO already and that gave her a shock."

I held grandmas hand tightly, never ready to let go. She suffered a few seconds of intense pain waking up and saying there is so much blood! I lost so much blood. Im sure she is thinking of the operation and is afraid of it. Suddenly she turned, then opened her eyes and looked at me. Her eyes were wide opened staring blankly at me. I could see emptiness in her eyes. I knew it wasnt good. Then ahma asked me, who are you?

Sighs my heart received a very hard blow knowing that she has come to this point. I couldnt help to let a tear roll down my cheek. Whats worse is she couldnt even recognize my uncle(who stays with her) nor my mum. Then she just nodded her head and closed her eyes after I introduced the 3 of us. Then I asked mum wheres the porridge? She said she didnt have it, it was with dad cus she was in a hurry to get here.

The nurse came and check if we were ready, I told her my dad is taking the food and is in the elevator right now. She said oh okay, you all let her eat first. What a good nurse. Mum fed grandma a spoonful of porridge and we can see that grandma didnt took it so well. She just ate half of a spoon and said she couldnt take anymore. She lied down after that. I went and call the nurse. She came into the room and asked if my grandma wants to urinate. Grandma said yes. We told the nurse to bring a potty but grandma said she want to use the toilet. But she knew she was weak and ended up using the potty.

The nurse then pushed in a wheelchair and put her on it. The sight of my grandma in a wheelchair is never a sight I envisioned and its so heart breaking seeing her suffering on a wheelchair. They pushed her out and thats where I bid goodbye to her. The operation would take around 45 minutes - a few hours. I squatted and stroked her hair and told her "ah ma mai kia ha. machai lu the ho liao" (grandma do not be afraid, everything is going to be okay tomorrow) I told her to be strong and to take good care of herself.

I held my tears back as I turned and walk away from her. I went back to her old house and got my car, fetched shing and went back home. I called mum to ask how is ahma doing, she said the doctors found out that the medicine given by the previous doctor to grandma which is supposed to help her high blood pressure is actually causing damage to her kidneys. If the doctor was right infront of me then I swear I wouldve bashed him up nicely. How can someone do this? For the sake of money of course. sighs.

As I lay down on my bed, memories of today flooded me and yes once again I cried. This time very badly. It was like the saying "cry like cow". I slept soon after.

I woke up at night and had my dinner. Mum explained to me further. She said undergoing angioplasty would cause damage to the kidney. But since grandma is already having problems with her kidney(thx to the fucking doctors medicine) they would have to solve that first. The doctors gave grandma some medication to help flush out the residues. And if her kidney gets better, she would undergo angioplasty tomorrow, if its not, she will have to undergo dialysis. She also vommitted alot even though she did not have any lunch. And according to my uncle, her face looks better. I really hope she gets better tomorrow and will be able to leave by thursday. I really do.

And tonight, my grandma will probably spend her night in ICU, suffering. Me on the other hand, Im at home with my family, with my own bed and no needles in my hand nor tubes attached to my nose. How can I put myself to sleep knowing this?

Ahma, please get well soon. I will pray for you.

Of Old Men And Slides

Ahh just last nite I went out with my pals to Green Lane McD. No special agenda, just a meeting up to talk some shitz with friends. There were 9 of us, and one of us was about to be a movie star but he just didnt know.....YET. Oh yeah, his first appearence was in this post HERE.

We were supposed to meet at 10.30, and the hell did noc reach at 10.30. The only people in sight were bakcheem,cs(early man) and shing wif cl. The rest were plain slow mofos'....tad includes errrrrrr..........EZZY.

When all 8 of us were there(1 havent arrive), we decided to get soem food, our orderers crazily ordered 6 LARGE mc shaker fries + 2 small ones along wif 3 large coke. The fries poured out was pretty much fatter than zx. Good news, with the help of bakcheem we finished the shaker fries and bad news, apek transformed into a huan-chu due to eating too much fries.

We talked lotsa crap about our uni, our friends, how stupid can someone be to BAN practising a healthy exercise and lots more. Then there were 9 of us with the arrival of kit but cs went home soon after. Kit being told, brought a pack of cards for us to play with. We played soem noob games which involves refilling drinks and throwing away rubbish one by one. Oh yeah we also tried something which only thin people(zx and seng) can do which is stacking up cards into a pyramid.

Then came the fun part =)

When we were about to go back, we decided to play "SIT TEH SLIDEZ". It was a simple game of big-small and betting how many times should one sit the slide. There were 8 of us, 2 passed but the other 6(including Teh Star) agreed the loser should go about the slide in public for 6 times!

I got a measely 7 while the loser got a 5!!

Every1 laughed the shit out of themselves when we found out whos teh loser. The people around also watched with awe. HOHOHO! APEK O APEK! :)

Firstly he steadily marched up to the playground clearly ignoring the "For 12 and below only" but suddenly his dingdongs kecut cus he saw another crowd of youths at a corner just beside the playground. He grabbed a chair n hug it tighter than mariah carey's fav jeans. He came up with nonsensical excuses such as:

1. OI LATE d, 2 clock d lets go back!

2. Eh people studying here la mai cho luan ppl la.(dont disturb those who are studying la)

3. Last time u all do ...... to me d now u wan me 2 do this!? NO!!! (dam i forgot the ... liao)

But we being smart, we came up with brilliant replies/threats which got him straight on the right spots. Here they are :

1. OI BO HOOT AR LU? (what!? you dont have ding-dongs?)

2. OK la discount for u 5 rounds only. (we know that one of apek's fav word is DISCOUNT)

3. U dont go, we dont game wif u (with serious face)

4. Bakcheem : You pity teik loon la, he canot on9. The only entertainment he has for tonite is watch u sit the slide nia. Cho hor ee kua la! (Do for his sake!)

Apek had no choice but to go, and once he is in the compound, everyone knows there is no turning back. 5-6 cameras started rolling, not wanting to miss this precious moment. And finally we ended up with THIS!



The video actually was taken at 3 different intervals, the whole vid wudve taken very much longer but too bad we hadn't enough space. :(

ps: ezzy,cs,hock too bad ya'll missed the live one!

Holiday Must Holiday

Hohoho since the holidays have arrive, lets not put it to waste. I was thinking of a vacation for ANYONE who is interested. Ok not anyone but MOST OF la. If you're a reader of TNocST, you are invited for sure :)

Where r? Where r? Here's a hint:-
A place where the lions have NO balls, spit water whole day and they dont bite nor roar. roar must roar.

come c me guys i dont bite

Yes, its Singapore, Bobosia's arch enemy, an enemy we despise but yet to(never will) reach its level. Hmm, I know its a little troublesome to get there but im sure it'll make the stay more worthwhile, rite? I havent got all the details yet, I wrote this just to ajak 'kakis' to go. So if you're interested even just a little, leave a comment. We'll use our pujuk-ing skills on you.

//it'll be somewhere around dec, would be great if we can celeb christmas there(optional)
//the trip there would be by bus unless you've deep pockets =D
//the places we might end up would be
-Jurong bird park
-East Coast Beach
-Singapore park
-Raffles City
-Botanical/Zoological gardens+Night safari
-Sculpture Square

I dont know where is this place(below) but I'm sure it's a happy place.......

come see us too, we dont bite either!! :)

Feel free to leave any comment/suggestions/problems in the comment section. thanks.

these further notes are for reference only:-

Singapore is well known for its beautiful parks and open spaces. For a free and lazy outing, wander around one of the many areas of natural or cultivated beauty. The Botanical Gardens, Zoological Garden and Jurong Bird Park are all well worth a trip. The Zoological Garden claims to be a model of the "open zoo concept", whereby the animals are kept in landscaped and spacious enclosures separated from visitors by moats.

One of the things that most stands out about Singapore is that it is fabulous city for shopping. Head for one of the many malls around Centrepoint for a fairly Western experience, or have a nose into the more specialist centres, such as Funan, the mall dedicated to Information Technology and if you are looking for new trainers, a decent iPod or some trinkets for the folks back home, Raffles City is bound to have it.

Sculpture Square is the city's first contemporary art space, showcasing 3-dimensional art practices and productions by artists from Singapore and Southeast Asia since it was opened in 1999. Located in a former Methodist church on Middle Road in the city's Waterloo arts district, this is an excellent way to get a feeling for art in Singapore today and in the future. As well as two galleries and a library, there are outdoor exhibition spaces and a restaurant.

The city is also well known for its huge variety of temples of different denominations. Standing on the original site of Singapore's first Chinese temple, the Thian Hock Keng Temple ? or Temple of Heavenly Happiness ? is a good place to start. You cannot possibly visit them all, but even popping to a few of these very spiritual buildings will give you a sense of the richness and diversity of religion in Singapore and what a colourful and important part it plays in life here.

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